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Chapter 289 Preparing to share the money

  WWw……lāLi Chengyuan entered the door, saw Li Dong at home, asked "back?" "Just arrived home, Dad, where to go around?" Li Chengyuan lifted the bag in his hand, smiling, "went to the market to see, just left some small fish, I got back, pack up at noon to do the next dish," Cao Fang heard the words immediately dissatisfied said "eat what small fish, so many years have not eaten enough, this thing to get up trouble dead ""Then you don't eat, I'll get it myself!"" "Then you get your own, anyway, I do not eat!" Seeing the two of them get up, Li Dong hurriedly interrupted and said "Mom, just now you have something to say to me?" Cao Fang slapped her thighs and said, "Look at me, I'm angry at the old thing, where was I?" "You said you can't sit on the mountain" "Yes, that's it, I mean I want to do some business yesterday I went to the pedestrian street with Xiao Liu to turn around, the flow of people can be a lot, I saw a few sell clothes, business can be good, you say your father and I get a clothing store how?" Li Dong did not open his mouth, Li Chengyuan snickered and said "clothing store?" "Do you know what clothes wool? Know where to buy goods? Do you know what young people like? People talk about trends, do you understand?" Cao Fang suddenly hairy, angry, "I do not understand you understand the line! In business, there is no beginning to understand, do not do a period of time will be!" Li Chengyuan said, "Then you do, anyway I do not do" Cao Fang said angrily, "Then what do you want?" Li Chengyuan put down the bag in his hand, thought about it and said "I want to open a small restaurant, what do you think?" Li Dong and Cao Fang looked at each other, and then Cao Fang frowned and said, "Why open a restaurant, on your craft, people come to eat?" Li Dong also said "Dad, how tired to open a restaurant, people come and go, all day long, there is no rest" big hotel is okay, the boss management can be but small hotel is the most tiring, the boss do more work than the staff, plus busy all day, Li Dong not much support now he is not short of money, if the old couple do a light thing Li Dong still no problem, but open a restaurant is too Li Chengyuan see two people opposed, shrugged his shoulders, "Anyway, I have this idea, open a restaurant is always more practical than opening a clothing store, whether it is good to eat, there is no customer, the eye will see the understanding of the Besides, I have dealt with the food market for so many years, buy things in the heart also have a spectrum, you go to sell clothes, the purchase was cheated I'm afraid do not know" Cao Fang smiled Some hesitation although Li Chengyuan said hard, but the words are indeed such a reason for the clothing store they are point do not know, but to say open a restaurant, the two did have a little grasp in the vegetable market for so many years, they often deliver to the hotel, even if they have not experienced, but often chat with those chefs bosses, the know almost all know as for the craft can not, a chef will solve her and Li Chengyuan two, one is responsible for collecting money, one is responsible for procurement, this thing is indeed reliable to see the old mother in two words on the surrender, Li Dong hurriedly said "Mom, you do not like to open the city? Then open a city ah, Pingchuan side of the market business can be good" Cao Fang heard him white eyes said "also open what city, this piece is far away from the city, are our family, I opened the city to steal your business?" Cao Fang said, "Okay, your father and I will think about this, and we will talk to you later." After saying this, the two families went into the kitchen to pick up lunch. …… finished eating, Li Chengyuan went into the room to take a nap Cao Fang washed the dishes and told Li Dong Dong "I have an appointment with Xiao Meng to go out this afternoon, I'll go first" "Lin Meng? Is she not working?" "I don't know, it seems to be resting," Cao Fang said casually Li Dong nodded and said, "Then I'll let old Zhou ……" said half, Li Dong remembered his car was smashed, now Zhou Haidong I'm afraid there are still walking bare-legged, but there are several public cars on the company side, Li Dong continued "I'll let Lao Zhou send you, people come and go, don't rub where" "No, and not clay, which is so easy to rub" Cao Fang said a sentence, change shoes Li Dong saw the situation and said, "Are you familiar with it? How about I accompany you up?" "Forget it, you busy you go right, there is something I told you, Dongping side I let Chen Jing help me watch the city, by the way, the house also gave them to live, save time no one lives spoiled" Li Dong frowned, how did Mom think to let Chen Jing help watch the store? Chen Jing is not a good stubble, don't get entangled in the end Cao Fang change shoes, see Li Dong frown, helplessly said "is not the matter of Xiaolan, Chen Jing said Chen Jiawan there is no good high, next year Xiaolan will take the high, Xiaolan good academic performance, want to take the county, your father thought about it, and asked someone to let Xiaolan transferred to the third junior department to go". "Xiaolan to school, can not let Chen Jing stay in Chenjiawan it plus no one lives at home, save them to rent a house" Li Dong is not talking about the house, thought about it, "then let Chen Jing watch the store?" "Don't worry, I gave her a salary, other people in the store and she is not familiar, Chen Jing know what to do" to see the mother so confident, Li Dong did not say anything more sent away Cao Fang, Li Dong is also ready to go to the company to see these days straight in the hospital, the Department of Electricity and the courier company side he did not ask, and do not know what the situation is now …… Global Building and Wanyuan District are not far from each other Li Dong paced to the company, upstairs, just met the downstairs Qin Hai Qin Hai saw Li Dong complained "stop it okay, how do you really want something to happen? Yu Han gave me several phone calls, asking if you are too busy lately, I do not know what to say, you call back to say!"