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Chapter 274 - Lanshan Manor

  The 06 Spring Festival Li Dong spent quite comfortably, of course, if you do not have to sleep on the couch all day will be better. Once the Spring Festival is over, the ones who should go out will have to go out, and the ones who should get ready for school will have to get ready for school. On the fourth day of the first month, Cao Feng several people rushed back to Pingchuan in advance. Li Dong is prepared to stay a few more days, or simply wait for his parents to go together. But now he is also a busy person, time can not be freely arranged by themselves, the afternoon of the sixth, Li Dong drove back to Pingchuan alone. By the time he reached Wanyuan, it was almost five o'clock. Li Dong took a shower, changed his clothes and drove downstairs to attend a party. The venue of the party was not a restaurant, but the Lanshan Manor. No need to navigate, if you say that after so many years in Pingchuan still do not know Lanshan Manor, that Li Dong white mix for so many years. Lanshan Manor, the top villa area in Pingchuan. Nearby are Lanshan Park, Bai Cui Park, Safari Park, Bai Cui Lake, Lanshan Scenic Area, Jiangbei Museum …… This series of scenic spots makes Lanshan Manor a veritable scenic manor. In addition to the beautiful environment, the other supporting facilities near Lanshan Manor are also first-class. There is the Jiangbei Second People's Hospital, the Pingchuan Lanshan Hospital, the Jiangbei Women's and Children's Hospital, and the famous private secondary school Lanshan Middle School in Pingchuan. Whether it is medical care or education, the supporting facilities near Lanshan Manor are among the best in Jiangbei. This series of advantages also contributed to the high price of Lanshan Manor. The entire Lanshan Manor covers an area of 180,000 square meters, mainly townhouses, complemented by single-family houses, townhouses of at least 300 square meters, single-family houses are at least 500 square meters or more. The house price is the highest level in Jiangbei, the average single villa 12,000 a flat, just buy a villa at least in more than six million. 06 years of house prices reached 12,000 a flat, and the most first-line domestic house prices are on par. And Pingchuan really counted, but is a second or third-tier cities, this price can not afford the average person. Until Li Dong was reborn, Lanshan Manor of more than two hundred villas have not been completely sold out, of course, at that time the price of Lanshan Manor is also sky-high, compared to the first-tier city prices are not much cheaper. However, according to Li Dong understand, the initial investment in the Lanshan Manor developers have long been bankrupt. Now it should be the Longhua Group to take over, Longhua Group is rich and powerful, the villa can not be sold is not in a hurry, this is the Lanshan Manor villa can stay until seven or eight years later can still be left. …… Li Dong to Lanshan Manor when the sky has darkened. The security guard at the entrance of the manor stopped Li Dong's car, Li Dong reported the name of the invitee, the security guard took the intercom to check for a while let open the gate to let Li Dong drive in. Because it was getting dark, Li Dong was not in the mood to watch the interior of the estate. Driving past the townhouses in front, Li Dong entered the single-family house area. In the single-family house area, each villa is spaced apart and the number is not too many, and the signage on the road is also very clear. In a short time, Li Dong's car stopped in front of the gate of Villa 16. When Li Dong got out of the car, Zhang Lan Yu, who had already received the news, came out to greet him personally and said with a smile on her face, "Mr. Li, you are here. Li Dong laughed and said, "It's not a good idea to use the word "splendid", otherwise I wouldn't be able to see such a good place." Zhang Langyu covered her mouth and laughed lightly, and led Li Dong towards the villa after two polite words. Li Dong unhurriedly looked around and saw many luxury cars parked inside and outside the courtyard. More than a dozen luxury cars parked together, his S350 looks a little inconspicuous. Especially seeing that there are several supercars, more set off Li Dong's car old-fashioned. Li Dong's eyes narrowed when he saw this and said tentatively, "Miss Zhang, there are quite a lot of people at this party." Zhang Lan Yu laughed: "Today Chen Rui's birthday, are not any outsiders, is a few acquaintances together to get together. They are all friends in the circle, so I can't even let them come. But don't worry, Mr. Li, there are many friends from the business world here today, so I believe they will have a common language with Mr. Li." Li Dong nodded slightly at his words and did not say anything else. Today is Chen Rui's birthday, reasonably speaking, there is no need to invite Li Dong, but since Chen Rui invited, Li Dong can not not come. Not to come is not to give face, Li Dong and Chen Rui is no big conflict between him, not to offend him. Of course, even if you come, Li Dong is not prepared to flaunt anything. Chen Rui found himself, the biggest purpose is nothing more than engineering matters, regardless of the success of the talks, I believe Chen Rui will not take him. The villa was followed by Zhang Lan Yu. The hall has come to many people, most of them are young people, red hair and green hair are not a few. Li Dong swept a glance did not pay too much attention, will cast his eyes to the hall next to a group of people gathered among. This group of people is small, about five or six, older, there are suits, but also plain clothes and civilian clothes, look at the temperament should be the business people Zhang Lan Yu said. Although Li Dong's Far Far Away Supermarket is doing a big business, he really doesn't know much about the business elite in Pingchuan. Among the five or six people, none of them is known to Li Dong.