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Chapter 287: Unbridled for a while

  On February 16, the day Li Dong WW……lā was discharged from the hospital, Li Dong, who has always kept a low profile, unexpectedly made a scenery. The hospital entrance, both sides of the dozens of black suits of strong men standing. When Li Dong came out of the hospital gate, the strong men shouted in unison, "Congratulations to Mr. Li for his recovery!" The leader on both sides, one is Zhou Haidong and the other is Zheng Long. Seeing Li Dong walking down the steps, Zhou Haidong hurriedly greeted him and said excitedly, "Mr. Li, people are called here!" Li Dong smiled faintly and looked up. …… high cadre area, room 9. Zhou Lele sat on the wheelchair, looking at the unexpected scene under the window, and said with some surprise, "Dad, what is he doing?" Zhou Shihong frowned for a long time before saying, "I'm afraid I'm in big trouble this time." Said Zhou Shihong did not continue to look, took out the phone and called out. Speaking into the phone whispered a few words, Zhou Shihong took a long breath, hoping not to see blood. Smashing cars and beating people or something, the two families have the ability to suppress. But if you see blood, this will change the nature, look at Li Dong this way, it is clear to make a big mess, eventful autumn ah, Zhou Shihong can only pray at this time do not affect their business. He has been working with the Qi family for too long, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get out of it for a while. …… Li Dong car was smashed, did not rush to change the car, but boarded the company's gold cup bread. On the car, Li Dong did not say a word. There are six vans following behind, filled with strong men in black suits. After driving for about ten minutes, Zhou Haidong, who was driving, suddenly said, "Mr. Li, there are cars following behind." Li Dong looked back, his eyes narrowed, and said, "Keep driving." Zhou Haidong heard the words and continued to drive, while the car behind is more and more. After about twenty minutes, several vans stopped in front of a club in the southern suburbs. Li Dong got out of the car, followed by a few cars also slowly stopped. Then the car appeared in a familiar person, Hu Wanlin, Chen Rui, Zhang Lan Yu, Shen Xi, there are a few people Li Dong did not know, but last time in Chen Rui's birthday party, Li Dong some familiar. The others did not move, Shen Xi and Hu Wanlin walked over at the same time. Shen Xi did not make a sound, but Hu Wanlin frowned and said: "Mr. Li, it's not good to make such a mess, right?" Li Dong looked at her and said, "Then how is it good?" "Yesterday I told you ……" "No need! The trickery is only expedient, people riding on my head, I let them see what is the Buddha's anger! Money, I have plenty, people, I still do not lack, Qi Chong and Qi Guanghe is nothing, need I step by step to calculate them?" Li Dong's face was cold, since his rebirth, he was cautious and cowering. Sometimes he knew that he was holding a fire, but he put up with it. Against Zhu Hongtao, he chose to calculate and let Tan Yong to take the blame. And between Zhang Qing, he finally chose to reconcile, because he was afraid of Chen Rui a few people. Against the store smashing Niu Meng, he still chose to avoid, let Hu Wanlin behind the man shot. Time and again, avoidance, calculation, caution, so that he has come to the present, with today's status and wealth. But Li Dong heart comfortable? Not comfortable! He was reborn once, just to conspire and calculate? He earned so much money, just to give in time and again to avoid conceding? Why? What the hell is Qi Chong! After hitting his left face, he still wants to hit his right face? Even a dog like Qi Chong can be reckless, why should he, Li Dong, condescend to himself! Hu Wanlin was a bit frightened by Li Dong's look, and only after a while did she say with difficulty: "Mr. Li, pay attention to the proportion." Li Dong did not say anything, next to Shen Xi is full of care said: "Do not make a mess, I am still waiting for you to promote me as vice president." Li Dong let out a laugh and patted Shen Xi's shoulder. Shen Xi skimmed her mouth and grunted: "What are you dawdling about, waiting for the police to come?" Li Dong laughed at his words and then said to the people behind him, "Smash! Smash all of them!" Forty to fifty strong men like wolves and tigers, holding arm-thick wooden sticks, rushed towards the club in front with a clatter. A few security guards at the entrance of the club were dumbfounded, and when they saw the black-clad men all rushing over, they immediately disregarded everything and threw away the electric batons in their hands and fled in disarray. "Pop, pop, pop!" A loud bang, wooden sticks like raindrops moved the doorway of the janitorial room smashed to pieces, glass, computers, surveillance, all that can be seen, none of which is intact. Soon, a number of men and women rushed out of the clubhouse. Once you see a group of black-clothed people rushing over, men and women are scared, screaming one after another. Those strong men in black did not look at them, rushed into the club and began to smash up, see what smashed, not a short time renovation of the glorious club front door became a garbage heap. Li Dong stood at the door and watched indifferently. Chen Rui paced over, followed by several people behind him looked at Li Dong with some strange eyes. Only when he was alongside Li Dong, Chen Rui said with a smile, "Mr. Li, a big deal." Qi Guanghe's clubhouse, the cost of more than 30 million, this is nothing, the main purpose of the clubhouse or Qi Guanghe used to draw relations. Now the club smashed, Qi Guanghe's face is considered to be lost to the grandmother's house. This is not the most important, the key is the club was smashed, there are still many Qi Guanghe's VIPs inside it. Some of them are his partners, and some of his small officials, this time the club was smashed, after these people who still dare to deal with Qi Guanghe. If Qi Chong smashed Li Dong's car so that Li Dong lost face, then Li Dong smashed his clubhouse, so to speak, so that Qi Guanghe lost face together. Li Dong laughed lightly and said: "It's nothing, Qi Guanghe hasn't come yet? When he comes, I'll pay for his damages, I'm not bad with money."