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Chapter 263 Annual Meeting Medium

  Sun Tao off the stage, the screams are via WWW……lā 『When Sun Tao returned to his seat, Li Dong joked: "Sun total, it's time to find a daughter-in-law, our far-side staff is quite good, want to pick one?" Sun Tao lost his smile and said, "General Li, do this you have to take the lead, if you take the lead, we all these old bachelors follow you." Next to several single leaders also laughed and coaxed: "Yes, Mr. Li, the fat water does not flow outside the field, we have many beautiful women from afar, there is no one you can see?" Li Dong smiled and pointed to the crowd and said, "You guys don't have to coax, today our target is Sun." Sun Tao hurriedly arch his hand and laughed: "I surrender, I don't need to bother you all about finding a wife." The crowd was also joking, and when the host shouted for the stage to be quiet, the crowd collected themselves. The noise on stage gradually subsided, and then the host invited guests to speak on stage. This time, the guests invited by Yuanfang are mostly suppliers of Yuanfang, there are also some other partners, and each is a strong kind of strength. On behalf of the guests on stage to speak is the largest supplier of Yuanfang now. On the stage is a small, unattractive-looking old man, but in fact, Li Dong knows that this guy is no less wealthy than himself. Li Dong was a bit surprised that the other party could personally come to Yuanfang's annual meeting this time. The little old man did not hustle, Sun Tao spoke for four or five minutes, the other party three minutes out to thank everyone off the stage. What was said was also some set of words, nothing more than congratulating Yuanfang's development, win-win cooperation and looking forward to continue cooperation in the future. After the leaders and guests finished talking, the annual meeting entered the second process. Recognition of outstanding employees! There were thirty-six excellent employees selected this time. There are quite a number of them, and the awards are presented by the vice general manager Wang Yue. For these one in a hundred elites, Li Dong was willing to spend money, and each person was awarded 18,888 yuan in cash, plus the year-end bonus counted separately. If you add the year-end bonus, each excellent staff this year to take the bonus over 30,000. Plus the usual salary, a year down sixty thousand dollars is not too difficult. The average monthly salary of five thousand, in o5 years of Pingchuan than those what white-collar gold collar are higher, while in the far side, they are just one of the ordinary employees. The bonuses are on the spot, looking at the excellent employees who are happy with the money, and then look at the ordinary employees who are envious and jealous under the stage, Li Dong face a smile of satisfaction. Knowing that envy and jealousy is good, so that there is motivation. Otherwise, one by one with a pool of stagnant water, how to show, and how to break through. When the outstanding staff off stage, the next is the award of excellent store manager. Now the store manager plus the reserve store manager, a total of about a hundred people. This time, there are eight places for excellent store managers. Among them, there are those whom Li Dong knows, those who have only met but have no deep impression, and those who are not even familiar with their appearance. But these people, in the last year, made a great contribution to Yuanfang. These people, each of them last year's performance is far better than the same level of store managers. Li Dong then saw that Fang Hao was also listed among the excellent store managers, and for Fang Hao, Li Dong was still very satisfied. Fang Hao is the patriarch of Yuanfang, when the Dongping store opened, Fang Hao was the head of operations at that time. But at first, Li Dong did not have a good impression of Fang Hao. The first day the Dongping store opened, Fang Hao faked his mother to win the prize, at that time, Li Dong was not very satisfied with Fang Hao. But then Fang Hao when Dongping store manager, Dongping store performance has been among the top. After transferred to the TongShan city store as store manager, performance is more than the Fucheng and Qingyang two city store performance, which let Li Dong impressed him. Li Dong has an idea in his heart, next year if the development of South Lake and Mingcheng two cities, Fang Hao almost should be able to take charge of a side. The excellent store manager's award was presented by Sun Tao on stage. Compared to the excellent employees, the excellent store manager's bonus is more. Each person is awarded 38888 yuan, the bonus alone is more than the salary of some white-collar workers in Pingchuan for a year. For the store managers who can get the commission, the bonus is not the most important, the most important is the flag with "Elite Store" in Sun Tao's hand. This flag is the unique honor of the outstanding store managers, and not only the honor so simple, but also represents the benefits. With this flag, it means that the next time there is an opportunity for promotion, these excellent store managers will have priority rights, the company will give priority to their examination and review, if they meet the criteria, promotion is nine times sure. The store managers were happy to get off the stage, and then the first program began. The host on the stage shouted: "Next, please invite colleagues from Dongping store to bring us a choral program——!" The words fell, the stage lights went out. When the lights came on again, there were more than a dozen employees of Dongping Store on the stage. There are men and women, and the leader is the current store manager of Dongping Store. Li Dong on stage slightly shook his head, Sun Tao saw the situation and laughed: "General Li, do not like?" Although the traces of Dongping Store's ass-kissing are slightly heavy, but Sun Tao is still quite satisfied.