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Chapter 275 - Xu Shengzhe

  After all, it is a birthday party and not a presentation, Chen Rui did not say too long. ww?w?.? When the villa's service staff pushed the seven or eight-story cake into the hall, Chen Rui simply cut the cake, made a wish, the birthday process is almost done. The reason for inviting so many people today is naturally not only for the birthday, the main purpose is to communicate. After dividing the cake, the crowd just gathered around each other dispersed. Li Dong briefly paid attention to those in Chen Rui's circle and business people can rarely talk together. In addition to individual looks mature some of the second generation together in the business circle, others are each playing their own. Of course, there are a few people who are alone like Li Dong. Not everyone likes to pile up and chat, but there are also people who have to come, but not to save face. Zhang Langyu was busy entertaining others, so no one came to talk to Li Dong for a while. Li Dong was eager to do so, found a place with few people and sat down, took a slice of noodle bread and ate it. Did not eat much at lunch, and did not have time to eat at night, Li Dong is really hungry. But Li Dong is not as hungry as the wolf gobbled up, not to lose that face, and not not eaten good things. …… Just as Li Dong was about to take a piece of cupcake to fill his stomach, a flash of people next to him. Then someone laughed lightly and said, "Mr. Li, how to be here alone, do you mind if I sit down?" Li Dong turned his head to look, but not the legendary love affair, but a young man of 25 or 26 years old. This young man at first glance looks nothing special, but the smile on his face appears to be very gentle, the more you look down the more you think this person is a good person, can make friends. Although it is said to know people, but the first impression is also very critical, if you change a fierce and fierce, I am afraid that few people are willing to deal with this kind of people. Li Dong did not survey too long, smiled and said: "You feel free, no one here." The young man sat down and continued to smile gently: "Mr. Li, first time meeting, introduce yourself, my name is Xu Shengzhe." Li Dong eyes a little strange said: "Fu Wei Sheng Zhe to Mao Xing Ruoxi?" Xu Shengzhe's eyes lit up, and said: "Li also like Chu?" Li Dong shook his head and laughed dryly, "Only know Tang poems and Song lyrics, not much attention to the others." Xu Shengzhe's eyes dimmed at his words and said with some disappointment, "Then?" Li Dong knew what he meant, explained: "I have a friend also named 'Shengzhe', he used to tell me this, said 'Shengzhe' is a person of both virtue and talent, I heard a few times and remembered. " Xu Shengzhe laughed: "That's a coincidence, when will Mr. Li introduce this friend to me?" Li Dong lost his smile, this guy is really familiar with himself. But the introduction even if, that guy is a colleague in his previous life, it is difficult to say whether he can still meet in this life, naturally there is no chance of introduction. Li Dong nodded perfunctorily and said, "Let's talk about it later when we have the chance." Xu Shengzhe didn't care, the introduction was just a casual remark, and the purpose of his visit to Li Dong was naturally not just to chat. After a few words of small talk, Xu Shengzhe turned back to the main topic, pretending to be inattentive and said, "I heard that Mr. Li is planning to build the company headquarters this year?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and laughed: "Yes, I have this intention." Originally, Li Dong thought this guy was here because of the project, who knew that the next sentence Xu Shengzhe jumped to the issue of money. Seeing Li Dong's confirmation, Xu Shengzhe asked: "Mr. Li, once the headquarters is built, the cost is not small. These years, the domestic retail industry is the time to bloom, build the headquarters when you can, I think it is imperative to continue to seize the market." Li Dong now some confused Xu Shengzhe's purpose. Thinking for a moment, he thought about it and said, "You can't eat a fat bite, and it's not necessarily a good thing to expand too fast. Last year the development of the far side is a bit fast, this year I am ready to slow down." Xu Shengzhe continued, "Mr. Li, time is not waiting for me, you think it is fast, but others do not think so. Jiangbei economy is not developed, in Jiangbei Yuanfang competitive small, some large stores did not put too much effort in Jiangbei, but want to go out, competitive pressure ……" Xu Shengzhe said a lot, at first Li Dong did not understand what he meant. But after listening for a while, Li Dong finally understood. This seems to be to send money! Yes, is to send money, that tone, that meaning, are expressed this purpose. Li Dong frowned, some understanding of his purpose, said lightly: "Mr. Xu may have misunderstood, Yuanfang is not short of money now." Seeing that Li Dong understood his words, Xu Shengzhe also no longer covered up, smiled and said, "Mr. Li first hear me out, 50 million, ten percent of the shares, only dividends and not involved in management, how about it?" This share is naturally the share of the far side, fifty million is not low, nor is it taking advantage of Li Dong. Because in the outside world's estimation, Baidu stock is not among the Far Side. Excluding Baidu stock, the maximum value of Yuanfang now is at most five hundred million, including all branding or appreciation. Xu Shengzhe offered fifty million, obviously very sincere.