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Chapter 267: The occupants of 2202

  Driving back on the road, Li Dong some drunkenness up. Leaning on the seat for a moment, I do not know how long, Zhou Haidong's soft shout in the ear. Li Dong opened his eyes and looked at the time, it was more than ten o'clock. Zhou Haidong said with a concerned face, "Mr. Li, let me send you up." Li Dong waved his hand, his voice was a little hoarse and said, "No, go back by yourself first." Said Li Dong and said, "Right, security side you arrange, the reward more reward, don't be afraid to spend money, tonight hard work for them." Tonight's annual meeting, security has been in charge of security matters on the periphery, did not enter. Li Dong, they eat and drink, these people can be hungry in the patrol it. Seeing that Li Dong was still drunk and did not forget the security department, Zhou Haidong was touched and quickly said, "Don't worry, Mr. Li, I have it in my heart." Li Dong nodded, got out of the car and waved his hand, "You also go back, rest early." Zhou Haidong answered and waited for Li Dong to enter the district before driving slowly away. He was not afraid that something would happen to Li Dong in the community, now for Li Dong, the security side is the whole protection. The security guards of the Wan Yuan district have a security side sent over, and in the district, there are four security personnel to protect the whole process. These are arranged by Zhou Haidong, even Li Dong himself did not notice. He did know that someone was protecting himself, but Li Dong did not bother to ask more, Zhou Haidong followed him for so long, he was also assured. Stumbling to Building 8, Li Dong just entered the elevator, he heard someone shout: "Wait!" Li Dong gave way, a fragrant breeze hit, and soon there was a young woman of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old beside him. In the winter, the woman was dressed very fresh. Especially the chest piece, white, Li Dong swept a glance, freezing are a little red. Li Dong does not know a few people in the neighborhood, the woman is not the same building Li Dong do not know, but only strangers, Li Dong also did not bother to care, swept a glance away from the gaze. The young woman also looked at Li Dong for a moment, and then smiled: "Thank you." "You're welcome." After a moment of silence, the elevator door closed and the woman said again, "You're on the 22nd floor?" "Hmm." "You live in 2201?" only then did Li Dong look up at her and said with some uncertainty, "Are you a resident of 2202?" Don't look at the fact that he had lived on this side of Wanyuan for most of the year, but he really didn't know anything about the mysterious tenant next door to him. Since moving in, Li Dong had never seen anyone, and he didn't even know whether the other party was a man or a woman, a family or a single person. He only knows that someone lives next door, and sometimes he can see some household garbage placed outside the door. When the woman heard Li Dong ask, she nodded and said, "Well, I live in 2202," and Li Dong was sure that the other party was his neighbor. The woman smiled again and said, "Hello, my name is Su Rui, nice to meet you." "My name is Li Dong." Li Dong answered, and his tone was not too intimate. If this woman really lived next door to herself, there were only two possibilities, either she was renting or the man who slept with her was rich. He thinks his vision is not bad, should not be wrong. This woman is a canary possibility of more than 90%, from the usual mysterious, and now the dress, should be the outer room of the family. Li Dong did not look down on, these days we take what we need. But close to it is not necessary, he is too lazy to invite trouble. Can let the room live in the Wan Yuan 8 building, sleeping with her the man should not be small, whether it is rented or bought, it means that the other party is not ordinary. Li Dong and no special hobby, bother this God why. The 22nd floor soon arrived. Li Dong out of the elevator, and did not say hello to Su Rui, open the door, close the door, and soon disappeared in front of Su Rui. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. …… took a hot shower, Li Dong comfortable a lot. Turn on the TV and find a random station to watch for a while, then Li Dong took the phone to Qin Yuhan called. Li Dong asked: "When will you arrive home?" Qin Yuhan replied, "Tomorrow afternoon or so, I just finished the store today." "Well, then I'll pick you up tomorrow." Qin Yuhan said, "No need to pick up, I'll go home first, and then I'll come back to you." Li Dong laughed: "It's okay, I'll send you back the same. At the end of the year, Uncle Qin and Aunt Yang are busy and have no time to take care of you, why don't you just come and live in Wanyuan?" Qin Yuhan lightly spat: "No!" Li Dong laughed and didn't force it. Although now Qin Hai and Yang Yun have acquiesced to his relationship with Qin Yuhan, but after all, you can not see a few times a year, want to daughter is certain. Let Qin Yuhan go back to stay a few days, to accompany the old couple should also. The company also chatted with Qin Yuhan for a few minutes, Li Dong was about to hang up the phone, Qin Yuhan suddenly said: "Li Dong, do you think I should go to Dongping for the New Year?" Li Dong didn't understand what she meant for a while and said casually, "Sure." "Well, then let's say it's okay." After saying this, Qin Yuhan hung up the phone. Li Dong touched his head, and only after a long time did he realize the meaning of Qin Yuhan's words, then he couldn't help but laugh out loud. This is to declare sovereignty or what? But Li Dong also does not matter, his parents have seen Qin Yu Han last time, and has always said that Li Dong to take Qin Yu Han back to see, now Qin Yu Han himself proposed, Li Dong naturally to meet her.