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Chapter 271: Returning Home

  (For those who read the book, please come and read the original, thanks for your support! On the road. Li Dong followed the traffic for a while and suddenly asked, "Sister-in-law, do you know Su Rui?" Lin Meng nodded her head. Then she said with some embarrassment, "I shouldn't have said hello just now, maybe we'll have one less big customer in the future." Cao Feng said curiously, "What's wrong? Is it a crime to say hello?" Lin Meng gave him a blank look, and glanced at Li Dong, who was driving, before explaining, "Miss Su has bought a lot of insurance from me, both financial and pension insurance, and each time the amount is not small, almost more than 100,000 before and after." "That's a good thing." Cao Feng hurriedly said. Lin Meng said, "Hear me out before you interrupt." Cao Feng immediately shut his mouth tightly, not daring to interrupt again. Lin Meng continued, "But Miss Su is only the insured, and the insured is someone else." "What insured person is insured?" Cao Feng was a bit puzzled. Lin Meng gave him a blank look, this guy is really forgetful, lazy to bother with him, explained: "The insured is the one who pays the money." Cao Feng nodded and understood: "Got it, the one who is in charge of the money at home, her husband?" Lin Meng glared at Cao Feng, who hastily shut up again and showed a listening face. Lin Meng also do not care about him, continued: "is a company president, more than forty years old, the first time to buy an insurance company requires proof of the relationship between the policyholder and the insured, I asked them to provide a marriage certificate, they said they did not bring, at that time I guessed what their relationship." "Later they bought a few more times from me, the insured has always been the old boss. Today that girl should be her sister, so I greeted a little awkward …… "Lin Meng finished his words, Li Dong and Cao Yu listened to understand. Only Cao Feng scratched his head: "What's so awkward about this? People boss to help employees ……" Cao Feng is not really stupid, just react sometimes to slow on a beat, half of the words to react, some surprised: "You mean just that woman is a mistress?" Lin Meng frowned, refused to pay attention to him. Cao Feng scratched his ears and said: "Do you think so? That woman is quite pretty, how can she do such a thing?" This time, without Lin Meng's admonition, Cao Yu said, "Brother, stop for a while, will you?" Complimenting someone else's beauty in front of his girlfriend, does he still want to get along? Cao Yu was helpless about his cousin's emotional intelligence, he didn't even know how Lin Meng and Cao Feng saw eye to eye at that time. Lin Meng how astute a person, how to see the elm pimple Cao Feng. Of course, sometimes smart women like this kind of simple man, this kind of thing who can not say, Cao Yu also do not bother to think more. As for Li Dong, confirmed the identity of Su Rui also did not bother to ask. He and Su Rui are not familiar, just want to confirm it, to save trouble in the future, now it seems that their own guesses come true, sure of their own vision, and naturally do not bother to say anything. …… 9:30 from Pingchuan, into Dongping when it was already two o'clock in the afternoon. Two and a half hours of travel, today it was hard to drive four and a half hours. When Li Dong drove past the Yuanfang supermarket, Lin Meng was a little surprised: "I didn't think there was a Yuanfang supermarket in Dongping, Cao Feng, your company is doing quite a big business." Cao Feng took a look at Li Dong's back and smiled nervously, "It's not bad, we have many supermarket branches." "That's true, I heard that the owner of your company is rich. Cao Feng, when you are promoted, into your company headquarters, also introduce me to expand my network ah." When Lin Meng said this, she deliberately looked at Li Dong. Rather than knowing that Li Dong is the boss of the distant side, but has the intention to let Li Dong to introduce himself to the network resources. Li Dong can afford to drive a big Ben, that is not bad money. Most of the rich people know are rich people, and selling insurance naturally most like to deal with these rich people. Sometimes, people with money out of a single, compared to their own performance for several years. But rich people are also difficult to contact, no one introduced, expect Lin Meng, a foreigner, almost no one is willing to deal with her. These years, the insurance industry is booming, insurance salesmen are particularly large, rich people are also harassed, almost as soon as you hear is selling insurance to drive people away, or just hang up the phone, few people can listen to her to finish a sentence. Li Dong glanced at the rearview mirror, naturally also saw the eyes of Lin Meng. Then asked a question: "Sister-in-law, how is the business doing?" Lin Meng heard the spirit of a lift, and hurriedly pour out bitterness: "Do not mention it, what is not easy these days. Especially I am still foreigners, you do not know, Pingchuan xenophobia is particularly serious, in the local I have no contacts ……" Lin Meng said a long list of breath, Li Dong did not interrupt, and wait for her to finish before saying: "considered changing careers? Insurance is okay now, and then a few years is not good, the older you get, the harder it is to do, while young to change the industry, maybe more promising." Li Dong did not say a lie, now the insurance industry is still okay. But in a few years, almost everyone is shouting at the role. In addition to car insurance is good to do a little, the other pension insurance and financial insurance special daddy, plus the concept of insurance is not very well understood by the domestic people, once you see the insurance salesman almost as a scammer to prevent. Lin Meng helplessly said: "I just a junior high school student, there is no technology, can do what." Li Dong laughed: "Try it, how do you know if you don't try, or it's not too late to learn a skill, you're not too old." Lin Meng laughed dryly and did not reply, used to being comfortable, now let her learn technology, which she can set her mind. Li Dong saw the situation and stopped talking. It was Cao Feng who was anxious next to her, and when he saw that Lin Meng was silent, Cao Feng wanted to pinch her hard. But thinking about the consequences, Cao Feng still did not dare to act. When the car quieted down, Cao Feng lamented in his heart, it seems to be a missed opportunity.