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Chapter 279 - The Next Step

  The next protagonist in the room became Li Dong and Chen Feng two. ranwenw?ww?. Although Chen Feng some geek potential, not a lot of words, but Li Dong from time to time to throw out a few small ideas of the latter, immediately let Chen Feng to interest. Although Li Dong does not understand the technology, but sometimes the ideas that come out make Chen Feng breathe. Sometimes he felt that what Li Dong said seemed to be pie in the sky, but when he thought about it deeply, he felt that it was not unfeasible, and with the current technology, it was enough to complete Li Dong's ideas. The more we talked, the more Chen Feng was impressed. No wonder people are so young to achieve so much? Obviously just some very simple concepts, but why you never thought about it. Not only Chen Feng, even Liu Cheng was attracted by the conversation between the two. Listening to the new terms coming out of Li Dong's mouth one by one, Liu Cheng couldn't help but ask: "Li Dong, what does 'mobile Internet era' mean?" Li Dong stopped talking at once and said, "Nothing, just a casual remark." Just now is also a momentary chat, Li Dong just casually said a "mobile Internet era is coming", did not expect Chen Feng did not notice, but attracted the attention of Liu Cheng. Now Apple's iphone has not yet been released, the smartphone era has not opened, talk about the mobile Internet is a bit exaggerated. Only when the smart phone occupies the mainstream, then is the real "mobile Internet era". But Li Dong a layman, now mention this is not easy to explain, Li Dong also lazy to say more, which perfunctory Liu Cheng a sentence. Hearing Li Dong say so, Liu Cheng's brow could not help but frown. But people do not want to say, they can not force to ask, Liu Cheng despite the itchy heart with the cat's claw scratching, and finally held back not to say. Li Dong saw the situation can not help but lightly exhale a breath, they are still too young. And Chen Feng chatting excitedly did not control the mouth, this is not a mature businessman to do things, it seems that there is still a lack of experience, the previous life of sales when the bragging is used to blow. What should be said are said, should not say some, and Chen Feng about the next meeting time, Li Dong sent away a line of three. Standing at the door of the teahouse, watching a few people leave, Li Dong could not help but fall into deep thought. Today's meeting with Chen Feng can be said to be an unexpected surprise, there is a kind of snowy feeling. But Li Dong is not completely at ease, a complete technical team is indeed rare, and can indeed save him a lot of time and resources. But because this team is too complete, Li Dong seems a bit hesitant. If Chen Feng's team as a whole absorbed, it is difficult to say whether Shen Xi can still speak in the future e-commerce department. A team naturally has its own spiritual leader, it is difficult to integrate this team into the collective in a short period of time, and although these people are technical staff, but technical staff all condensed into a rope is not necessarily a good thing. …… back to the far side, Li Dong and Shen Xi met up. Chen Feng's matter said once again, and briefly talked about their concerns. Shen Xi, however, was not impressed and said: "What is this, this is a good thing. If you do not feel comfortable, then the recruitment will continue, we can use them to train a group of technical staff who have loyalty to the company, even if they finally leave, the e-commerce department is not afraid of no one to take over." "Besides, these people are now struggling and will not have any dissent in a short time. After a long time, there must be some people who are used to the comfortable life now, do you think everyone has the great persistence to start their own business?" Li Dong pondered for a while and felt that what Shen Xi said was also reasonable. Putting down the worry in his heart, Li Dong smiled: "That's good, in fact, I'm mainly afraid that you can't control the situation." Shen Xi said with a proud face: "You are too underestimated me! A group of technical nerds, I guarantee that they will be cleaned up properly." Li Dong couldn't help but lose his smile. Shen Xi was dissatisfied: "What, you can't trust me?" "Trusted, if not I can give you the management of the e-commerce department?" Shen Xi gave a playful laugh and said proudly: "That means you have vision, look far away, besides me, who else can take this important responsibility!" Li Dong was used to this woman's arrogance and did not bother to answer, and said, "If Chen Feng's team joins Far Far Away, we can save a lot of time for integration, and the previous plan will have to be changed." Originally, Li Dong left Shen Xi three months to set up a team, grinding team. But now there is no need, people are not only a team, but also have experience in developing e-commerce platforms, this bonding process can be eliminated. It is not difficult to build an online shopping platform, time fast if a few days are enough. Together with some other preparations, Li Dong relaxed the psychological deadline a bit, a month should be about the same. As long as the test is passed, the online shopping platform of Yuanfang may be officially launched before April. After talking to Shen Xi, she also nodded in agreement. The online shopping platform is naturally the sooner it goes online the better, and the first phase can be a pilot project, only in Pingchuan publicity.