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Chapter 276 Acting

  Seeing that Li Dong only smiled and didn't say anything, Chen Rui said again, "How does Li feel about the Yong Hua Building?" "Yong Hua Building?" Li Dong some doubts, Pingchuan is the provincial capital, there are more buildings, he naturally can not every WWw……lā Chen Rui saw the situation and laughed: "Guanhai and Yaohai junction there, the building near the municipal court, 16 floors, construction area of about 18,000 square feet …… "Chen Rui should have been prepared to introduce the situation of the Yong Hua Building in detail. Yong Hua Building was built not many years, completed in 01, to now is only five years. Five years, not new nor old, but if it is used as an office building, it is definitely more than enough. 16 floors, with the current scale of Yuanfang, even if the expansion of three or four times should be enough. Li Dong was a bit surprised and joked, "Since when did Mr. Chen become an intermediary?" Chen Rui was not embarrassed and said with a smile, "Mr. Li, just tell me if you are interested, right? The Yong Hua Building was originally owned by Nanrui Group, but recently Nanrui Group had some problems and urgently needed funds, and intended to sell, I just heard the news, plus I know that Mr. Li wants to build the headquarters, so I came to give Mr. Li a breath of fresh air." Chen Rui said and lowered his voice: "Mr. Li, this is a good opportunity, Nanrui is now in urgent need of money, the price is not high, that is close to the Guanhai District, Nanrui's price is only 300 million. If you get it right, 260 million or so might be able to take it." "Even if Mr. Li does not use, in the hands of the cover for a period of time can also earn a pot full of money." Li Dong smiled and said, "Since it's so profitable, Mr. Chen should just eat it himself." Chen Rui waved his hand and said, "Mr. Li thinks too highly of me, a building of two or three hundred million, I can't eat it even if I want to." "Besides, to put it bluntly, if the property price falls, I don't even have a place to cry. Mr. Li is different, even if the house price falls, Mr. Li use it as headquarters is not a loss, with a decade or eight years to sell it again, may also be able to surge a cut, do you say this reason?" Although Chen Rui said every word is reasonable, but Li Dong always feel some wrong. There is no hurry to refuse, Li Dong smiled: "If the matter is completed, what does Mr. Chen want?" Chen Rui's eyes lit up at his words, smiling and said: "Mr. Li is very quick, I have to say that I do not want anything, Mr. Li must think I am hypocritical. How about this, I don't want anything else, just promise me a request." "Tell me, Mr. Chen?" Chen Rui's face showed a trace of chagrin, sighed and said, "Mr. Li, speaking of which, this matter has something to do with you." Li Dong is somewhat interested, Chen Rui sold until now, and introduced the building, and deliberately obfuscate, I'm afraid it is for this request in his mouth. Li Dong did not break it down, and responded, "What is related to me?" "Ugh!" Chen Rui sighed again, somewhat wanting to say something. Zhang Lan Yu, who was just busy greeting the guests, also rushed over and was unhappy to see this: "Chen Rui, what's there to stammer about, say it or not, if not I'll say it! Because of your stupid mouth, I have followed a row of heads." Chen Rui smiled bitterly and said, "I can't be blamed for this, I don't know how this matter was known by my father, the real bad luck is me, right." Li Dong watched coldly from the side and felt more and more that there was something wrong with the two. This conversation seems a bit pretentious, but also pulled out Chen Rui's dad, the provincial party committee's big butler, which is to tell himself that Chen Rui and this matter has nothing to do, is his father's opinion? Then what is the matter? Li Dong heart aura, but a time can not be sure. Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu argued a few words, see Li Dong did not answer, Chen Rui looked a little difficult for a while, for a long time before saying: "Forget it, or wait for Mr. Li to go to the Yong Hua Building to see it. If Mr. Li doesn't see it, what I say will be in vain." Li Dong smiled and said, "Mr. Chen, just say what you have to say. Otherwise, if I see the Yong Hua Building and I can't accept the terms you propose, it would be a waste of time." "That's true." Chen Rui laughed dryly and coughed lightly, "Then I'll be straightforward." "Mr. Chen, just say it straight." "It's like this, last time the land in Huafu ……" As soon as Chen Rui said it, Li Dong somewhat understood his purpose. But Chen Rui did not say that, the story he made up sounded and felt quite like the real thing. In Chen Rui's mouth, things are actually not complicated. It is a moment to unintentionally let his father know that he took the land of Huafu at a low price, and his father is a person who can not rub sand in his eyes, after knowing the cause and effect forced Chen Rui to return the land of Huafu to the district government. Or make up the difference, anyway, can not let the government suffer. But the land is now in the hands of Li Dong, Chen Rui want to return there is no way to return not, and make up the difference is not desirable, it is not obvious to tell others that the last purchase of land has a fishy thing. Finally, Chen Rui came up with a good way to have the best of both worlds. He is willing to pay a high price to buy the land in the hands of Li Dong, and then and the government to build, in the process of building a certain amount of compensation to the district government. When the time comes, not only can make up the difference, they can also earn a good reputation, is not the best of both worlds. Of course, the basis of all this is built on the condition that Li Dong is willing to give up the land. Li Dong took the land in Washington to build the headquarters Chen Rui knows, so in order to impress Li Dong, Chen Rui deliberately helped him find a building willing to sell. It can be said that Chen Rui in order to meet the requirements of his father, really very attentive. However, this is okay to fool others, Li Dong will know that it is a complete ghost story. Other than anything else, Chen Rui's father is such a good man? Good people can do officials to this point?