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Chapter 282 - Backhandedness

  Hospital. Δ.com WWLWC Li Dong took a cT, re-cleaned and bandaged the wound, felt that the problem was not too big, and was ready to go home to rest. This time Sun Tao and his group also rushed over. Sun Tao led, followed by Zhou Haidong, and four or five other director-level leaders also all followed. As soon as he saw Li Dong's head wrapped in gauze, Sun Tao hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, where is the injury? Is the problem serious? What did the doctor say?" Without waiting for Li Dong to say anything, the others chattered and greeted. The nurse who was dressing Li Dong's wound looked at Li Dong with some surprise, not expecting that this young man who looked like a big boy was still some kind of boss. Not waiting for her to finish thinking, the medical room suddenly sounded a "pop" crunch. The crowd was immediately attracted to the gaze, Li Dong also gently frowned, looking at the muffled Zhou Haidong, Li Dong eyes revealed a touch of dissatisfaction. Cao Hongbing covered his face, red face also did not say anything. The atmosphere stagnated for a while, several other directors closed their mouths, but looked at Zhou Haidong's eyes with some surprise. Zhou Haidong gave Cao Hongbing a big slap, then stopped looking at Cao Hongbing and said to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, this time it's my fault, I shouldn't have let you drive away alone." Li Dong frowned and said, "What does this have to do with you, I had an accident myself, who told you to hit someone?" Zhou Haidong did not say anything. Cao Hongbing but in turn to help Zhou Haidong explained: "Mr. Li, this time I should fight, you do not care. <> "Li Dong did not answer, glaring at Zhou Haidong: "Next time you slap people, believe it or not I will give you a big slap!" The words have just fallen, Zhou Haidong suddenly "snapped" gave himself a few big slaps. Li Dong did not have time to stop, Zhou Haidong face has been red, just listen to the sound to know the force is not light. At this moment, Sun Tao also reacted, and quickly grabbed the total Haidong's hand to reprimand: "Zhou manager, the public Cheng what you mess!" Zhou Haidong ignored him, looked at Li Dong for a moment, the eye edge some red said: "General Li, you have a kindness to me z do not know, heard that you had an accident, my first thought is to kill the bastard Cao Hongbing, and then kill the son of a bitch who hit you, and then I'll ""Ahem! " Li Dong lightly cough interrupted the guy's nonsense, no good: "Shut your mouth z say what the hell!" Said and laughed at a frightened nurse: "He just joked, nurse show, my side is fine, you go ahead and get busy." The young female nurse did not dare to look up at Li Dong and Zhou Haidong, lowered her head and hurriedly walked out. As soon as the nurse left, Li Dong scolded: "In addition to killing you can not say something reliable? Let you read more books, the brain has grown into the muscle!" Zhou Haidong did not say anything again. Li Dong felt some pain in his head, his heart was good and funny, sucked in a breath before gasping, "Cut the crap, apologize to Hong Bing first!" Zhou Haidong swept a glance at Cao Hongbing, for a long time before sullenly saying, "Big deal, I let him fight back, no way to apologize!" Cao Hongbing also hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Mr. Li, no need to apologize to Brother Zhou, this time I did not protect you, Brother Zhou beat me should. <> "Li Dong glanced at Cao Hongbing, this rough man is obviously not a person who will lie, the eyes also did not show any resentment, Li Dong see this is relieved to say: "You two love each other I do not care, the next time who again in front of me to hit their own people, all give me to get out! " Zhou Haidong and Cao Hongbing answered at the same time. After finishing these two guys, Li Dong had time to answer Sun Tao's words. "The doctor said the problem is not big, there may be some slight concussion, rest a few days will be fine, you do not need to worry." Sun Tao a few people are a long breath of relief, before suddenly heard Li Dong had a car accident, a few people really some scared. Do not look at Li Dong usually in the company feel responsible for nothing, but Li Dong is the soul of the far side. If Li Dong had an accident, they dare not think about how the future will be far away. The good thing is that the false alarm, see Li Dong clear, the spirit is not too depressed, several people have put down their hearts. After comforting the people a few words, Li Dong said: "Do not all crowded here, you go busy with your own, I will also go back later." Sun Tao smiled and immediately said: "Mr. Li, or embellish the observation for a few days. Although there is no problem now, but for insurance purposes, it is better to observe a few days." Cao Hongbing next to him immediately said: "Mr. Li, you should listen to Mr. Sun, the doctor just said to stay in the hospital for a few days, we have to listen to the doctor." Li Dong saw the insistence of several people and said helplessly, "I still don't know my own body? Doctors like to exaggerate, can't wait for you to stay in the hospital for eight or ten years" "Mr. Li, the body is important!" Sun Tao interrupted in a deep voice. <> Li Dong swayed, feeling as if his head was indeed a bit heavy, had to say out loud: "Then rest here for two days, as a vacation for myself." Sun Tao then showed a smile, to Liu Hongmei behind him said, "Liu director, you accompany Cao supervisor to go with the embellishment procedures." Liu Hongmei answered and accompanied Cao Hongbing out of the medical room. Li Dong's car accident was not widely publicized, and Sun Tao did not disclose it to the public for the sake of the company's stability. The next two days, Li Dong was spent in the hospital.