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Chapter 265 Mystery Prize

  As soon as the host finished speaking, the stage erupted with a clamor. "Mr. Li performed on stage?" "Really? Didn't say so in advance?" "Wow, what will Mr. Li perform? Singing or dancing? It would be fun if Mr. Li gave us a pole dance." "You're dreaming! Keep your voice down, watch out for the snitch, you're dead." No matter how boisterous the stage was, Li Dong already got up and walked towards the stage. Goes on stage, bows slightly to the stage. Taking the microphone from the host, Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Colleagues, friends, please be quiet for a moment, I will say a few words." The coaxing of the big boss, ordinary people really do not have the courage. Even if you have the intention to coax, but also by the respective store manager stared dead, the crowd quickly quieted down. Li Dong smiled: "It's my honor to be able to get together with everyone today." "It's even more fortunate for me to have so many outstanding elites join the Yuanfang family." "But I also want to say that you will not regret in this life if you can join Yuanfang!" As soon as Li Dong's words fell, shouts rang out from the stage. "Mr. Li, what you said is so right!" "Mr. Li, to join Yuanfang is the best thing I've done in my life!" "Mr. Li is powerful, Mr. Li is domineering!" "Mr. Li, I love you!" ""The shouts were getting louder and louder, Li Dong smiled and gestured towards the band behind him. The music on the stage slowly sounded. Li Dong took the microphone and slowly sang: "Life is like a big river" "Sometimes quiet, sometimes crazy" "Reality is like a shackle"" ""I want to fly higher and higher"" Li Dong did not make any new tricks, nor did he sing a song of the future in a maverick way. Wang Feng's song Fly Higher is enough to express his mood at this moment. His rebirth is an opportunity to break the chains of fate. In this life he flew high and will get higher and higher in the future, he has this confidence. The far side will fly higher and higher, and the employees attending today will fly higher and higher to that higher sky with it. Wang Feng's song Flying Higher was very hot in 2005, and many people could sing it. Later on, more and more employees sang along with Li Dong. "I want to fly higher, fly higher!" "Dance like the wild wind, break free from the embrace!" Li Dong's singing level was not very high, but it was much better than a guy like Meng Qiping who was not able to sing in tune. One song down, the whole room boiled. Maybe it's the plus of the boss's identity, but this song Li Dong sang very attentively, and the people listening were also very attentive. The original annual meeting also invited a few small singers to perform, before these people also finished singing, it is reasonable to go. Most of the artists have left, but only Li Xi did not leave. Until Li Dong sang, looking at the brilliant lights as if with all the strength in the hissing figure, Li Xi felt that he did not understand this big boy at all. He was more ruthless than anyone else, more fierce than anyone else, but there is no denying that at this moment Li Dong is really very charming. Even Li Xi, who hates him, has a vague feeling of being attracted at this moment. There is no shortage of excellent men in this world, but if you look at Jiangbei, which young man can compare with Li Dong? Once again glanced around the men and women with eyes of admiration, Li Xi gently sighed and quietly left. Nowadays, Li Dong is getting farther and farther away from her. Regardless of whether there were grudges in the past, this moment Li Xi put down. The invisible power seemed to tear Li Xi apart, leaving her with nothing to hide. This step out of the past, all kinds of things are like passing clouds, perhaps never again to cross paths. Li Xi's go, did not affect anyone. Li Dong a song, the crowd has shouted: "Li President, another song!" Li Dong gently gasped and laughed: "Don't forget, there is a car waiting for you below, people are old, let me take a break." "Hahahaha" the crowd laughed, originally they felt that Li Dong was too far away from them, but today's Li Dong made them feel that the boss was good, the company was good, everything was good. Following such a boss, the future will definitely be interesting. The last lottery draw was no longer a big screen spinning numbers. Instead, all the remaining prizes were written on slips of paper and placed in the raffle box for everyone to draw. This time everyone will not fall short, all the prizes will be sent down. One of the most important items is naturally the car. Everyone drew a slip of paper, even Li Dong and Sun Tao were no exception. Li Dong glanced at the slip of paper in his hand and smiled faintly. Seeing this, Sun Tao next to him asked, "Mr. Li, what did you win?" "What about you?" "Laundry detergent, I said Manager Shen, you get so much laundry detergent why? Can't add something else, soap is fine." Shen Xi smiled and said, "Washing powder is good, you do not give me. By the way, I have better luck than you, I won a Walkman, Mr. Li, how about you?" Li Dong sighed and said helplessly, "Shen Xi, if I didn't believe in you, I would definitely fire you this time!" Shen Xi smiled and hastily picked up Li Dong's note and took a look at it, then she couldn't help but exclaim, "You're too lucky! Is it really true?" Sun Tao also came over to take a look, the note was written "an Accord car". Sun Tao forced himself to laugh and said, "Mr. Li, what should we do now?" Li Dong swept a circle in the boiling crowd, then gestured to the etiquette lady beside him and said, "Send this to Manager Qi, don't attract attention." Once they heard Li Dong say that, Sun Tao and Shen Xi both nodded slightly. The car was useless to Li Dong and was definitely to be given out. However, the top management of Far Far Away generally have cars, and even if they don't, the company also allocates cars. Only Qi Yunna has a special status, she used to have a company-allotted car, but after being dismissed last time, the car was also taken back. Now Li Dong drew a car, to Qi Yunna is probably the best choice. Shortly after the etiquette lady left, not long after, a cry of surprise came from the crowd. Li Dong glanced back and saw Qi Yunna looking towards him with a complicated face. Seeing Li Dong turn his head, Qi Yunna gratefully smiled at Li Dong, and then accepted the congratulations from the crowd next to her. The lottery was over and so was the program. The annual meeting was gradually coming to an end, and the two hosts loudly asked the crowd to quiet down. Then he said, "Please invite Mr. Li to give a closing speech for the 2005 Yuanfang Annual Meeting!" Li Dong straightened his shirt and went on stage again. He reached out his hand and gave a false press, signaling the crowd to be quiet. When the crowd quieted down, Li Dong smiled and said, "Although the annual meeting is almost over, I am not on stage today to say any closing speech, but I have something to announce to everyone."