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Chapter 273 New Year

  See Wang Jie that smug look, Li Dong could not help but laugh "you're cheap, yesterday is not to take advantage of?" Wang Jie squeezed his eyes, he laughed "not cheap, but indeed cool щww{][lā} ¼ Z" "Chen Yue?" "Well." "Can you be more atmospheric, you a big man and a woman to calculate, good?" Wang Jie grunted "I did not squeeze her, you say disgusting, said the good class reunion, that Wang Dan actually came! If I had known that dog was there, I would not have gone. Since he is here, of course I am not that atmospheric." "You also do not stand to speak not waist pain, last time Feng Jinsong and Yuan Xue up to the hotel, you did not give a good face?" Li Dong did not pay attention to him, chatted a few sentences asked "see you are in a good mood, is not the demolition?" Speaking of this, Wang Jie lowered his voice and said with slight gratitude "Dongzi, this is all thanks to your help, the demolition of the matter is temporarily yellow, at least until the year will start, and then work for most of the year, by then the compensation point, almost can return to the capital." Li Dong laughed and said, "This has nothing to do with me." Wang Jie suddenly understood, face you know that expression, laughingly said "understand, this has nothing to do with you." Two people are Kan, back to Wang Jie's Li Dong see him suddenly changed his face, could not help but look back down. This eye to see, Li Dong know why Wang Jie changed his face. At the door, the man and woman picked up the curtain, is preparing to enter the door. The man Li Dong does not know, but the woman Li Dong is too familiar, it is just the topic of conversation - Chen Yue. Li Dong did not expect Chen Yue actually brought his boyfriend to the, or Wang Jie, which is really a ghost! Wang Jie changed his face, Chen Yue naturally also changed his face. Originally she was not prepared to come out on today, but her boyfriend can not be idle, and there is no connection at home, plus the boyfriend and Chen Yue's parents can not talk, the two discussed it will be ready to come out on the meeting. But what Chen Yue did not expect was that the man sitting at the counter was Wang Jie. If Chen Yue is an accident, then the man beside her is annoyed. Not in a hurry to go, the young man pulled Chen Yue to the counter, staring at Wang Jie sneered "Wang, we really have fate!" Wang Jie is not willing to show weakness, "of course there is fate, but certainly a sinful fate. Some people are just cheap, they have to look for scolding." The young man grunted coldly, swept the bar, some disdain said "Do not tell me that this bar is yours? What, was expelled from school, did it come back as a tube?" "Oh, sorry, where you are standing is mine, this bar does not welcome garbage and dogs, you do not see the sign?" "I said how this bar is so shabby, feelings are you opened. This kind of broken bar, invite me not to come, stinky, disgusting!" "Disgusting you do not come ah, after pretending to turn straight away, downstairs there is a public toilet, feel free to go pretend, no one stop you." "……" two people you sentence I sentence, scolded not too happy. Li Dong lazy to get involved in this pair of love rivals between the scolding war, and Chen Yue greeted "When did you come back?" "Just came back the day before yesterday, and you?" "Yesterday afternoon." Li Dong finished sweeping the young boy's eyes, smiled and said "boyfriend?" Chen Yue is a little embarrassed, but still nodded. Li Dong heart some odd, Chen Yue only sophomore year, right, now bring a boyfriend back for New Year, simply more open than him ah. But Li Dong also did not ask deep questions, shallow and deep, this kind of thing is not necessary to look deep. Two people chatting, but also the young man's eyes attracted over. The young man swept Li Dong's eyes and asked Chen Yue, "Your classmate?" Chen Yue hurriedly introduced "high students, Li Dong." Said and introduced to Li Dong, "His name is Wu Qiang." Li Dong nodded, Wu Qiang is indifferent not to look at him, and looked at Wang Jie, humming "Let's go, small places are small places, put aside this place in the capital when the garbage pile is too dirty." Chen Yue was a little unhappy, pulled him down, and then to Li Dong Dong "Li Dong, then I'll go first." Li Dong did not have time to make a sound, Wu Qiang grunted, "Look, I know and Wang's raccoon, less contact in the future." Li Dong face faded, slowly said "little friend, pretend to go back to the capital to pretend, believe it or not I let you can not get out of Dongping?" These words out, the crowd's face are some changes. Wang Jie hurriedly said "Dongzi, this matter, you do not care, this king calf again dare to talk nonsense, I let him eat and walk away!" Chen Yue face smile slightly stiff, dry said "Li Dong, you do not care, he is this person is fast mouth, no bad intentions." Chen Yue does not know what Li Dong now, the key is Li Dong this person straight temper is not very good. Plus Dongping or Li Dong's home turf, he is really determined to clean up Wu Qiang, Wu Qiang this year is not want to live well. Even Wang Jie the soft character, before the ruthlessness have dared to break Wu Qiang's legs, let alone Li Dong. Next to Wu Qiang face although ugly, but also know that now is not the time to show off, in his opinion, the small county people are barbarians, words do not agree on the hands, there is no need to eat this loss. Did not talk to Li Dong again, Wu Qiang pulled Chen Yue on the go. When the two out of the door, Li Dong shook his head and said "just such a thing, Wang Jie, you really goose, this can also be pried out of the corner?"