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Chapter 270 - Service Area Encounter

  New Year's Eve is approaching, the road traffic congestion. From Pingchuan to Dongping, usually about two and a half hours to get back, but today drove more than an hour has not gone through a third of the journey. The sky is gradually floating snowflakes, as Qin Yuhan said, it is snowing. After driving for another half hour or so, the snow is getting heavier and heavier. The traffic in front of the car crowded into a long line, it so happened that the car arrived at the service area, Li Dong turned his head and said, "The snow is too big, let's go down to rest for a while, drink a cup of hot water, and then go later?" Cao Feng and the others naturally had no opinion and diǎn their heads. Li Dong turned the car into the service area, the service area is also full of cars at the moment, because the snow is heavy traffic, many people are stranded in the service area. …… came out after going to the toilet, Li Dong exhaled comfortably. It's been a long time since I drove a car for such a long time, and I was a little uncomfortable for a while. People are really lazy are spoiled out, before, not to mention the driver, they have a car to drive, which is similar to now, the meeting car are feeling back pain. Followed by the back out of Cao Feng, swept a glance at the women's restroom side, laughingly said: "Women really trouble, a toilet still have to queue, which is convenient for us." Li Dong glanced at him, jokingly said: "Too much trouble you still find a woman why? Back to find a man to live, the toilet can also save water." Cao Feng scratched his head and said, "How to save water?" Li Dong rolled his eyes, this guy's head how long, my important diǎn is this? Lazy to break up with him, Li Dong took out a cigarette case, handed him a cigarette, diǎn lit one himself, took a sip and asked, "Have you been in touch with your great uncle during this period of time?" Cao Feng was examining the cigarette that Li Dong handed over, and when he heard that, he diǎned his head and said, "I just passed the phone two days ago, and I also paid five thousand yuan back, and my father instructed me to follow you properly." "Five thousand? The rest was all spent?" Li Dong asked, Cao Feng has come to Pingchuan for more than half a year, usually eat in the supermarket, housing themselves to solve, half a year down the salary is almost 20,000 yuan. Cao Feng hurriedly said, "No, the rest I saved up." Li Dong thought for a moment, and said: "Talking about girlfriend, do not be too frugal, I see Lin Meng wearing down jacket or old, you did not help her buy one?" Cao Feng touched his head and laughed: "Lin Meng did not let me save more money, so that I can pay a down payment for a house in Pingchuan when I have money in the future." Li Dong laughed, Lin Meng is quite good at arranging. But Cao Feng such a simple man, should find a shrewd woman like Lin Meng as a wife. Otherwise count on Cao Feng, even if the salary is a lot, the end of the year can not save a few money. Li Dong heard a few months ago, Cao Feng this guy got paid to invite colleagues to dinner, a few times a month down, the salary is almost spent. Cao Yu also found himself complaining once, let himself knock knock knock this guy. But Li Dong is too lazy to care about this kind of thing, Cao Feng make friends they can not stop, but also has not mentioned this with Cao Feng. Now it seems that it should change over, Li Dong smiled and asked: "Card in Lin Meng that?" Cao Feng just smiled and did not say anything, Li Dong took a look and understood, and did not say anything. The two talked for a while, Li Dong asked again, "You and Lin Meng are ready to settle in Pingchuan?" Cao Feng indifferent said: "I can go anywhere, after two years back home to build a small building is also very good. But Lin Meng said she wanted to buy a house in Pingchuan, so I figured she and I would save up for three to five years, almost enough for a down payment, and buy a house in Pingchuan and become city people." "Identify her?" "Well, Lin Meng is quite nice." Li Dong slightly diǎn head, exhaled the smoke and said, "If you really decided, when you want to get married, I will send you a house." Cao Feng's mouth suddenly opened wide! Li Dong laughed: "What, don't you believe me?" Cao Feng hurriedly shook his head, hands do not know where to put, some nervous: "Dongzi, look at this, you say, I this ……" he wanted to refuse, but really can not be ruthless that heart. A set of house! If there is a house, now and Lin Meng married even! He is also twenty-five this year, in the countryside is already an old man, if according to Lin Meng said, save enough money for the down payment before getting married, then he was twenty-seven or twenty-eight. At this age in the countryside, children are in elementary school. Cao Feng would like to get married, but Lin Meng is high-minded and has not taken the straw. Several attempts down, Cao Feng also saw, no house, expect Lin Meng and he married in the old home, it is almost impossible. He knows that Li Dong is a big boss rich, the key is that this kind of thing is not good to ask Li Dong. I did not expect that today Li Dong actually proposed to send him a house, which makes Cao Feng a little dumb, let alone let him refuse, it is impossible to say. Li Dong also did not care about him, continued: "This matter you have in mind on the line, Lin Meng side first do not say." "Know, I know ……" "What to talk about?" The two were talking when Lin Meng and Cao Yu walked over. The one who interjected was none other than Lin Meng, Cao Feng blushed a little and did not know what to say for a while. Li Dong did not change his face and said, "casually chatting a few words, cousin praised sister-in-law thrifty."