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Chapter 286 - Even Buddha has anger

  WwW……lā and Qi Guanghe will play Taijiquan, Li Dong some impatience yawn, Li Dong glanced at Zhou Haidong Zhou Haidong saw the situation and quickly interjected "Mr. Li, the doctor said you need more rest, your body is not yet well, do not exhausted body" Li Dong slightly apologetic look at Qi Guanghe eyes, scolded Zhou Haidong "You're the only one who talks too much!" Zhou Haidong and Li Dong with the habit of cooperation, heard the face aggrieved said "the doctor said, Sun also told me to watch you" Qi Guanghe suddenly apologized "Look at me, people are old, this talk will forget the time that you rest first, when you are discharged from the hospital, I will let Qi Chong give you compensation wine "Li Dong smiled and said, "Qi is so polite to do what, small Qi is young, just a little thing I can still be bothered with him?" Already full of indignation Qi Chong heard Li Dong again called him "Xiao Qi", immediately irritated "Li, I ……" "Shut up! " Qi Guanghe glared at him viciously and scolded, "How to speak?" "Dad!" "Apologize!" "Dad, he's the one who bullied people too much!" "You didn't hear me!" Qi Chong gritted his teeth and looked at Li Dong, and only after a long time did he say fiercely "Mr. Li, I'm sorry, I'm too young, my anger is a little big" Li Dong laughed indifferently "It's okay, young people are like this" Qi Chong looked ugly and gasped "Dad, I'm not feeling well, I'm going back!" Said Qi Chong turned around and left, out of the ward but also kicked the wall fiercely wall sound muffled, passing nurse saw the scolding "This is the hospital, you ……" "Roll!" Qi Chong scolded fiercely, scared the little nurse even back several steps, face are a little white passing patients and nurses see the situation also no one dared to go forward, things are public, they do not want to cause trouble Qi Chong grunted, this step out of the corridor ward, Li Dong and Qi Guanghe heard clearly Li Dong with a smile on his face, Qi Guanghe is face despondent said "family education is not strict, so that Mr. Li laughed "Li Dong smilingly said "nothing, young people are like this, after a few years will be good" Qi Guanghe face emotionally "I hope so" Li Dong some impatience, this old thing how still not go, what trick? Qi Guanghe slightly hesitant, a good time before sighing "Mr. Li, I apologize on behalf of the rebellious son, the accident has frightened Mr. Li" Li Dong frowned, Qi Guanghe what the hell, even if ready to reconcile, this old man is not so low, right? The company's business is a good example of how to make sure that the company's business is not too complicated. Could it be that Qi Guanghe already knows that Hu Wanlin hit him? This time to bow to him, is ready to let Li Dong let go, he and Hu Wanlin game? If this is really the case, Li Dong would not like to let them fight first, they are good to wrap up Just thinking, Cao Hongbing hurriedly entered the ward and saw Qi Guanghe was also there, Cao Hongbing face changed slightly, went to Li Dong and said "Mr. Li ……" did not wait for him to finish, Qi Guanghe's face changed The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers. "This is not the last car accident so that Mr. Li was frightened, I heard that Mr. Li's car was also damaged, I estimate that Mr. Li's identity will not drive that old car, without permission, to Mr. Li to change a" said Qi Guanghe smiled and handed over a series of car keys, see Li Dong face with a different color, Qi Guanghe and laughed "Range Rover, I Looked more atmospheric, we older people do not drive like, but more suitable for Mr. Li" Li Dong did not say anything, took the keys upside down, a good time before carelessly said "this car is not cheap, right?" Qi Guanghe laughed and said "not expensive, not expensive, on the road is less than two million, if Mr. Li is not satisfied, like what car you can say to me" Li Dong narrowed his eyes, the more interesting things and apologies, and send a car, this face can give a big, can not the surname Qi really ready to reconcile with himself? To be really so, Li Dong does not also mind reconciliation after all, about two million cars, sincere enough, Li Dong also do not want to and Qi Guanghe this old fox into a deadly feud is thinking, suddenly saw Cao Hongbing want to say but stop Li Dong brow lightly knitted, said "Hongbing, what's the matter?" Cao Hongbing looked at Qi Guanghe eyes, sullenly said "the repair shop side said that the car of Mr. Li was smashed" Li Dong face changed slightly, gradually cold down now if he still do not know why Qi Guanghe compensation car, it would be really stupid Qi Guanghe slightly embarrassed said "Mr. Li, this is a child ignorant young people do not know the importance. Qi Chong is also unintentional, I hope Mr. Li forgive me"