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Chapter 269 - The Year is Near

  Green Bamboo Garden. The sky is the limit. The year is almost over, Li Dong can still find time to rest, Yang Yun and Qin Hai can not have time to rest. The first thing you need to do is to take off your shoes and roll around on the sand. Qin Yuhan saw the situation can not help but laugh: "You look like this by your company people see, I'm afraid no one dare to believe." Li Dong full of care said: "I look like this what is wrong? This is called childish, do you know how to have fun." "Understand your head!" Qin Yuhan laughed and cursed, put the suitcase into his room, then walked to the living room and turned on the TV, sat down next to Li Dong and asked, "Yesterday your company's annual meeting?" Li Dong vaguely answered, put Qin Yuhan in his arms and sniffed. Qin Yuhan was blushing and pushed him, "Don't move!" "Smell the smell, it still smells the same, looks like you haven't bathed since I left last time." Qin Yuhan knocked him on the head and ignored the lazy guy's hands, saying with a slight gasp, "I heard from my mom that you sang yesterday?" "Well, the voice is good, right?" Li Dong said smilingly. Qin Yuhan hummed: "How do I know, you have not sung to me. My mom took a MMS photo, it's so blurry I can't even see it." Li Dong then came back to his senses, this year there is nothing WeChat and other things. Small video is not want to pass, can MMS to the top. <> Li Dong some distracted, WeChat this thing is quite good, do you want to mix with a hand? But after thinking about it, Li Dong still temporarily gave up the idea. WeChat is good to use, but it is not a moment he can open out, not to mention that he now has a lot of things on hand, e-commerce platform is not yet ready, and then get WeChat some of the loss is not worth it. Of course, if he waited for his e-commerce side to get well, talent training out, then if WeChat has not yet appeared, their own mix is not impossible. Anyway, it is still very early from the launch of WeChat, they are not in a hurry. Thinking about WeChat, Li Dong can't help but think of Tencent. This year he is ready to sell Baidu's stock, the rise of Baidu's stock began to slow down in a short period of time. Tencent on the contrary, from 2oo6 onwards, Tencent only officially entered the stock price soaring period, now Tencent stock price is not high. Li Dong thought about it, he had to get some Tencent stock to go back, this thing is much faster than his current money. And Tencent is listed in Hong Kong, it's easy to buy shares, plus the recent rise in Tencent's share price, many people are willing to sell their shares, or buy some, this thing you have to remember to do. Li Dong is thinking about things, Qin Yuhan is dissatisfied: "What attitude you have! I'm talking to you, what are you thinking about?" Li Dong came back to his senses and hurriedly explained, "I was thinking about the stock, I was lost in thought." Hearing Li Dong talk about stocks, Qin Yuhan was a little curious: "Is Baidu's stock price going up again?" "No, I'm ready to go out after the release period, I was just thinking of turning around and buying some Tencent shares. <> "Tencent share price is rising, this is not a secret, only few people think that the next few years will rise so much. See Li Dong talking about Tencent, Qin Yuhan some interest said: "Tencent stock price from the listing to now seems to have risen several times, but the rate of increase is not Baidu fast, you buy Tencent stock, is not think it can still rise?" For Li Dong's vision, Qin Yuhan is extremely trustworthy. Whether it's opening the market or buying stocks, Qin Yuhan now Li Dong has no time to look away. In less than two years, Li Dong from a poor student, not a penny, grew into the eyes of the younger generation of today's leading figure, relying on his vision. Li Dong nodded and was about to find an excuse to explain a few words when Qin Yuhan smiled and said, "Li Dong, do you think I should buy some too?" Li Dong was blocked for a moment and said somewhat speechlessly, "Whatever, buy if you like." Bypassing the matter of stocks, Li Dong asked, "How is that store of yours doing now?" Speaking of the dessert store, Qin Yuhan some distress said: "still losing, I left the store closed, and so next year to go. If it really doesn't work ……" The words didn't finish, Qin Yuhan suddenly gave a light hum. Reach out and slap Li Dong's claws away from his chest, shy and annoyed: "In broad daylight, point face okay!" Li Dong let out a laugh, squeezed his eyebrows and said, "No way, who let you have to live with your parents here, why don't we go home to live at night?" "No!" "Daughter-in-law, you are too cruel. <> In two days I can go back to Dongping, and so back to Pingchuan, you have to go to school again, I'm afraid, you have to think about an energetic Han." Qin Yuhan white glance at him, blushing slightly red said, "Not today, tomorrow I will go." Li Dong burst out laughing, causing Qin Yu Han to make a fuss. The two of them messed around for a while, looked at the time, and went down to find a restaurant to have lunch. In the afternoon, Li Dong accompanied Qin Yu Han around in Pingchuan. …… next two days, Li Dong busy on both sides. The next two days, Li Dong is busy on both sides of the fence. When you are free, you can accompany Qin Yuhan to go shopping and visit the temple fair.