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Chapter 291 - Changping Street

  February Li Dong in the busy past. After February, everything revives, the old trees on both sides of the road also sprouted, a little green dotted with withered branches. Two days ago, Sun Tao led a team to Mingcheng, Wang Yue led a team to South Lake. Qin Hai was in charge of the distribution center project, and the Yuanfang Building was handed over to the operation side, with Liu Qi temporarily acting as the person in charge. Arranging all the matters at hand, Li Dong finally got free. It happened to be a beautiful day, the sun was shining outside, so Li Dong, who had been trapped in the company for more than half a month, decided to go out for a walk, and if he didn't move, he was afraid he was going to get moldy. Of course, it is not purely to go out for leisure, Li Dong went out also have business ready to do. …… out of the global building, Li Dong stood in the doorway of the sun for a while, feeling comfortable all over. The security guard at the entrance of the building knew Li Dong and greeted him: "Mr. Li, go out?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Go out for a while, the weather is good, relax a little." Saying that, he took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took out one for himself and threw the rest to the security guard next to him. The security guard smilingly took it over, took out one and smelled it, said with a smile on his face, "Mr. Li, still your cigarettes are tasty enough, last time I smoked one, greedy I did not smoke for half a month." Li Dong burst into laughter and said, "Next time you want to smoke, come upstairs to me, there are enough cigarettes, but this stuff is not good, if I can help you quit, it is also considered my merit." The security guard at the door had dealt with Li Dong quite a few times and knew that Li Dong was quite kind, so he smiled and said, "Mr. Li, this is what you said, next time I have a craving I will really go up to you." "Go ahead, I'm a man of my word." Li Dong and the security guard chatted for a while, Zhou Haidong drove the company's Audi A4 and stopped at the door. The security guard said with slight curiosity, "Mr. Li, your big Ben is still not repaired?" Li Dong laughed: "Not repaired, throw it away, next time change a good car, let you see." The security guard gave a thumbs up and said enviously, "If I had known you were going to throw it away, I would have unloaded a wheel last time, which would have cost me a few months' salary." Li Dong burst out laughing again. After bidding farewell to the security guard, Li Dong got into the car and said to Zhou Haidong, "Go to Changping Road." Zhou Haidong started the vehicle and after driving for a while couldn't help but ask: "Mr. Li, is what you just said true?" "What's true?" "The matter of buying a car!" Zhou Haidong said in a whisper, "Mr. Sun they drive A6, you drive A4, Mr. Sun they are afraid of toothache. Did not you find, the other day Sun began to walk again." Li Dong lost his smile: "What does this have to do with me, Mr. Sun lumbar spine pain, said driving is uncomfortable, walking can also exercise." "You really believe it! Mr. Sun is just saying, if you really want to have lumbar spine pain, wouldn't it be more painful to walk." Li Dong glared at him, and only after a moment said, "Wait a few more days, the stock price has gone up a lot these days, when I sell the stock, I will buy it again." Now he bought a car and spent the company's money. Sun Tao naturally had no opinion, but Li Dong was too lazy to do so, why take advantage of this trivial matter. When the stock is out, he will also have money, spend his own money to buy a car, buy whatever he wants, is not more comfortable. Besides, the company has recently used more money, now barely break even, and then spend a large sum of money to buy a car, Liu Hongmei will have to find himself crying poor again. Hearing Li Dong say so, Zhou Haidong face happy, quickly said: "Then buy a good car, last time I saw in the newspaper there is a car show in the capital, there is a car on the photo looks good, we want to change that?" "What kind of car?" "Maybach 57, it looks especially suitable for you, Mr. Li." Li Dong glanced at him and said, "Do you think I would spend that much money to buy a car?" Zhou Haidong said sarcastically, "Actually, it's not expensive, the net car is about 5.5 million, and it's just under 6 million on the road." Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, less than 6 million? When did this guy's tone become so big, Li Dong now at this time to spend a 6 million have to meat pain for several days. Seeing Li Dong not reply, Zhou Haidong said: "Last time the Qi family's club did not let us lose money? That 6 million to buy a car is not just right?" "Drive your car!" Zhou Haidong sighed and said, "Mr. Li, tell me, it's a big loss to earn so much money and not spend it." Li Dong smiled and said, "Who instructed you? Usually you don't talk so much." Zhou Haidong smiled a little sarcastic, after a few moments before he laughed dryly: "Most of them are my opinions, but the last time Mr. Shen passed by my place, said the car is quite good-looking, let me go back and mention it to you." Li Dong lightly grunted and said, "What does Shen Xi know, don't listen to her nonsense." "But I think what Mr. Shen said is quite reasonable." Zhou Haidong muttered in a low voice. Li Dong ignored him, and the car soon arrived at Changping Road. Changping Road is also in Yaohai District, which is adjacent to the southern suburbs on one side and Guanhai District on the other.