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Chapter 292: Leave a way back

  Li Chengyuan was tempted, but finally hesitated: "Such a big place, the rent is not cheap, right." "Why rent, someone else's place may be hot business, don't drive us out then, buy it!" Li Dong just finished, Cao Fang glared at him and said, "You have a lot of money, right!" Li Dong has money in her heart, but Cao Fang is not a village girl who doesn't understand the four or six now, she has a spectrum of how expensive the stores on Changping Street are. Changping is known far and wide food street, the hotel in front of the street or the central front room, up and down two layers of small 500 square feet, not a two or three million do not want to buy down. Spend so much money in order to open a restaurant, Cao Fang can not afford to pay this blood money. Li Dong smiled: "Mom, buying a house is not a loss. The eggs can not be put in a basket, buy this store, really wait for the future I am desperate to have a way out, you say right?" "Yuck!" Cao Fang hurriedly lightly spit, drinking: "Children's words, what nonsense!" Li Dong did not care, just that sentence is also his heart. It is not to leave a way back for himself, but to leave a way back for his parents, the market is like a battlefield, who knows which day he will be hacked, it is better to prepare for a rainy day than to be unprepared. Seeing that his father did not say anything, Li Dong said: "Dongping's shopping mall you know, right? When I bought it, it was only 4 million, but how much is it worth now?" "At the beginning of the year, I asked in passing, the price of housing in that area has increased by 40%. The mall was bought less than two years ago, and now it's worth at least 6 million. In fact, buying a house is also a kind of investment, recently the price of housing continues to rise, buying a house is more cost-effective than doing business, do you think this is the reason?" Hearing Li Dong say so, the old couple some hesitation. Other places they do not know, but Dongping Yuanfang that shopping mall is indeed a large increase. Li Dong said six million is still a conservative estimate, in fact, these two years because of the existence of the Yuan Fang, that area than the previous world is also some fire, Li Dong really want to sell, seven million I'm afraid there are willing to take over. Plus the recent housing prices are indeed rising, and finally Cao Fang slightly hesitantly said, "Then first ask the price, if it is cheap, we will see." Li Dong smiled, "Okay, it just so happens that I also have an appointment with the owner, let's go together later." …… Li Dong led a few people together towards the Yunge Teahouse not far away. Lin Meng, however, stayed until the end and reached out to tug Cao Feng again. When Li Dong they are a little farther away, Lin Meng said with a serious face: "honestly explain, Li Dong in the end what do you do?" She had asked this question before, but this guy Cao Feng was a wooden head and refused to say anything. At that time, although Li Dong drove a big Ben, also seems to be quite rich, but later to the Li family New Year's Eve, Lin Meng found that the Li family environment is just like that. At that time, Lin dreamed that Li Dong probably did some small business, the big Ben is probably also seven to eight to scrape together money to buy to install the facade with. As for the house in Wanyuan, although in the eyes of ordinary people is good, but Lin Meng feel that the really rich people should not live in Wanyuan. In her opinion, if Li Dong is really rich, he must also live in Lanshan Manor. Cao Feng did not say before, Lin Meng is not good to ask after. But today's conversation between Li Dong's mother and father made Lin Meng a little surprised, several million of the store said to buy it! This is not to mention, listen to the tone of Li Dong, they have a store in Dongping, the value of at least six or seven million. Then calculate Li Dong's fortune, at least ten million or more. This is what she saw, what she did not see? In addition, Zhou Haidong's style, it is obvious that the TV kind of bodyguard driver type of characters, if the small rich and noble still need to bring bodyguards? Lin Meng stared at Cao Feng, Cao Feng said with a nervous face: "Why do you ask this? You don't want to hit Dongzi, he doesn't like people stalking him." "Fuck you!" Lin Meng gave him a blank look and said, "Who's hitting on him? Can't I just ask? Cao Feng, how long have you been dating me, is it funny to hide everything from me? I think you can't trust me, if that's the case, why don't we just split up and save you from being suspicious all the time?" Cao Feng was anxious when he heard that, scratching his ears and saying, "How can you say this casually, what to share or not to share." And looked at Li Dong a few people have entered the teahouse, Cao Feng some helpless said, "I do not have to hide you, I am afraid you know what he did some uncomfortable." Although this is only part of the reason, but Cao Feng himself does have this feeling. Every time he faced Li Dong, he was all uncomfortable and nervous. The more he said this, the more curious Lin Meng was, and hurriedly said: "What's uncomfortable. I've seen a lot of rich people, and I haven't seen anyone do anything to me. You quickly say, what exactly does Li Dong do?" "My boss." "Hmm?" Cao Feng grunted, "Didn't I say, my boss." Lin Meng was a bit confused, and only after a while did he say, "What's your boss?" "It's the boss of our company, do you know about Far Far Away Supermarket? It's opened by Dongzi." Lin Meng suddenly realized, and then she was shocked: "You said Li Dong is the boss of Yuanfang?" Before that, her knowledge of Yuanfang was limited to knowing that Cao Feng worked there, and she also knew that there were many Yuanfang branches. But then she did a few insurance policies in Far Far Away because of Cao Feng's relationship, and she knew more about Far Far Away. But these are not the most important, the key is that she heard only a few days ago that the boss of the Far Side and the owner of the Light Group dry up. I heard that the two were smashing cars and stores, and that millions of dollars and millions of things were lost. The insurance industry is well-informed, the gossip is spread fast, then Lin Meng still lamented, these rich people know how to waste money, there are good things do not share some to them or. But never thought that Cao Feng said Li Dong is the boss of the far side. That does not mean that the war with the Light Group is Li Dong? And think of several times have not seen Li Dong drive that big Ben, Lin Meng suddenly suddenly realized, feelings are not taken to the maintenance, but directly smashed. Some staggered, Lin Meng glanced at Li Dong's back, lightly sighed: "Really unexpected." Li Dong is really too young, otherwise before and after the connection, with Lin Meng's astuteness should have guessed long ago to be right. But the confusion of Li Dong's age is too great, Lin Meng did not even think about that stubble. Knowing that Li Dong is the boss of the distant, Lin Meng and some itchy said: "crazy, Li Dong since the boss, you are his cousin ……" did not wait for her to finish Cao Feng hurriedly interrupted: "you can not think, can have now I I am already very content. You don't know Dongzi's temperament, the more you rush to ask, the less he will give, if you make him angry, maybe even the good life now is gone." Lin Meng looked at him for a long time before saying, "Is this called being wise and foolish?" Cao Feng said with a simple smile, "I'm a truthful person." Lin Meng snickered, saw Li Dong a few people have entered the teahouse, then let Cao Feng, followed in.