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Chapter 293: Not the same as before

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company is also ready to transfer to the parents' name, and even Li Dong is also ready to transfer to the parents' name the set of stores in Dongping. With these two sets of stores, in the future, even if the parents are old, just rent out can also be a lifetime of food and clothing. This life again, Li Dong always have a faint sense of crisis. Especially after the last car accident, Li Dong sense of crisis heavier, afraid that one day he will not pay attention to wear again. Now leave a way back to their parents, Li Dong feel a sense of crisis lightened a lot, the shadow of the heart is also less some. Can not blame Li Dong worry about the sky, it is too weird to be reborn in the last life. A sleep woke up back in high school, who knows which God and Buddha with his joke, if people joke enough, and then let him wear back how to do. While he has the ability now, so that his parents can live comfortably, even if there really is that day, Li Dong also no regrets. After a round, Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan were ready to go back. Li Dong also did not force, let Cao Feng Lin Meng accompanied them to go back together, when leaving, Li Dong smiled to Lin Meng: "When do not like to do insurance, help my parents manage the hotel is also good." When Li Dong finished, Lin Meng did not react. Li Dong did not say much, and said: "You guys go back first, I'll turn around again." Lin Meng was a little lost in thought and helped Cao Fang to go, and when he was leaving, he couldn't help but think about what Li Dong just said, Li Dong wanted to help his parents manage the restaurant? Lin Meng how to think of Li Dong is not very concerned. <> If Lin Meng is willing, Li Dong welcome. Because Lin Meng is a shrewd person, has done a few years of insurance, social skills are also strong, this kind of people out to manage the hotel, maybe a short time can not adapt, time long Li Dong believe that she can do a good job. With Lin Meng's help, Li Dong believes that his parents should be able to save a lot of things. And Lin Meng has no one to rely on in Pingchuan, she is not stupid, know what to do and what not to do, this kind of person Li Dong rather than Cao Fang let Chen Jing look after the store more comfortable. Because Lin Meng is smart, so she will weigh the benefits and losses, while Chen Jing will not necessarily. Of course, if Lin Meng is not willing, then Li Dong does not matter, after all, the world is not short of smart people, looking at Lin Meng, Cao Feng is the main factor, if not Cao Feng, Li Dong know who she is? The Earth will turn without anyone, not to mention Lin Meng, even without him Li Dong Earth still turns. And Zhou Haidong in the street mindlessly blindly turning. The sun is shining, the sun is lazy Li Dong, the mood is also a lot more pleasant. Just when Li Dong was ready to go back, the afterglow suddenly glanced at a familiar figure. Turning sideways to take a look, when he could see the other party's appearance, Li Dong was sure he was not mistaken. "Wang Jia!" Wang Jia, who was hurriedly walking forward with her head down, heard someone shouting at her, looked up, and when she saw that it was Li Dong, Wang Jia's face immediately steeled a blush. Not shy, just feel embarrassed. <> Li Dong helped her so much, but she went back to Pingchuan but did not tell Li Dong, and did not call Li Dong, and now was hit squarely, Wang Jia can't wait to find a crack in the ground. After a few moments of dawdling, Wang Jia still walked over. When she saw Li Dong, Wang Jia said timidly, "Li Dong, what a coincidence." Li Dong smiled and said, "It's a molting, back?" "Mm." "When did you come back?" "To the end of last year." Wang Jia's voice was even lower. Li Dong said with a light face: "It's good to come back, auntie's health is not too good, come back to have a care." Wang Jia looked up at Li Dong, knowing that he should be a little angry. After all, she has been back for so long, but did not tell Li Dong, it is really not right. But Wang Jia also has a hard time saying, every time she thinks about getting along with Li Dong is particularly nervous, do not know what to say. Previously it was okay, then Li Dong even if rich, Wang Jia actually did not take it too seriously, because she begged Li Dong. But then Li Dong helped her a lot, but also to Wang Jia brought a lot of invisible pressure, pressure she thought of Li Dong on the heart of the weak. So from the end of last year back, she has been hesitant to call Li Dong, until the year is over, Wang Jia did not make up his mind. Who knows what a coincidence, Pingchuan is so big, but let Li Dong to bump into. <> Wang Jia wanted to speak out to explain a few words, but thought for half a day also do not know how to say. Li Dong see her this look, heart a slight sigh, probably know her mind. It seems that sometimes helping people is also a kind of pressure, remember the old Wang Jia is very cute, every time Li Dong see her want to tease two, not like, just pure feeling Wang Jia is very fun. For example, when Wang Jia is angry, the angrier she is, the cuter she is. Unfortunately, the family change, owed a favor, which makes Wang Jia mature at the same time also lost that childishness. To say how much Li Dong likes Wang Jia, that is not necessarily, how deep the feelings are actually not, he just like Wang Jia when he was angry to make a face to him. Then Wang Jia and now Wang Jia, although the person has not changed, but almost everything else has changed. The taste of the beginning can not be found, which makes Li Dong slightly lost. But the loss is only momentary, Li Dong quickly came back to his senses and asked with a smile, "See you in a hurry, something?" Wang Jia saw Li Dong smile, heart relieved at the same time feel some uncomfortable. Wang Jia nodded and said, "My mother and I are living here now, my mother has no appetite at noon, now she woke up and wants to eat some dumplings, I came out to buy them for her." "Oh, you are now renting side, renting the house?" "Well, this side is close to the city, the rent is also cheap, but the environment is okay.