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Chapter 268 - Poor Sun Tao

  The company's first and foremost business is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market. But the words fell soon, turn the head on someone to hit the face to come. Liu Hongmei, the financial director to the office of Li Dong not many times, but every time to come is not a good thing, either overspending or lack of money. This time, as soon as Liu Hongmei came, Li Dong was mentally prepared. But when Liu Hongmei finished, Li Dong was still a little frozen. It was only after a long time that Li Dong said with an odd face, "How come I didn't know about this?" Liu Hongmei looked up at him, expressionlessly said: "You did not ask this, we naturally can not mention it to you." Li Dong coughed dryly and said, "Then Sun himself also did not say?" "It should be too embarrassed to say, after all, Yuanfang is now short of money." Liu Hongmei held up his glasses and added: "What's more, without your signature, this money can't be sent down." Li Dong thought back for a moment, it seems that he had not heard of this matter. Thinking of this, Li Dong's face was even more odd and asked, "Is this something you asked, or did Mr. Sun ask you to ask?" "I myself, Mr. Sun generally does not ask the financial side. And this matter involves himself, he will not mention it even more. Mr. Li, the reason why I am looking for you is also for financial justice, so don't think too much about it." "I didn't think too much about it." Li Dong looked speechless and shook his head, "As you know, I have never cared much about these things, you should have told me earlier." Liu Hongmei did not reply with a light laugh, how should she say this? If it weren't for the fact that it's almost New Year's Eve, the company will soon be on holiday, and Li Dong didn't mention this, she wasn't even prepared to get involved. Things are actually very simple. Sun Tao, the newly minted billionaire last night, a distant shareholder, recently poor almost when the pants. At the beginning he and Li Dong set, the general manager does not take the salary, only the annual dividend. Last year, although the far side earned a lot of money, but then to invest in new stores, to the end of the year settlement, the books are negative assets, no revenue. So last year, Sun Tao almost zero income. The only time the dividend is the first month of the Dongping store opening, that month Sun Tao divided 86,000, is also the only time to take money. Waiting for the second year, that is, the year of 2005 in the solar calendar, Yuanfang was spending the whole year. By the end of December, Far Eastern profit of about 180 million, but the expenses more than three times more, the books are naturally negative assets. Li Dong has never cared much about these, he is short of money directly from the company to play money over, and did not think much about Sun Tao. In his opinion, Sun Tao should not be short of money. If you count down, this more than a year dividends are not a few, even if the company has investment, but Sun Tao spending tens of millions should not be a problem. But Li Dong neglected one thing, without his consent, who dares to support money in the company. Sun Tao does not have a fixed salary, only dividends, but dividends are generally one point a year, not to mention last year, this year to the end of the year, Li Dong did not send word, who dare to mention this. Sun Tao would like to mention, but the old Sun to face, did not mean to say with Li Dong. He himself did not say, plus he is still the general manager, others will be more bad to say. All in all, from the establishment of Yuanfang to now, being a billionaire, Sun's total income is $86,000. And before Sun Tao also said, he owes a friend 800,000, the house in Pingchuan mortgaged out, also owes a bank. 86,000, even to pay back the bank is not enough, let alone pay back friends. Plus in Pingchuan also have to eat and drink, although the company every month to Sun Tao have part of the reimbursement, but as the boss of Sun Tao, in order to maintain the surface glamorous, private expenses are not small. A few suits alone cost tens of thousands of dollars, and nowadays, the pockets have long been empty. So Li Dong heard Liu Hongmei said these only to feel odd, the tang general manager, over than a store manager, this day is too miserable. But this can not really blame Li Dong, after all, he did not have this experience. Of course, Li Dong from beginning to end also did not think about this, who let Sun Tao not to say to him, the company has a lot of things, he can remember only ghost. Shaking his head, Li Dong lost his smile and said: "Let's do this, turn around and you first call Sun two million in the past, at least to pay off the debt. He a boss still owes money not to pay, how embarrassing to spread out, do not know how harsh I thought he was." Liu Hongmei also laughed: "This is also my fault, I did not mention it to you before." "Forget it, let's not talk about this, later to pay Sun another salary. Every month …… fifty thousand per month, it should be enough to spend." Fifty thousand a month, not too little, but not too much for the general manager. But Sun Tao has shares, this money is extra, it should also be enough. Why did Li Dong not pay the salary before, at that time he was not familiar with Sun Tao, who knows how capable he is. If you do not do well to lose money, then Sun Tao do not want to get a dime, this is normal. Now it is not necessary, even the shares are given, but also so little salary. Liu Hongmei answered, Li Dong waved his hand and said: "You go busy first, by the way, call Sun over ……" "Forget it, or I go to his office." Li Dong said half of the words and changed his mind, got up and walked to Sun Tao's office.