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Chapter 295: Anger

  Unhappy to be unhappy, Li Dong also knows that what the two said is right. As Liu Qi said, he is now out there representing the far side, appearing too maverick is obviously not appropriate. When you don't have the power to break the system, then you have to adapt, if one day Li Dong becomes the richest man in the country, even if he wears a slipper to go out to the banquet is no problem. But now Li Dong obviously not this qualification, the formal charity banquet naturally can not get too casual, otherwise it will also let others underestimate him. After sending Sun Tao away, Liu Qi suddenly turned around when he was leaving and asked, "Mr. Li, are you going to do your own hair and buy clothes?" "What, you have an opinion?" Liu Qi pursed her lips and gave a light laugh, then said, "Mr. Li, your taste is a little special, I think you should find someone to go with you." Li Dong's old face darkened again and said with a single word: "Out - go!" Liu Qi is not afraid, smiling and saying, "Mr. Li, what I said is true, your eye for matching clothes is really not very good, you want me to say ……" "Liu Qi, disappear immediately!" Li Dong interrupted her words in annoyance, still want to mix, boss you also dare to dislike? Liu Qi snorted a laugh and hurried out of the office. When she left, Li Dong lightly hummed, looked down at the glass mirror, after a while before grunting: "Pretty handsome, Liu Qi know what the hell, look at the person has to look at the temperament is right." Of course, said so, Li Dong also know that they are just chatting ****. From the beginning to the end he is not considered a handsome level of characters, but two years as the boss down, temperament is cultivated some, go out not to be ignored. …… at the end of the night. Li Dong just out of the office, Liu Qi asked: "Mr. Li, when are you going to buy clothes?" Li Dong frowned: "Why do you care so much, just do your own work." Liu Qi aggrieved: "I am your big housekeeper, your girlfriend is not here, you have poor vision, dress so casually, I do not care can?" "Say it again believe it or not I fire you!" Li Dong glared at her with no good grace. Liu Qi laughed and continued, "Mr. Li, let me know when you buy clothes, I'll ask Director Shen to accompany you, she has seen the world, and is a returnee, good vision, let Director Shen help you take care of it." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Let's talk about it later, by the way, you collect information about the Monkey Head Mountain torrent at night, I want to see it tomorrow." "Okay." When it comes to business Liu Qi is not ambiguous, answered and said, "Mr. Li, your car should be bought." "I said are you idle? Have you dealt with the matter of the Faraway Building? If you have nothing to do, go to the Washington side of the town to sit, less **** heart." "General Li, this is the right thing to do." Liu Qi reminded, "You said that when you party, drive over in A4, how fallen." Li Dong hummed: "It's a charity party, not a wealth fighting conference." "I know this, but I heard that the Light Group will also go to participate, you say, if you meet Qi Guanghe what to do? That one is driving an A8, if you meet here, you can still have a face?" Liu Qi did not say Li Dong did not care, and when she finished, Li Dong could not help but touch his chin. He and Qi Guanghe recently but not less friction. Although the two did not make any big moves, but privately is a hot fight. Li Dong squeezed the living space of Qingfeng Supermarket, and Qi Guanghe teamed up with several small and medium-sized supermarkets to trip him up. If not some scruples, the two would have fought. If the party is not Qi Guanghe also forget, if you meet, how others see Li Dong do not care, but not in front of Qi Guanghe lost face. Last time his car was smashed, this time if he drove the A4 past, the old thing must laugh at himself. Thinking of this Li Dong has secretly made up his mind, have to get a good car back before the party to do. But the mouth is still tough: "Qi Guanghe is what the hell, I need to be bothered with him." Said Li Dong also do not care Liu Qi snickered, hummed and went out of the company. …… home, see Zhou Haidong serious driving, Li Dong lightly coughed: "Old Zhou, last time you said the Maybach Pingchuan have a current car?" Zhou Haidong, who was driving, smiled and said, "There is no current car, but it can be reserved, we place an order, and the car will arrive in a month or so." "So slow?" "Mr. Li, if you are in a hurry, you can also be expedited. Pingchuan is no existing cars, but there are in Beijing and Shanghai, let the people of the car market urgent transfer over, add some money on it." Li Dong knocked on his thigh, six million is not cheap, buy a car is cost-effective? But Li Dong quickly reacted, why not spend the money you earn, Baidu stock will soon be available, you are not short of money for the time being, why suffer yourself. In his last life, he had never even touched such a luxury car, not to mention never sat in it, so why not enjoy it when he has the chance in this life. Exhaled, Li Dong Dong: "Then you go to book, time faster, before the eighteenth I want to see the car." "No problem!" Zhou Haidong promised smoothly, this is a good thing. Li Dong's car after all is not when he drives more, drive luxury cars out, that taste is not the same. Although not their own, may drive such a car, they are also proud enough. …… the next day. Li Dong sat in the office to see the information collected by Liu Qi. Because the monkey head mountain is too remote, plus the news report is also a pass, Liu Qi collected information is not much.