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Chapter 288 - The End of the Song is Good

  щww{][lā}Qi Guanghe left, the big show should also be the end of Li Dong looked at the police inspector, smiled and asked "Thank you officer, but not please?" The police inspector lightly said "City Security Section Wang Bing" "So it is Wang Section, nice to meet you!" Li Dong reached out to shake hands, but Wang Bing turned to greet the police who came and said "go inside and check carefully to see if the monitoring is still in" Li Dong saw the situation face changed slightly, the hand that reached out also put down Wang Bing greeted the police who came with him, and only then slightly owed to Li Dong said "Mr. Li, I still have things to do on this side to be busy, so I will not disturb". busy, I will not disturb" Li Dong lightly laughed "Wang Branch, despite the busy, what need help, greet the sound on the line" "Then thank you, Mr. Li, I'll say goodbye!" said Wang Bing beckoned, a few police officers followed him into the clubhouse Li Dong frowned slightly, next to Chen Rui saw the situation lazily said "still look at what, people did not find you trouble on it, care so much why" Li Dong smiled, nodded "that's true" Chen Rui did not Chen Rui did not answer, yawned and said "the play is also finished, then I will go first" "Chen General take care!" Chen Rui step, thought and stopped and said "can not again, recently stop, I do not want to do the project before you go in" Li Dong eyes flickered down, lightly smiled and said "thank you Chen remind, I have a number in mind". That's good, see you later!" Chen Rui finished waving his hand, got into his car followed by a few douchey young people have also said goodbye to Li Dong, previously said she was injured the yellow-haired girl is full of excitement said "Li Dong, next time there are such things always remember to call me, I give you a hand" Li Dong lost his smile, nodded and said "remember Next to someone else shouted "Li, also remember to call me, Rui is a yellow-haired girl, we have the strength to help you smash things the most appropriate" "You are the yellow-haired girl!" "Cut, who is a yellow-haired girl also do not look in the mirror, brothers, you say right?" "Hahahaha, that's right ……" watching a few people jostling, Li Dong could not help but laugh these second generation at first glance quite difficult to get along with, each arrogant excessive, in fact, just ordinary people of course, this is also relatively speaking now Li Dong naturally not timid these few The second-generation youth, so they feel that they get along well, they also feel that Li Dong has this qualification and they are on an equal footing, so they will laugh and scold and fight by the heart really if ordinary people see them, these people are afraid that the proud and peacock-like, then you will feel that these people are very difficult to get along already on the car Chen Ruiru can not help but frown, reaching out to drink "which so much nonsense, also go not go! !" "Let's go!" A few douchebag youth sniffed and slipped on the car, then four or five cars in the roar away they go, the scene in addition to the distant people, only left Hu Wanlin an outsider Li Dong see Hu Wanlin want to say but stop, smiled and said "Hu, the play is also finished, still not go?" Hu Wanlin looked at him again, after a while before sighing "Mr. Li, you ……" said half a sentence, Hu Wanlin lazy to say more, shook his head and turned around to go Li Dong today so far, her plan can be said to be completely disrupted before she was ready to muddy the waters, but now Li Dong also want to chat with her a few words, turned around on Shen Xi's car Shen Xi on the car, admonished "declare in advance, I do not smoke on the car, do not spit, dirty I let you pay for a new one" Li Dong not good-naturedly said "less nonsense, so I am a beggar, on the car on the dirty? " Shen Xi shrugged and did not speak, slowly started the vehicle to drive the meeting, Li Dong asked "not something to say? Say it!" "Do not want to say!" Li Dong speechless, thought about it and asked "Wang Bing is you recruited?" Shen Xi kindly laughed and said, "What do you think?" "Not like!" "Then it is not!" Shen Xi skimmed, and said "a small minion, I Miss Shen words, do not come to a director of the deputy director also good meaning!" Li Dong corner of the mouth can not help but curl up, laughing "not a small mouth" "Cut! Believe it or not!" Shen Xi also did not say much, thought before saying "today the fire is finished?" "No, still almost" "That should be secondary sex finished, get what kowtow apology, interesting? You think every time someone to help you pocket, Chen Rui that white hair monster although ugly, but the words are right today and the last Qi Chong smashed the car thing offset, you again, someone should fire" Li Dong thought after a while, Li Dong said "Wang Bing is the Zhou family?"