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Chapter 285: You sing, I appear

  "Knock, knock, knock!" "Please come in!" The first to enter the door, behind Zhou Haidong left hand carrying a fruit basket, the right hand holding flowers followed the door. w?ww. swept a glance at the previous life and this life have never entered the high cadre ward, Li Dong heart sighs, this is the class. This is not a ward, compared to the five-star business suites that Li Dong has lived in are not bad. On the large hospital bed, a young woman who looks 24 or 25 years old has a cast on her leg and is leaning on the couch looking curiously at Li Dong and the two of them. Beside the bed, a man and a woman also looked at Li Dong at the same time. The man looks about fifty years old, with a Chinese face, some baldness, dressed in general, it seems that usually should be a more low-key person. The middle-aged woman beside the man was different, her hair was permed into a bobbin roll, dyed blonde, winter and spring, the weather was still cold, but the middle-aged woman was wearing a light red skirt, her mouth was also smeared with bright lipstick. Glancing at Li Dong, the middle-aged woman probably did not recognize, slightly confused: "You are?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "I'm Li Dong, I came over to visit Miss Zhou today." As soon as they heard the other party called Li Dong, several people were familiar, and then the middle-aged woman's face was flooded with anger, and she drank: "You are Li Dong!" Li Dong nodded gently, with a light smile on his face. The middle-aged woman immediately said angrily: "You're the one who hit my daughter?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "I'm afraid auntie misunderstood, your love and I should be considered victims, why hitting someone?" The middle-aged woman was annoyed at her words and said, "What misunderstanding? You think it's okay if you deny it? I'm telling you ……" "Wanqing!" "Mom!" Before the middle-aged woman finished her words, Zhou Lele and Zhou Shihong interrupted her at the same time. The corner of Li Dong's mouth rose slightly, Wanqing? The name is not bad, but it is a pity that it is used in the wrong place. Not with this kind of woman in general, Li Dong sight to Zhou Shihong, Zhou Shihong slightly nodded greeting, lightly said: "Mr. Li, bother you." "You are welcome, Mr. Zhou." Li Dong gave a smile and gestured for Zhou Shidong to put his things down. Zhou Shihong did not speak again, but Wu Wanqing was frowning, waiting for Zhou Haidong to put down the things, Wu Wanqing could not help but sneer again, "Boss Li, it's a lot of work for you, but our Lele never eats the fruit from the ground stall, you bought this from the ground stall downstairs, right?" Li Dong glanced at her and didn't say anything, Zhou Shihong frowned lightly and gently shouted, "Wanqing, Lele is going to change the medicine, you go get the nurse." Wu Wanqing smiled and said, "Just ring the bell!" Zhou Lele in bed immediately said, "Mom, I want to eat dumplings, can you buy some for me?" Although she knew her daughter was trying to get away from herself, Wu Wanqing finally said reluctantly, "I'll go buy some, you're not well, so don't talk too much, and don't take care of people who are not good or bad." Said also deliberately glanced at Li Dong. Li Dong still keep smiling, as if he did not hear the general, when Wu Wanqing passed by also deliberately admonished: "Auntie walk slowly, be careful on the road." Wu Wanqing's face was white with anger, coldly snorted and pushed the door to leave. As soon as Wu Wanqing left, Zhou Shihong said, "Mr. Li, Lele's mother has always been like this, she didn't mean to target you, Mr. Li, don't be common sense with women." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Mr. Zhou is very kind, Mrs. Zhou loves her daughter very much, it is understandable." Zhou Shihong laughed and did not answer again. He had nothing to say to Li Dong, and his relationship with the Qi family made him naturally inclined to Qi Chong's side. Although he knew the inside story and understood that Li Dong could not be blamed for the incident, Zhou Shihong was still discontented. After all, the most seriously injured is his daughter, Li Dong now looks like nothing, a comparison between the two, naturally let Zhou Shihong heart some discomfort. When Zhou Lele, who was lying on the hospital bed, saw that the atmosphere was silent, her eyes turned and looked at Li Dong, "Mr. Li, are you all right?" Li Dong turned his eyes to Zhou Lele and said, "It's fine, how is Miss Zhou's injury?" Zhou Lele smiled and said, "I'm fine too, the doctor said I can get off the ground after a month or so of recuperation, as long as I don't exercise strenuously for the next three months." Li Dong slightly relieved and said, "That's good, Miss Zhou is lucky, the future will be smooth sailing." Zhou Lele heard Li Dong say so, could not help but laugh: "Mr. Li, have you always spoken like this?" Li Dong's face showed a touch of doubt. Zhou Lele smiled and said, "It just feels like you speak in a literary way, it sounds so interesting." Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Is that so? Maybe I was a little nervous to see Miss Zhou and couldn't help but change my tone of voice." "Cough ……" Zhou Shihong, who was standing next to him, interrupted with a light cough, "Mr. Li, Lele needs to change her medicine, let's go out and chat for a few minutes?" Li Dong nodded with a smile and said towards Zhou Lele, "Miss Zhou, I'll take my leave then." Zhou Lele smiled and said, "Well, next time we have a chance to talk again, I have a few sisters who especially admire you, I will introduce you to them later." Li Dong Guaner, Zhou Lele's performance was a little different from what he imagined.