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Chapter 281 Car accident

  Li Dong indeed some rush. Today is the day Qin Yuhan went to the capital, the morning said to send Qin Yuhan to the airport, did not expect the meeting a little longer, some delay. When he came downstairs, Li Dong received a call from Qin Yuhan. Once he heard that Li Dong had just left the company, Qin Yuhan said, "Then I'll wait for you at the airport lobby." Li Dong once again looked at the time, now rushed to Green Bamboo Park to pick up people and then go to the airport is indeed a little late, see the situation and said, "Then you take a taxi yourself, I will be there later." Hang up the phone, Zhou Haidong already drove the car to the entrance of the building. Li Dong said, "Old Zhou, you rest, I'll go by myself." Zhou Haidong nodded gently, every time Li Dong picked up and dropped off Qin Yuhan, he was alone, Zhou Haidong had long been used to it. Li Dong waited for Zhou Haidong to get out of the car, got into the driver's seat and stepped on the gas and sped away. Standing at the roadside, Zhou Haidong's brow throbbed, and suddenly there was a feeling of palpitations. Shaking his head, Zhou Haidong exhaled, the sudden rise of a bad feeling just left behind, people are scaring themselves, what premonitions are not premonitions are just their own psychological hints to themselves. …… Pingchuan's traffic is not good, usually blocked situation also happens from time to time. But today the sky is beautiful, Li Dong drove on the road when a flat river, the traffic is not a lot of vehicles. Because it was not long before Qin Yuhan boarded the plane, it took more than 40 minutes to get to the airport from Yaohai, so Li Dong was afraid that it would be too late to say goodbye to Qin Yuhan, so he drove a little faster. The trees on both sides of the road flew by, and after driving for a while, Li Dong saw that there were really few vehicles on the road today, so he couldn't help but speed up a bit more. Unknowingly, the speed of the car has exceeded 60 mph. From Yaohai District to Pingchuan Airport, we have to cross an adjacent urban area, and the line dividing the two districts is a four-way intersection. Li Dong's car to the intersection, Li Dong looked up, just as the light was green, there are five or six seconds, Li Dong saw the situation also did not slow down, a step on the gas pedal is ready to rush through. Who knows the car just to the center of the intersection, the left side of the intersection suddenly rushed out a small car. Li Dong did not even have time to react, you can hear a "bang" a loud sound. This moment Li Dong did not have time to think about anything, but subconsciously pressed the brakes hard. The road and tires came from the sound of ear-splitting friction, the vehicle has been skidding fifty to sixty meters away, the body first hit the roadside barrier, bumped for a while, and then hit a lamp post before slowly stopping. The car's Li Dong, now pale, is still in shock. The mind is blank, Li Dong even forgot what he was doing. I do not know how long it took, a rush of panicked shouting in his ears, Li Dong came back to his senses. From the hollow of his mind, to awake, Li Dong only had one feeling - pain! There was no part of his body that did not hurt, Li Dong even felt that his whole body bones were broken, he felt that his brain and body had been separated into two separate tissues. After five or six seconds, Li Dong gradually felt that he could control his body. But at this moment, Li Dong's body is not a bit of strength to use, not even the strength to speak. He has always felt that he has been a person who has died once, should be very light on life and death. But until this moment Li Dong knew that there is a great terror between life and death. That sense of powerlessness, that sense of despair, is never verbally say a few words not afraid of death can be offset. The body is weak, Li Dong too late and do not want to move. The noise in his ears grew louder and louder, and soon Li Dong heard a rush of shouts: "Mr. Li, Mr. Li where are you hurt?" "Quickly save someone! Call 120 ah!" "Don't move Mr. Li first, open the door, see if Mr. Li is fractured!" "Zhang Yuan, call the manager Zhou and Sun, quickly!" "……" Although Li Dong was weak, his brain was clear and heard who the voices shouting in his ears belonged to. These are the personnel who usually follow behind themselves in charge of security, and the one in charge of the scene should be Cao Hongbing. Knowing that Cao Hongbing a few people arrived, Li Dong also slightly relieved, and then felt a little strength restored to his body. Slightly moved his fingers, gradually, Li Dong regained consciousness, in addition to feeling some headache, Li Dong fumbled around on his body for a while, then gasped for breath. Fortunately, there should be no major problems. In addition to some tears in the tiger's mouth, bleeding a little, the other parts are not too injured. When Li Dong was breathing, the people outside the car Cao Hongbing also cracked the window and opened the car door. Seeing that Li Dong was not unconscious, Cao Hongbing panted intensely, and even looked more nervous than Li Dong himself, a man in his thirties, Cao Hongbing was now anxious like a child, with a crying voice: "General Li, where are you hurt?" Li Dong was about to say that he was fine when his eyes suddenly became a little dazed. He wiped his hand, and a wet sensation came from his hand. Without waiting for him to say anything, Cao Hongbing exclaimed, "Your head is bleeding! Mr. Li, don't move!" Said Cao Hongbing hurriedly turned around and said, "Gauze, quickly get the medical kit over here!" A few security quickly, the car was always prepared for emergency medical kits, gauze quickly to Cao Hongbing's hands.