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Chapter 266 The End

  The mystery prize was revealed and Sun Tao became the winner of the night. Next, it was time to eat. Shen Xi gave an order, the hotel waiters immediately shuttled in, delicacies and gourmet food to the table without money, good wine a box to move inside. Li Dong heart no one knows, the field of heartache is not a few people. Not to mention the people from afar, is the manager of the Sky Lake Hotel to see the heartache. More than five hundred people, opened sixty tables. A table first with a case of white wine, a case of red wine, the value of the two cases of wine alone is more than three thousand. Plus the food money, a table down at least five thousand. Sixty tables that is 300,000! For the bosses, a meal to eat a hundred thousand or eighty thousand is not uncommon, this kind of thing often. But to be so generous to the staff, looking all over Jiangbei can not find two. Faraway, these two words for a time let all the employees of the sky lake remember this name. Listening to those waiters underneath whispering, faces showing envy, the manager of the sky lake is full of helplessness. Originally the Sky Lake Hotel as the earliest five-star hotel in Pingchuan, welfare benefits compared to other service industries is definitely not bad. They used to be the envy of others, when did they become the envy of others. But not to mention these waiters, even she, the manager, could not help but sway at the sight of tonight's grand gesture of the distant boss, and could not wait to become the distant general manager who won the ultimate prize tonight. …… banquet opened, Li Dong is undoubtedly the field's biggest flash diǎn. Li Dong also knows that tonight can not escape, but is completely liberal, to toast the, come to no one refused, cup to wine dry, attracted a burst of shouting. The distant maidens are more courageous than the average male, at first to toast the least is also the shopkeeper level, to later do not know who encouraged, all the young women who feel good about themselves, have come up to toast. Looking at the field of warblers, the girls will be surrounded by themselves, Li Dong cried and laughed. After drinking a few glasses with the crowd, Li Dong took a lot of effort to break out from the encirclement. While everyone did not care, Li Dong found an excuse to go to the bathroom. Washed his face, the whole person is much more sober. Not a moment later, Sun Tao also staggered in. Tonight, in addition to Li Dong, Sun Tao is undoubtedly the field's largest set of fire diǎn. regardless of whether it is envy or jealousy, or toadying, to Sun Tao toast people no less than Li Dong, Li Dong a go, Sun Tao is almost diǎn by the maiden army torn apart. Li Dong is okay, the management of the far side is not too dare to open the big boss joke. But Sun Tao is different, usually Sun Tao is more amiable, plus tonight and become a big winner in life, even the management has defected, almost let Sun Tao lie out. Rinsed a handful of face with cold water, Sun Tao rested his breath before saying, "Mr. Li, you have caught me off guard today." Li Dong smiled, handed him a cigarette, and diǎned one himself and took a puff before saying, "What, you don't like it?" "To say I'm not happy is definitely a lie. Who in this world has problems with money?" Sun Tao drank a bit more, although his eyes were sober, but his words were also more direct than usual, he laughed and said, "But it still feels too abrupt, to be honest, until now I'm still in a dream, it doesn't feel very real." diǎn ignited a cigarette and took a deep breath, Sun Tao coughed and said with emotion: "When we first met the scene is still like yesterday, did not expect, did not expect so soon ……" Sun Tao some incoherence, shook his head and sighed a few times, continued: "These old words will not be said. "These old words will not say, but still the same meaning, Baidu's stock I will not want, Mr. Li also do not persuade me, this money I take the hot hand." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "What's hot, this money was also taken from the far side, and it was close to selling the pots and pans at that time. If it weren't for you holding up in Pingchuan, I wouldn't have had the courage to buy Baidu stock." This is the truth. At the beginning, Li Dong emptied the home base of Yuanfang, Sun Tao was not yet healed, a person left in Pingchuan to control the situation. If not Sun Tao in, Li Dong will not be so smooth to take the Baidu shares. Now one tenth is only 50,000 shares of stock, what's the harm in giving it to Sun Tao. Li Dong like money, does not mean that we have to be a miser, not to mention that this is still the initial agreement with Sun Tao. From the beginning to the end, Li Dong did not want to break the contract. Maybe at the beginning of the time to get Baidu stock, Li Dong had a trace of hesitation, but then Sun Tao has been very good, Li Dong also look away. He is still very satisfied with Sun Tao, whether it's power sharing or weakening his presence, Sun Tao has never complained. Whether it is sincere or not, at least Sun Tao did not do anything wrong to him, this is enough. Money this thing, life does not bring death, not to mention this play today, let Li Dong collected most of the hearts and minds, the money spent worth. See Sun Tao still want to say more, Li Dong waved his hand and said: "polite words do not say, I know this person. Today in front of so many people said, turn around and I backtrack, you are ready to let me hit my own face?" Sun Tao smiled bitterly at his words, diǎndiǎn head and said, "Then I won't say anything." "That's right, you go back first, it's not good for both of us to be away." "You're not going back?" "You go first, I'll be right there." Sun Tao diǎn diǎn head, extinguished his cigarette and went out of the restroom. Li Dong lingered for a moment and also followed him out.