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Chapter 283 Backstabber Li Dong

  ♂, February 15. Sickbay. "Mom, are you guys still getting used to living here?" "……" "I'll be back in a couple of days, don't you guys worry about me. If you need anything, let your cousin get it for you. ……" "……" "Well, I'm a big boy. I can't take care of myself? You just take care of yourselves. I'll have my assistant take you out later." "……" "What's the trouble, people get my salary, accompany the boss's parents to go out shopping that is earned." "……" "Okay, then I'm hanging up, call me if you need anything." Hang up the phone, Li Dong lightly exhaled a breath. Next to Hu Wanlin hands clutching chest, waiting for Li Dong to hang up the phone, Hu Wanlin just smiled and said, "Mr. Li, are you tired of pretending to be sick?" Li Dong sat down on a cushioned chair by the balcony and said lazily, "What pretending to be sick? I am really sick, concussion, headache when thinking about things, do not believe you go ask the doctor." Hu Wanlin laughed and waved her hand and said, "Come on, I don't have the heart to ask this, if you say you're sick, you're sick." "You're the one who's sick!" Hu Wanlin rolled her eyes, crying and laughing: "Okay, not to talk to you about this. I say, Mr. Li, you are too unkind, right? I went to a lot of trouble to help you, and your old man gave me eight million for the project. They are sitting at home, they have money to send to the door, 20 to 30 million projects, you are not treating it differently, how can you do business like this." Li Dong said breathlessly, "Mr. Hu, is this the kind of thing you are talking about when you get a bargain? If you are Chen Rui his sister, I will give you all the projects, okay?" Hu Wanlin said with a grimace: "Who let me do not have a good father." "A godfather is fine." Li Dong joked casually, and when he saw Hu Wanlin's face change slightly, he hurriedly said, "Mr. Hu, don't misunderstand, I'm just saying." Hu Wanlin took a deep breath and laughed lightly, "It's okay, I don't have Mr. Li's skills, nor Mr. Chen's family background. It's not easy for women in this world, if I don't find a backer, I'm afraid I'll still be farming in the countryside, I don't want to be a yellow-faced woman for the rest of my life." This said Li Dong speechless, everyone has their own choice, they can not tell who is right and who is wrong. Lazy to distinguish between right and wrong, Li Dong turned the topic and said, "Mr. Hu is looking for me?" "Nothing, I heard that you were injured and came to visit." "Mr. Hu is quite well-informed." Li Dong gave a laugh. Hu Wanlin exaggerated: "Mr. Li, look at what you're saying! Even the big director of the municipal bureau has personally come to visit, the political and business circles in Pingchuan are all over the place, the boss of the Far Side was disabled by a little yakuza, can I not know about such a big thing?" Li Dong had a black line on his face and said, "Mr. Hu, don't bullshit about hearsay." Hu Wanlin laughed in a charming manner, "Bullshit, Mr. Li, you have a lot of meaning." Li Dong rolled his eyes, this woman's head is out of order. Lazy to break up with her, Li Dong grunted: "You do not hit on me, I do not like human wives." Hu Wanlin said with a grimace, "I'm not a human wife yet." Li Dong shivered, this woman really out of the problem, we are not that familiar with it. Hu Wanlin also appropriate to stop, did not continue, smiled and said: "Mr. Li, do you want me to help?" "No need." "Mr. Li, don't refuse so simply ah." Hu Wanlin smiled and said, "People at least have an old son who is worth more than a billion dollars, you can't do anything about him for a while, and it's hard to hold your anger in your heart when you see people being free all day long." Li Dong said lightly: "It seems that Mr. Hu has inquired quite clearly ah." "This still need to inquire, that little punk recently can be wild. I have heard, people say they hit and disabled the boss of the far side, the result is nothing, the boss of the far side even bowed his head and apologized, listen, I can't bear to say this out loud ah!" Even though he knew Hu Wanlin was talking nonsense, Li Dong still had a fire in his heart. This time, he really did not want to pick a fight, but people see themselves as a good bully, looking for the door. Originally, Li Dong thought the other party had some kind of background, the result of the whole half day on a rich second generation, causing Li Dong pondered half a day. Do not say a rich second generation, is his father to come, in front of Li Dong is nothing remarkable. Li Dong exhaled, wanted to take a cigarette, touched half a day did not find. The next Hu Wanlin handed over a lady's cigarette, Li Dong waved his hand and did not take it. Hu Wanlin pretended to be lost: "Mr. Li, look down on me?" Li Dong speechless, this woman in order to make money really dare to use any means. The other party is a yakuza, but his old man is at least a celebrity in Pingchuan, now this time to pick him up, is not for my own trouble?" Hu Wanlin laughed and said, "Mr. Li, you didn't have to do anything, there is no evidence, who can find your head." "Tell me, how are you going to pick him up?"