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Chapter 284: All blackened hearts

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. 8『1中文Δ』net After a while, Li Dong asked, "How do you feel you're more anxious than me?" Hu Wanlin pretended to be annoyed and said, "Forget it, people are kind enough to help, you are still suspicious, good intentions as a donkey's liver lung, I do not help into it." Li Dong glanced at her and said leisurely, "Take care, I won't see you off." Hu Wanlin was furious, then laughed: "Mr. Li, just kidding, why are you still kicking people out?" "Cut the crap, say the purpose." "Hey, Mr. Li said this is really sad ……" "I have a headache, sick, you do not say I rest." Hu Wanlin suddenly lost his smile, for a while before covering his stomach helplessly laughed: "Then okay, I'll say it straight, Huafu side of the project and then give me some." Li Dong smiled and said, "Just this?" Hu Wanlin gathered the tips and said, "Then what do you think?" "Just for a little project, you help me clean up the Qi family? The Qi family is not the Feng family, Qi Guanghe is a dignified figure in Pingchuan, and also has business cooperation with the second Zhou family, do you think I don't know anything?" Hu Wanlin's eyes turned, just want to speak, Li Dong impatiently said: "Okay, I want to rest, Mr. Hu go slowly." Hu Wanlin angrily said, "Mr. Li, you are too realistic, how hurt feelings." Li Dong snorted, we have a fart feelings. Although Hu Wanlin is a woman, Li Dong never underestimated her, this woman than men are men. Which woman would think of doing loan sharks? This person, to say that she just want to export for Li Dong, I'm afraid Hu Wanlin himself do not believe. As for the project, it is even more impossible, there are not many projects left over from the Washington side. Even if Hu Wanlin took over, earn a million to the top, for this money Hu Wanlin will go to the Qi family's trouble? Qi Guanghe this person Li Dong does not know very well, but also know that Qi Guanghe and the Zhou family relationship is not shallow, otherwise there would not be two relatives of the matter. Now Zhou Secretary side although some annoyed Qi Chong drove the car hurt Zhou Lele, but when the anger subsided, the two may also become a family. Other than that, this alone is enough to make Hu Wanlin back off. But Hu Wanlin did not, but also encouraged himself to retaliate, and even help themselves out, which is not in line with her person. Seeing Li Dong's unbelieving face, Hu Wanlin said somewhat helplessly: "Mr. Li, I'm really tired of talking to you, can you be sunnier and more open-minded." "That's the right thing for me to send you, can you talk a little more directly, a little less set up, a little more sincere." The two looked at each other, and then they both laughed. Hu Wanlin at this moment is not hiding, directly said: "Qi Guanghe name has a light under the landscape engineering company, I want to eat." "Appetite is not small, his company is valued at least 20 to 30 million, right? Are you sure you can eat it?" "I want to change careers, I'm not short of money for now, but short of people. Photosynthesis garden, I look at the value is not how much, but the company's resources and talent, Qi Guanghe has collected a lot of senior engineers, builders, horticulturists …… these elite talent alone, it is enough to return my capital." Li Dong touched his chin, and this time felt that what Hu Wanlin said was true. Hu Wanlin wants to do the greening industry, these years she should not be less money, contacts also have some, but talent is not so good to recruit. The company's reputation in Pingchuan is still quite big. There are talents, resources, and a mature team, which is indeed what Hu Wanlin wants. But Li Dong still shook his head and said: "Forget it, if you want to eat these, do it yourself. I don't have a deep hatred with Qi Guanghe, so I don't need to fight with him to the death." Hu Wanlin snickered, "Mr. Li wouldn't be so naive, would he?" "What do you mean?" "Do you think blackmailing your distant boss is something that a yakuza like Qi Chong can do? Do you think that getting through to the police department is something Qi Chong could have thought of?" "Qi Guanghe and you are not life and death hatred, but has Mr. Li heard of the saying that cutting off people's money is like killing their parents? Qi Guanghe is afraid that you can not wait to die, if not know that this matter can not hold you, you think he is so easily reconciled with you? If this matter did not involve his relationship with the Zhou family, you think he is not prepared to kill with a knife?" Li Dong's heart moved slightly, but his face did not move, "I know this matter in my heart, I do not need to be concerned about Hu." "You know it in your heart? I'm afraid I don't think so?" Hu Wanlin narrowed his eyes and smiled: "Then Mr. Li must know that the owner of Qingfeng Department Store is Qi Guanghe's brother-in-law?" "Oh, now it seems to be called Qingfeng City, nominally his brother-in-law's property, but who does not know that his brother-in-law is a two-hundred-fifty, in fact, or Qi Guanghe's own." Hu Wanlin finished smiling and looked at Li Dong, not anxious at all. Li Dong frowned gently, Qingfeng City is Qi Guanghe's? Qingfeng City he does know some, local enterprises in Pingchuan, the former department store converted over, there are three or four stores in Pingchuan. And in other cities also have some, stores are not much, but because of the previous are department stores, the place is not small, the scale is still okay. But some time ago the rise of the far side, those well-known big city can not top, this Qingfeng City is naturally no exception. I heard that in Pingchuan has closed one or two stores, is it because of this, Qi Guanghe wants to add some chaos to himself? Li Dong moved his fingers for a long time before saying, "How to do it?" Hu Wanlin's eyes lit up slightly and she smiled delicately, "Simple, wasn't Mr. Li injured? How can the media not pay attention to the fact that the general manager of a distant party has been hit by someone with a concussion? Publish the newspaper, disclose the identity of the perpetrators, by the way, and then expose the collusion between government and business, the destruction of evidence, online upload the surveillance video ……" "Surveillance video is gone." Li Dong interrupted.