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Chapter 288 Technical Team

  "Director Qin!" Qin Hai turned around and saw Li Dong chasing after him, and couldn't help but stop WwW……lā "Mr. Li, something wrong?" In the company, there are outsiders in, Li Dong and Qin Hai has always called each other position, so far in addition to a few people, not many people in the far side know that Li Dong's girlfriend is Qin Hai's daughter. In addition, Qin Hai has always been low-key, usually in the logistics company side to deal with things, in the far side of the presence is not very high. Li Dong walked up and didn't rush to talk about things, but asked, "Is Yu Han okay?" Qin Hai rolled his eyes and said, "You still need to ask me, didn't you meet yesterday?" Li Dong smiled sarcastically, just opening remarks, so serious why. Seeing an employee passing by, Li Dong exhaled and said, "Let's talk while we walk, is Uncle Qin going to Qing Hua's side?" "Well, just started work, I'm not going to keep an eye on it, it's a mess over there." "Is Aunt Yang's health okay?" Qin Hai looked at Li Dong with some dissatisfaction, this guy has something to say, I'm afraid you know more about these things than I do. Li Dong gave a dry laugh, see less people coming and going, then returned to the subject: "I am looking for Uncle Qin is mainly to talk about logistics, express side although I said in Pingchuan pilot, but I suggest that Uncle Qin still spend less energy on it." "Now the priority is still the distribution center side, the construction period is fast if the end of this year may be put into operation, whether in terms of manpower or the establishment of the system, need Uncle Qin to palm the total, I do not want Uncle Qin because the express side delayed business." Seeing that Li Dong was talking about business, Qin Hai also regained his proper color and nodded, "I am clear about that." "I won't waste too much money and resources on the express side, the reason why I proposed to prepare the express team is also because I think logistics can make money." "You do not know, Qing Hua Logistics next to a new rhyme, only a small facade of more than ten square meters, five or six employees, do you know how much revenue they have a month?" "I passed by there some time ago, and their boss talked a few words, people's monthly income of 30,000 to 40,000!" "Just that big place, or join, five or six employees to support the stall, a month of pure profit of thirty to forty thousand, you say how profitable courier!" Qin Hai is very emotional, Li Dong is used to it. This is called money? Now e-commerce just started not long ago, wait until later you know what is called wealthy. Li Dong remember, also in these years, Shunfeng and several other large courier companies, actually have the money to buy aircraft, prepare for the construction of their own air transport team, that is called bull. Where did the money come from, but not these years earned. But Li Dong is not red, people make money, they are not no money, supermarkets do a good job than others. Of course, not red does not mean that Li Dong do not want to get involved. But now the time is not right, far side this year to be busy with a lot of things, Qin Hai is also responsible for the distribution center side, Li Dong does not want Qin Hai distracted. The distribution center is the lifeblood of Yuanfang Supermarket, this is the top priority, can not go wrong. Otherwise, even if Qin Hai is his future father-in-law, Li Dong will have to get down to remove him from the line. Once again admonished Qin Hai a few words, has been sent Qin Hai into the elevator, Li Dong returned to his office. ……2 January 6, the ninth day of the first month. Ancient rhyme teahouse. Li Dong arrived early, waiting for more than ten minutes, Huang Zhigao led an old man and a young man two into the box. Said an old man and a young man, the old man is not old, should be about fifty years old. The young man is not young either, probably in his early thirties. Li Dong hurriedly got up and said, "Dean Huang, I've caused you trouble." Huang Zhigao smilingly said: "What do you mean by trouble, in the future this kind of thing feel free to find me, do not see old Liu and Xiao Zhang happy like anything." The young man known as Xiao Chen smiled nervously, while Liu laughed and scolded, "Who is happy like what? I am giving face to Li Dong, otherwise who would take care of you." Huang Zhigao let out a laugh at once, did not argue, and introduced to Li Dong: "This is Professor Liu Cheng from the School of Computer Science." He also pointed to Xiao Chen and said, "This is Professor Liu's doctoral student Chen Feng, although young, but the technology is excellent, this year should be able to evaluate associate professor." Li Dong hurriedly reached out and said, "Elder Liu, Professor Chen, thank you for your trouble." He was originally prepared to find two young computer teachers, but he didn't expect Huang Zhigao to find him two cattlemen. A professor, and can also laugh and joke with Huang Zhigao, obviously high status. And Chen Feng is not simple, in Jiangda University evaluation than associate professor is much more difficult than the average university, without excellent professional knowledge and technology, the early thirties can be rated as an associate professor is almost impossible. And Huang Zhigao said so in his face, it is clear that this associate professor is ten to nine. Li Dong called Liu Lao, Liu Cheng is not much reaction, smiling and Li Dong shook hands. But Chen Feng was nervous and said, "Mr. Li, just call me Chen Feng, I can't afford the title of professor." Li Dong laughed: "Sooner or later, or I'll call you Chen." Chen Feng wanted to say more, Liu Cheng waved his hand and said, "Polite what, just a name, care so much why." Said Liu Cheng no longer pay attention to Chen Feng, but looked up and down Li Dong, after a while before sighing: "The wave after the Yangtze River pushed the wave before, our generation is really old." Huang Zhigao also felt a sense of sympathy and lamented, "Who says it's not." Seeing the two professors who were just in their early fifties with a sighing face, Li Dong couldn't help but laugh, "President Huang, Elder Liu, you are in your prime now, you don't look old." "Not old yet, my son is older than you. But that bastard boy of our family now knows how to muddle through, and then compare you, I have no face to say." Liu Cheng said just say, but also towards Li Dong squeeze eyebrows, immediately caused the crowd to laugh. See the atmosphere is not bad, Li Dong quickly greeted a few people to sit down, and only then opened his mouth to talk about the main topic. Li Dong's purpose has actually been told by Huang Zhigao, but Liu Cheng and Chen Feng still listened carefully to Li Dong finish. When Li Dong finished, Liu Cheng waved his hand and said: "This is a simple matter, just to test the other party's ability, right? I may not know as much as you young people when it comes to developing projects alone, but when it comes to understanding existing knowledge, to put it politely, there are not many better than me in China." Li Dong hurriedly said, "This kind of trivial matter is easy for Elder Liu, in fact, I originally asked President Huang to help me find a few people who know what they are doing, but who knew that President Huang had invited you, the Buddha, over." Liu Cheng laughed and said, "There is no need to pat the horse's ass. Although it is very pleasant to be patted by you, the richest man in Jiangbei, but in order to prevent me from being proud, you should not continue in the future." Li Dong lost his smile, it is said to engage in technology is very old-fashioned, it seems that people have exceptions ah. But what surprised Li Dong is the new term in Liu Cheng's words, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Liu Lao bending me down, I am not what the richest man in Jiangbei, this word spreads out to make people laugh."