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Chapter 296 - Li Dong who is high and low

  Jokes are jokes, no one will naturally take seriously the matter of deducting wages after the farce. Buy clothes, I have to say that women are still good at it. Changing into the clothes picked by Shen Xi, Li Dong felt that people are much more spirited, it is really a person depends on clothes and horse depends on saddle. Li Dong looked in the mirror for a while and asked Shen Xi, "Do you come often?" Looking at Shen Xi just now, she is obviously very familiar with this area. What is sold here are luxury goods, if you count on Shen Xi's salary, a dress she can't even afford to buy with a year's salary. Li Dong thought darkly for a moment, her family's old man is not a big greedy, right? Shen Xi didn't pay attention to him, helped Li Dong sort out the collar, observed for a while before saying: "Let's just make do with it, if I say you don't want to be too Grandstand, turn around and find a manufacturer to order a few sets, more fitted than bought." "I do not have a high demand for clothes." Li Dong just finished Shen Xi retorted: "Is this clothing? It's not a matter of clothes, it's a matter of attitude." "You think rich people like to wear luxury clothes? You think they just like suits? But why do they wear them, why do they buy luxury goods?" Li Dong did not think: "It's just a matter of face." "What do you mean by face? This is a rule, people are herd animals, since you can not do the high and low, then you have to learn to adapt. Although you are rich, you obviously do not have the mentality of a rich person." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "What do you mean by the mentality of a rich man? Is that a rich man with a few gold chains hanging on his body?" Shen Xi snickered: "What you said is called a tease, the rich can not do this kind of thing. Rich people are a group, not independent. You want to survive, want to develop, then you have to learn to adapt, the specific I do not talk to you in detail, anyway, sooner or later you will understand." "Say it like it's true, are you very rich?" Shen Xi lightly hummed: "You care whether I have money or not, anyway, I do not spend your money." Li Dong did not want to argue with her, although Shen Xi's words are hard to hear, but it is also the truth. Li Dong is actually a profiteer, his money comes easy, and even did not have the opportunity to experience this process, the concept of money is actually weak. These two years he did not earn a lot of money, but really spent but not much. When the bill was settled, Li Dong finally slightly experienced what it means to be a rich man, two sets of casual suits, costing 280,000. In the past, Li Dong actually bought clothes is not bad, one or two million a piece of clothing is not bad. But two suits cost 280,000, almost all can buy a house, this kind of thing indeed rarely happens in Li Dong body. Shen Xi was as normal as ever. After checking out from the store, Shen Xi asked Li Dongdao, "Have you experienced it?" "Experience what?" Shen Xi said flatly: "The taste of a human being, did you see it when you were checking out? This is the magic of money. If you were a poor man, would they still treat you like this?" Li Dong was a little confused about her meaning and frowned, "What are you trying to explain?" Shen Xi was silent for a moment, and only after a while did she say, "I just want to tell you that it's better to have money than not to have money." "Fault! Of course I know that having money is better than not having money!" "Forget it, you don't understand." Li Dong always felt that today's Shen Xi strange, but he did not ask more, Shen Xi this person wants to talk to you when you can talk all day, do not want to say how to ask useless. The two walked for a while, Shen Xi said again: "You still have one thing to buy?" "What?" "A watch." Li Dong glanced at the Piaget boutique next to him and asked, "This one?" Shen Xi hummed, "Fake, there is only one Rolex boutique in Pingchuan that is real." Li Dong puzzled, "No one checked?" "Why should we check, people did not say they must be real, you think it is real he is real, you think it is fake he is fake." "So profound." "Because you're too old-fashioned, every time I see you take the phone to look at the time, you know what I have in mind?" "What idea?" "A slap on the wrist to kill you, it's really embarrassing." Shen Xi finished lightly laughed: "Not only do I think so, I'm afraid others also think so, but we are embarrassed to say it." "Cut, have to buy a few tens of millions of watches to pretend to be good?" Shen Xi said somewhat depressed: "Li Dong, really, sometimes I do not understand you. You earn so much money in the end what is the use? You don't play with cars, you don't play with watches, you don't even …… bah!" Shen Xi blushed slightly and continued, "Anyway, you hardly have any hobbies, said you Grange, but sometimes you are very willing to spend money. For example, last year donations, and even when you smashed the store spend money are willing, why prefer not to spend money on yourself." Li Dong said with care: "Why do I have to spend money? If you need it, you use it, if you don't, you don't. Is it necessarily good to be generous with your money?" Shen Xi shook her head and said, "Your mentality is not right. Li Dong, don't look at you rich, but in fact you are a failure you know? As I said before, rich people are a group, not independent. You will be out of step with others if you go on like this, and the road ahead will be very difficult." "The truly rich people are a circle, and you are excluded from the circle. Do you have friends in the Pingchuan business world?" "I don't have a common language with them, and there's no need to make friends."