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Chapter 280: Annual salary of ten million

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and also the guidance of Shen Xi's father, now Shen Xi should not have much problem coping with a few technicians who do not have a lot of social experience. After two days, Li Dong except in the allocation documents signed a word, other than what did not ask. ……2 On the 11th, the provincial design institute called and the design drawings were ready. Li Dong asked Liu Qi to go over and take the design drawings back, held a small high-level meeting. There are two copies of the drawings, one is the distribution center, the distribution center is actually the same thing, no need to play any tricks, everyone read a while naturally have no opinion. But when the crowd saw the second headquarters design drawings of the mockup, suddenly some dumbfounded. This drawing is designed according to Li Dong's opinion, the previous crowd did not understand very well. At this moment, once he saw the mockup, Sun Tao couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air and said, "Mr. Li, this is a bit exaggerated, right?" In the original imagination of the people, the headquarters was just a spacious office building. But the drawing in front of us now was not a building, but a technology park. Office buildings, experimental buildings, data centers, staff buildings …… 40,000 square meters of space, almost not much open space, a building lined up full of. Sun Tao some teeth, could not help but say: "General Li, this is the 100 million budget you said?" Li Dong laughed: "One hundred million is not enough, after the design institute side estimate, according to the current prices, five hundred million should be about the same." The crowd couldn't help but roll their eyes! Five hundred million? Are you crazy or did we hear wrong! If Yuanfang can come up with 500 million now, why build the headquarters, directly to expand outside the province is right! Li Dong also did not care about the eyes of the crowd, continued: "Of course, a bite can not be fat, I am not the kind of overly ambitious people. The 100 million I said before is the main building, just finish the office building and data center first, the rest will be discussed later, one year not two years, two years not three years, I believe this time will not be too long." Sun Tao then breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid that Li Dong threw a bet alone must be built such a headquarters. If built in accordance with the drawings, these years Yuanfang also do not develop, a headquarters will be able to spend all the savings of Yuanfang. However, Sun Tao still attached great importance to the data center that Li Dong had just proposed, and smiled with a little doubt and said, "Mr. Li, so e-commerce will be our main target in the future?" Now the e-commerce department is only a team of more than ten people, and it is enough to find a few offices. And Li Dong deliberately proposed that the office building and data center should be built first, which is obviously very important to the e-commerce department. Li Dong did not answer directly, but laughed: "Two days to walk on legs, more stable." Everyone was thoughtful and didn't dwell on it. Since the drawings are ready, then the next difference is to find engineers to work, the far side to do not much, prepare the money on the line. Thinking of this Sun Tao said: "General Li, the matter of the contractor can not be delayed, as soon as possible to talk down. If you have not yet determined the candidate, we can carry out bidding ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said: "Bidding is not necessary, time-consuming and laborious, what we lack now is time. How about this, Liu Qi, turn around and make an appointment with the people over at Longhua, and the provincial construction side, I want to talk to them." Liu Qi answered and wrote it down in his notebook. The provincial construction and Longhua side wanted to talk to Li Dong last year, but at that time Li Dong did not have the heart to talk to them, has been delayed. Now Li Dong invited, these two naturally want to do so. After saying this, Li Dong gently knocked on the table, and added: "There is also Chen Rui side, Liu Qi you also contact." Others have little reaction, but Shen Xi is a little surprised to look at Li Dong. Chen Rui what virtues of those people Li Dong still do not understand? This kind of thing should be avoided Chen Rui they are right, how Li Dong still find the door? In fact, Li Dong also has a bitterness, the previous low price to get land offended Chen Rui them once, a few days ago Chen Rui wanted to buy their own land, they did not agree, considered offended again. If they do not take advantage of the project in the far side Chen Rui, then really offended. Li Dong eat their own meat, always let Chen Rui them dip a little sweet. Although the previous land Chen Rui they also earned a lot, but the hearts of the people will not be satisfied, now the price of land in Huafu rose so much, Chen Rui they did not get the benefits in Li Dong, can not guarantee to scourge him. Do not see the far side of Shen Xi in, but Chen Rui Zhang Lan Yu group of people is not easy to mess with. Really want to force them anxious, unless Shen Xi's old man came forward, otherwise a Shen Xi can not top. As for letting Shen Xi's father speak for himself, Li Dong thinks he is not that qualified. Li Dong saw Shen Xi's gaze, but he did not make a sound to explain. Although he has been using Shen Xi as an umbrella, to take advantage of the situation to smooth out a lot of trouble, but Shen Xi in the end and he is the relationship between the boss and employees. Li Dong really want to get into big trouble, not to mention that Shen Xi will not help, her old man may not help. Usually some small things forget, Shen Xi's father is high and powerful, turn a blind eye to his daughter's nonsense. But cause big trouble, Shen Xi's father will be willing to make a big effort to help Li Dong? This kind of thing think about it, unless you are his son-in-law almost. But not to mention Shen Xi has no such intention, Li Dong is not willing to do this kind of marriage thing. It is not easy to be reborn, is to make their own comfortable, find an ancestor as a wife, there is a * boss above the stare, Li Dong brain disease almost. These thoughts are a flash, the financial director Liu Hongmei began to speak.