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Chapter 290 Payment Method

  Universal Building. 12th floor. Liu Hong led Li Dong and Sun Tao to visit the server room in front, while introducing: "We are now using the server clustering method, which will be equipped with one main server and six standby servers. When the main server fails ……" Li Dong and Sun Tao listened very carefully. Although Li Dong is a born-again person, his understanding of computers only stays at the level of playing games and chatting. Liu Hong said a lot of proprietary names Li Dong simply do not understand, but it does not prevent him to understand. Waiting for Liu Hong to talk for a while, Li Dong asked, "How many people can be supported online at the same time?" Liu Hong explained: "It depends on the situation, if it is simply a text tour, several million people is not a problem. But the shopping site, the main also need image cache ……" Liu Hong crackled a bunch of words, Li Dong and Sun Tao are some scratching their heads. Or next to Shen Xi interjected: "Liu team leader means, if according to Taobao's model, probably can support 200,000 people at the same time to visit the web page without card screen." "Two hundred thousand people?" Li Dong is a little dissatisfied with this data, the previous life others easily millions of millions of people online, playing or dynamic games, and did not see how difficult. Now the far side did not save money on this, but Liu Hong can only do two hundred thousand people online shopping, which is also a little too little. Shen Xi took a look at Li Dong's appearance to know what he thought, no good: "You think 200,000 people is still less? At this stage, not to mention 200,000 people, 10,000 people are more than enough! It's online at the same time, not cumulative visits, according to Liu's projection, the daily visits over a million will not cause network congestion, do you think we can reach at this stage?" Li Dong stroked his chin, daily visits over a million, this task is more daunting. <> Thinking about it, Shen Xi is also right, Li Dong nodded and said, "Then let's do this first, but the site will certainly develop better and better, the preparation work should be done." Liu Hong a few people are a little speechless, now the site has not been made, you think so much, is not too early? Shen Xi also did not bother to refute, and said, "Other first, wait for the site to promote to 200,000 people online." At this time there are not many websites in China that can do this, Shen Xi thinks that this time will take at least one or two years, Li Dong thought too well. Li Dong is not taken seriously, 200,000 people more? Now it sounds like a lot, but after a few years, 200,000 people, just a small shopping site can do. Of course, the specific is true or not to distinguish, anyway, people's website is so said. Next, Li Dong looked around the office area, the office area environment is quite well laid out, because of the small number of places, Shen Xi's office here is more spacious than Li Dong's office upstairs. After all, upstairs now office staff more than a hundred, downstairs plus logistics is only twenty people, the conditions naturally can not be the same. Li Dong into Shen Xi's office for a while, turned back to Shen Xi said: "You have a big place, the upstairs office let out, Song director and they are now several people an office." Shen Xi indifferent said, "Whatever, anyway, at the latest at the end of the year will have to move to a new building." Li Dong laughed: "You agree is good, when the end of the year to move into the new building, I will give you a large office. <> "Shen Xi smiled and said, "As big as Mr. Sun's?" Li Dong touched his nose and glanced at Sun Tao before saying, "Let's talk about it when the time comes." He knew what Shen Xi meant, not the size of the office, but the status issue. Li Dong actually does not matter, after all, Shen Xi has brought him a lot of help, if you can tie Shen Xi in the company, a vice president or even general manager is nothing. But after all, we must be careful about what others think, Sun Tao is now his partner, Wang Yue and other directors are also important people from afar. Shen Xi is not a big problem if you just have the identity, but once the power is divided by Shen Xi, those people are afraid that they may not be happy. Of course, if Shen Xi can do up the mall, Li Dong let her rise to the top, others have nothing to say. As for whether the mall can do up, Li Dong is still quite sure, just a matter of time. When the time comes, if Shen Xi is still willing to stay, want to be equal to Sun Tao Li Dong is also willing to support, but it is too early to say this. "Hmph, I knew you were fooling people." Shen Xi was too lazy to dwell with him on this, continued: "These days we are not busy developing the website for the time being, but there are a few things I want to hear your opinion." "What is it?" "First, the name of the mall, is it just called Faraway Mall?" Li Dong frowned, is the distant mall some limitations? After all, in his consideration, the mall is going to end up being developed as a third-party platform, not an exclusive online shopping platform for the Yuanfang Supermarket. <> If called the Yuanfang Mall words …… Just between Li Dong pondering, Sun Tao quite agreeable: "Yuanfang Mall is quite good, as soon as you hear it, you know it is the company of the Yuan, the early stage can promote the mall with the fame of the supermarket." Li Dong thought about this is also good, after all, Jingdong and Suning these shopping malls are also named after their own companies.