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Chapter 262 Annual Meeting Up

  January 22nd, the small year. Tianhu Hotel. The annual meeting of Far Eastern 2005 was about to be held in the banquet hall on the third floor of the Sky Lake Hotel. Today, the Sky Lake Hotel was brand new, with a lot of flowers, and the ribbon banners outside were flying with the wind, cutting a gorgeous light in the air. The big screen above the entrance of the hotel also played out various welcome messages one after another. Even the hotel's original welcome guests were removed and replaced by Far Eastern's own staff. The company is originally a service industry, beautiful employees are not uncommon, a sliver of long legs at the door, looking at the onlookers straight drooling. Some onlookers who know the inside story can't help but explain: "This is the annual meeting held by the Yuanfang supermarket, I heard that this time their company annual meeting, the prizes are pulled several trucks, really rich ah!" "I heard that their year-end bonus is more, even a small security guard, but also have thousands of year-end bonus. Those store managers, each year-end bonus of tens of thousands, more than we work for a year!" "Who says it's not? If I had known when they were hiring store managers, I would have tried." "It's not like there's no chance, Fargo Supermarket is still recruiting people, if you want to go, go to the interview on the line." "……" When Meng Qiping arrived, what he saw was this lively scene. Looking at the doorway of the long legs, and then look at those tall security personnel, Meng Qiping gulped, the scene is quite big ah. Then look back at the army behind him, Meng Qiping want to cry. He originally just wanted to bring two people to see the world, the hell knows why so many people will come! It's all his fault that he's so used to bragging, he can't keep the door open, and as a result, the news that he's coming to the annual meeting of the Far Side is all over the class. Good guys, spread around does not matter, you Meng Qiping is not a bully, and Li Dong is not a good brother, then also take us to see the world ah! So, the original tour of a few people became the current tour of a dozen people. Cheng Nan, Bai Su, Li Wan, Huang Shanshan …… This is the girls' team, Cheng Nan dormitory's full complement, in addition to a Fang Qingfei, picked up on the road, without can not. As for the boys' team, several of the 351 dormitory have arrived, in addition to Li Tie and Yuan Qingfeng's girlfriend heard about this, also pestered to come, the team is now bigger. More than a dozen people, now let Meng Qiping waxed. If Li Dong knows he brought so many people over, I wonder if he will kill him? The more he thought about it, the more distressed Meng Qiping was, and now he wanted to give himself a few big mouths, so you show off! Just when Meng Qiping was in a daze, Fang Qingfei behind him spoke: "Meng Qiping, can you go in now?" Meng Qiping smiled bitterly and said, "You guys wait, I'll go ask the person in charge." "Go quickly, I see that the employees from the far side are starting to enter, if you go late it might be time to start." "Know, know, you guys take it easy first." Meng Qiping finished reassuring the crowd, and only then went forward to find the young woman who looked like a leader who was directing the employees of the Far Side. "This beautiful …… woman," without waiting for him to ask, Shen Xi said, "You are Mr. Meng, right? Mr. Li has greeted in advance, I'll have someone bring you in." The reason for recognizing Meng Qiping at once is that it is really too recognizable. Fat man, small eyes, student, the fat man in front of him totally fits the bill! Hearing Li Dong say hello, Meng Qiping was slightly relieved, and then stammered, "That, I'm not the only one who came." Shen Xi glanced at the crowd behind Meng Qiping, somewhat speechless. But did not say anything more, from the side of the table took out a dozen access cards handed Meng Qiping said: "wear access cards, without access cards can not enter the third floor." Said to a long-legged beauty behind him instructed: "Xiao He, take them in." The long-legged beauty said with a smile, "Mr. Meng, please follow me." Meng Qiping was dizzy by the sound of Mr. Meng, smiled foolishly until he was pinched by Cheng Nan, then he grimaced and led the crowd into the hotel together. As soon as the crowd went up to the third floor, they were stunned by the mountain of prizes. Cell phones, computers, color TVs, refrigerators, stereos, microwave ovens …… everything that can be thought of, here almost all, and as worthless, all piled together, but not a single piece. Meng Qiping behind Li Wan could not help but stammer: "So many prizes, how much money ah." The small He who led the way smiled with a touch of pride on his face and said with a spring in his step, "The prizes here are all regular prizes, the real prize is not here." "This is still a regular prize? Then what is the grand prize?" Zhao Tingting saw the situation and couldn't help but pick up a sentence. "This time, the special prize is an Accord 2.4 Comfort Edition, worth more than 200,000." "The first prize is 100,000 cash, two places." "The second prize is a ten-day trip for two to the Maldives, five places." "The third prize is 10,000 worth of supermarket shopping vouchers, ten places." Speaking of this, Xiao He's eyes glowed slightly and said, "And before Manager Shen also said, this time Mr. Li also prepared a mysterious prize, the value is not lower than the Grand Prize." Hearing Xiao He say so, the crowd could not help but gulp. Li Dong this guy really fucking rich ah! A random annual meeting, these prizes alone are worth more than a million, I'm afraid. Plus what the mystery prize, roughly calculated, I'm afraid that this one annual meeting, not a few million can not come down. Not to mention Li Wan, these students were stunned, Fang Qingfei also shocked. Knowing that Li Dong has money, may not be so showy, let people listen to want to drool OK. Fang Qingfei's head is a bit dizzy, how to feel in the far side as an ordinary employee, are more than her this university teacher to eat, there is no heavenly justice. No matter what they think, Xiao He led the crowd to a table on the left side of the banquet hall and left. Bai Su looked around at the laughing Yuanfang employees and whispered, "There are a lot of people, how many employees does Yuanfang have now?"