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Chapter 272 Pre-Festival

  The twenty-eighth day of the lunar month.' 81』In the morning Li Dong drove back to Chenjiawan, this time and the last time to send Li Lan back different, close to the Spring Festival, Li Dong is not good to pass the door. Li Dong carried a big bag and visited the village elders. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. This move by Li Dong, in one fell swoop, pushed Li Shanren's fame to the top. Of course, Li Dong did not want for nothing. Whenever he visited his elders, he brought Li Lan with him. Li Lan's identity is a bit awkward in Chenjiawan, rural people are not so open-minded, the identity of illegitimate daughter is very unpopular. Li Dong does not expect a small favor to make everyone grateful, but this time gave the red envelope, Li Lan future days should be better, at least the gossip, these elders should be a few words. After visiting the elders, Li Dong went back to the old house. Since the Li brothers left Chenjiawan, the old house has been empty, but every year in the past, Li Chengyuan would come back to post the spring couplets. This year, Li Chengyuan did not return, the task naturally fell to Li Dong head. Because Li Chenghui passed away this year, Chenjiawan this piece of the old rule is the elders passed away to paste white couplets, the death of the peers to paste yellow couplets. Li Chenghui and Li Chengyuan of the same generation, the door of the old house was naturally put on the yellow couplets. After posting the couplets, Li Dong went to Old Man Chen's house again. In addition to Chen Jing, his daughter, Chen Lao Han has two sons, one is a farmer at home, Li Dong met last time. The other one is working outside, Li Dong also met several times when he was a child, but after many years, the change is quite big, but did not recognize. When Li Dong arrived, Chen Jing was also in Chen Lao Han. Originally, when Li Dong did not arrive, the two brothers of the Chen family is not very good to Chen Jing, the two sisters-in-law is a face of dislike. But once Li Dong came, the Chen brothers immediately changed their faces. Chen Laoji, the one who works outside, hastily took out a pack of Yuxi cigarettes from his pocket, handed one to Li Dong, and said with a smile on his face, "Dongzi, have you finished?" Li Dong nodded, and took out a pack of cigarettes himself to disperse a circle, then smiled: "When did Chen Erji come back?" Chen Lao Er laughed and said, "Just arrived yesterday." Said sweeping a glance at the cigarette box in Li Dong's hand, eyebrows shaking, slightly hesitantly said: "Dongzi, this is not that what Yellow Crane Tower 19 how many, I see our boss seems to smoke this." "1916," Li Dong laughed, handed the remaining half of the pack to Chen Lao Er, then said, "I usually smoke less, there seems to be a few packs left in the car, later to bring over to Chen Er Shu." Chen Er Er said with a look of constraint, "This is not allowed! I'm just a working man, how can I smoke this, it's too wasteful!" Li Dong didn't dwell on this and changed the subject: "Where is Xiaolan?" Next to Chen Jing immediately answered: "Xiaolan went home to pack her school bag and will come right away." "Oh, then I'll go and see, and bring cigarettes to second uncle Chen by the way." After saying another greeting to Chen Lao Han, Li Dong went out to Li Chenghui's former small building. As soon as Li Dong left, Chen Boss quickly asked his younger brother, "Lao Er, what just Dongzi gave the Yellow Crane Tower is worth?" Chen Lao Er smiled and immediately straightened his chest, a face proudly said: "You do not understand it, I work in Shanghai, my boss is smoking this. Do you know what my boss is doing? The big open business, the family has a lot of money with a truck pull …… "Chen Lao Er showed half a day, the room also no one impatient. Although they do not have money, but listen to the deeds of others can also be a dry addiction. After talking for a while, Chen Lao Er only to the point, a face of emotion: "Li family this kid really wealthy, this pack of cigarettes one hundred seventy eighty, smoking a nearly is ten dollars, you say no money who dare to be so bad." The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air, this motherfucker / really is a waste of money ah! Chen boss and Chen old man is just handed by Li Dong's cigarette in the hand to observe, so expensive who want to smoke so. Even if you want to smoke, at least you have to go out and show off a circle to do so. The next person is just emotion, Chen boss's daughter-in-law is a fierce glare at the Chen boss, simple goods! The second one knows how to ask for cigarettes, but you don't know how to ask for them! Chen Lao Er's daughter-in-law was smug, then whispered to Chen Lao Er: "You say the Li family boy, can give you later?" Chen Lao Er said with a snicker: "Women's insight, I just saw, people drive a big Ben, all said the export, still care about you a few packs of cigarettes?" A few people were talking, Li Dong led Li Lan came along. He threw the remaining half of the cigarettes to Chen Lao Er, and then Li Dong handed a big red red packet to Chen Lao Han in the front seat of the hall. Chen Lao Han, smoking a dry cigarette, took the red envelope and squeezed it with his hand, then he said with a smile on his face, "You kid, what are you doing, I'll give you the red envelope, how can I ask for your money." Li Dong politely said, "Master Li, please don't be polite, this is a small token of my appreciation. Xiaolan usually takes care of you on this side." After giving the red envelope to Chen Lao Han, Li Dong gave the red envelopes to Chen Lao Er and Chen Lao Er's children respectively. Chen Lao Er, after all, has worked in the city for several years, and can still tolerate for a while.