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Chapter 294 Invitation

  March 10th. South Lake's Wang Yue, Mingcheng's Sun Tao, have led the team back. Wang Yue was fine, he went to South Lake last year, and had a long understanding of the local situation. Sun Tao is the first time to go to Mingcheng, came back into Li Dong's office, looking grave: "General Li, I'm afraid this is a tough battle." South Lake and Mingcheng has been the economic development of Jiangbei region, the domestic retail enterprises of all sizes naturally will not let go of these two pieces of fat meat. As early as 02 years, there are some supermarkets scattered in the two places. Now it is already 06 years, the retail industry in the two places has been considered relatively developed, large and small supermarkets almost share more than 80 percent of the market. Now Far East is going to enter the two places, naturally the tiger's mouth, the two supermarkets will certainly be united. This is even more difficult than the battle of Pingchuan, after all, Pingchuan side in 04 years when Li Dong set the Longhua store, even the headquarters were moved to Pingchuan, Far Eastern in Pingchuan has the home field advantage. Now go to South Lake and Mingcheng, that is away to do battle, obviously very difficult. This point Li Dong had expected, listened to Sun Tao finished and said: "And then difficult to gnaw down, it is not too late, and then wait two years we are strong again is too late." Sun Tao nodded, and said, "I'm not worried about gnawing this hard bone, the key is the new store construction no money." Yes, Yuanfang is out of money again. These two months, all the profits of the far side into the two construction projects above, the e-commerce side is okay, not to use the big money for the time being, the initial 10 million is more than enough. <> But the two cities of the new store development, with the money is not a few, the far side now can not hold up. And these two places in the early stage is obviously do not want to quickly return the capital, now can only invest, to spend more money. The previous meeting said, the first half of Li Dong at least another 100 million to the far side to fill the hole, the money is used in this. Li Dong smiled and frowned and said, "How much money is needed in the early stage to be enough?" "Thirty million or so, the rest can be invested slowly at a later stage." "Thirty million ……" Li Dong considered for a while, this time Baidu's stock rose unsatisfactorily, mainly because of the strong decline at the end of last year. Now, despite the upturn, but compared to the time when it was just listed, especially the peak gap is still very obvious. Li Dong was originally prepared to bid at more than $100, but it seems clear that it is unlikely to recover to that much in a short time. Yesterday he took the time to look at it, Baidu does not have many shares in circulation, and the trading volume is not large, so the price should go up a bit if they really want to trade up. But 200,000 shares of stock, at most, can be sold for 17 or 18 million dollars. If you compare this to the future, it is simply a cabbage price, Li Dong is really some heartache. However, thinking of the current difficulties of Yuanfang, finally Li Dong gritted his teeth and said: "Find a way to sell the shares, do not wait!" If you wait a while longer, Baidu announced the first quarter statement, the stock price should also go up. But the gap is not too big, Li Dong is too lazy to slow down the progress of the far side for these few dollars. <> not to mention wait until June, Google will sell the stock on hand, then the stock price will again slide, wait and wait, half a year's time up is not much, might as well get out now and use the money on the new store. With this half year's time, the price difference should be earned back. What's more, half a year is enough to change a lot of things, if the far side delayed a few months, it may have missed the time. Sun Tao heard a sigh of relief, Li Dong has been clutching the stock does not let go, he was really afraid that Li Dong can not give up. Now since Li Dong promised, then things will be good. Baidu recently although the stock price fluctuates, but in general, the market circulation is still very little, want to get out also simple. At most a few more weeks, the money should be able to account. After talking about the money, Sun Tao was about to leave when Liu Qi suddenly walked in. After greeting Sun Tao, Liu Qi said to Li Dong, "Mr. Li, the Civil Affairs Department has sent an invitation." "Civil Affairs Department?" Li Dong was a bit confused, why did the Civil Affairs Department send an invitation to him? He and the Civil Affairs Department have never dealt with each other, and the Civil Affairs Department is not very clear about what Li Dong is in charge of, so why did he come to him? Seeing Li Dong look suspicious, Liu Qi explained: "The Civil Affairs Department as the organizer, in conjunction with the Jiangbei Radio and Television Station, Jiangbei Daily Media Group, organized a charity party, the Civil Affairs Department hopes that Mr. Li can participate." "Charity party? The Red Cross organized?" Next to Sun Tao is a little more than Li Dong understand, heard the words interjected: "This is not, Jiangbei Red Cross is very small, under the management of the General Association of Charity. <> Charity General Association and under the jurisdiction of the Civil Affairs Department, the Civil Affairs Department sponsored this time, it seems that the party scale is not small." After saying this, Sun Tao asked Liu Qi: "said what is the theme?" Jiangbei Civil Affairs Department has not held a charity party for many years, if not out of a more serious disaster, generally the Civil Affairs Department will not do.