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Chapter 277 - Goals for 2006

  Lanshan Manor to Wanyuan, Li Dong came back when it was already more than ten o'clock. Coincidentally, just out of the elevator, the security door of 22o2 opened. Then Li Dong saw Su Rui laughing and talking as she sent a man in his forties walking out. The two sides just happened to meet in the aisle, Li Dong swept a glance at the middle-aged man, a slight nod then walked to the door of his home, open the door into the house. Who is this man, you can guess without thinking. But this is not Li Dong's business, and he does not know the man, there is no need to meddle. When Li Dong entered the house, the middle-aged man outside showed a touch of suspicion on his face. Stroking his chin, the man then asked Su Rui: "He lives next door?" Su Rui pretended to be curious and said, "You know?" The man did not answer, and said: "He is the head of the 22o1 household?" Seeing the man did not say, Su Rui is not good to try again, nodded gently. The man frowned and didn't say anything, his face was a bit cloudy and uncertain, and he didn't know what to think. Su Rui stood aside and did not disturb, last time she felt that the man and Li Dong seems to have some grudges, but today the situation seems a bit wrong. Look at Li Dong that look, simply do not know the man around. Since they don't know each other, where is the feud between the two sides? But Su Rui is a smart person, should not ask the question, see the man in deep thought, has been accompanied by the side, also do not speak. After a while, the man came back to his senses. Also did not explain to Su Rui, the man pressed the elevator button, while Su Rui said: "Last time you said that the Qing Yuan district environment is good? When we have time to go to see, I will buy you a small apartment, or their own house to live comfortably." Su Rui eyes a flash of joy, but the mouth still refused: "Forget it, there is no need to waste money. Here is also quite good, the security of this side of the Wanyuan better than the Qing Yuan, and say the Qing Yuan is close to your home, if …… "said the last Su Rui face a touch of sorrow. The man saw the situation and hurriedly said: "Wanyuan is good again is also rented, Qing Yuan is also a new community, security is quite good." As for being close to his home, the man did not care. The yellow-faced woman at home all day in addition to playing mahjong is to do beauty, which has time to go to other neighborhoods to hang out, Wanyuan Qing Yuan is actually the same thing. Previously, Su Rui begged him to buy a house, but now the man wants Su Rui to move out before it's too late. He never thought that Li Dong guy actually lived next door to Su Rui, although he is not an official and not in politics, raising a room is not afraid of exposure, but the thought of cheating under the nose of Li Dong, the man is uncomfortable. Hearing the man say so, Su Rui said with a helpless face: "Well, I'll take time to go and see." The man was slightly relieved, waiting for the elevator door to open, waved his hand to Su Rui and said, "You go back, I'm probably a little busy in the next few days, so I won't come over." Su Rui angrily said, "Is that your family again?" The man waved his hand and said, "What are you thinking about, no more, I'll go first." When the elevator door closed, Su Rui gently clenched her fist. After paying so much, it was not a waste of time, the house must be transferred in their own names by then. If the previous may be some trouble, but Su Rui is very shrewd, the man did not say buy a house at night, but met Li Dong to move, this matter must have a relationship with Li Dong. No matter what grudge the man and Li Dong have, at least he picked up a bargain, she believes that this time the man will not refuse his request. Once again glancing at the 22o1 tightly closed door of the room, Su Rui sighed softly and turned around to go back to her house. …… the eighth day of the first month. Originally, on the eighth day of the first month, Li Dong was thinking of opening all the remaining stores, but because the company just started work, things are too much, Li Dong had to postpone the opening date to the fifteenth day of the first month. On the first day of work, in the morning, Li Dong held a mobilization meeting to recognize the employees who stayed behind last year. In the afternoon, the company leadership met. Vice General Manager Wang Yue presided over the meeting and first talked about the achievements of the company last year, and then gave out the company's goals for this year. Last year, Yuanfang built more than 60 new stores, and now there are 70 stores under Yuanfang. The main goal of this year is still to expand the number of stores, and strive to take over South Lake and Mingcheng in the first half of the year. Nanhu and Mingcheng are more economical than Tangshan and Fucheng, so the tentative plan is to add 30 stores in the two cities and strive for the number of stores to exceed 100 in the first half of the year. After taking Nanhu and Mingcheng, Yuanfang will occupy a total of six prefecture-level cities in Fucheng, Qingyang, Pingchuan and Tongshan, encompassing cities that occupy two-thirds of the total economic volume of Jiangbei. In total, there are 16 prefecture-level cities in Jiangbei, and Yuanfang has not ventured into the remaining 10 cities for the time being. The goal of Yuanfang in the second half of the year is not to take all ten cities, but to select two or three as the main expansion targets, leaving some economically backward cities to be slowly eaten up later. All in all, Yuanfang's target for 2006 is still to be placed in Jiangbei Province. As for the outer provinces, Yuanfang's influence is not enough now, and its competitiveness is small. Instead of being squeezed by other rivals can not go on, it is better to wait for enough strength and then a move to expand, to steal the foreign must first security within, the first priority is to take care of Jiangbei first. According to Yuanfang's plan, the total number of Yuanfang stores this year is planned to reach more than 12o. With more than 100 stores, if all of them are put into operation, even if there are still some cities without Yuanfang stores, it is enough for Yuanfang to become the leading retail enterprise in Jiangbei. It will take more than two years to dominate Jiangbei, which is much shorter than the four years that Li Dong expected at the beginning. And this year, the plan is to build fifty new stores, which is not too much pressure for Yuanfang.