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Chapter 297 - Inside and Outside the Circle

  March 18. 6:30 pm. Jiangbei Civil Affairs Department, Jiangbei Radio and Television Station and Jiangbei Daily Media Group jointly held the "2006 Charity Night - Love for Su'an" large-scale charity party in the second studio hall of Jiangbei Television Station. Suan City is the prefecture-level city where Monkey Head Mountain is located. Outside the door of Jiangbei TV Station, a long red carpet was laid all the way to the second studio hall. A luxurious or introverted luxury car stopped outside the red carpet, and a celebrity stepped onto the red carpet. Because the party has not yet officially opened, these celebrities are not in a hurry to enter, standing on both sides of the red carpet or waiting for someone, or gossip. The crowd was divided into small circles in groups of three or five. "Old Chen, the stock you recommended to me last time went up, a small profit, thanks, hahaha!" "You really bought it? Damn, if I had known I would not have changed, causing me to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars." "Old Chen, feelings you did not buy it, right? You're a big fool, you deserve to lose your life!" "Old Song, are you saying this at a loss? If not for me, you can earn?" …… "Mr. Wang, I heard that the son of the Xu family is from Longhua, have you ever dealt with him?" "Not too familiar, met a few times, the ability is not weak, tiger father no dog son ah." …… "Sister Ruoqing, they said that today Hong Liang also came, is it true?" "What! Hong Liang also came? I love to watch his plays, he recently played the "Valley of the Hundred Flowers" did you see? It was so touching, I shed tears several times." "You have a low tear point, Hong Liang I do not like. I like to listen to Yang Si's songs, tonight Yang Si is coming over, later find her to take a picture." …… just in the crowd of hot chatter, six forty-five minutes, a smooth curved black car stopped outside the red carpet. The people who came to the party today are not low class, and their vision is naturally not bad. Many people recognized the Maybach and someone asked in a low voice: "Who's here? I don't think anyone drives a Maybach on this side of Pingchuan, right?" "I'm not sure, is it someone who has changed cars?" "Is it Mr. Xu from Longhua? This car is not cheap, one car is as much as my profit for a year." "Old Huang, you don't have to do that. Last month you made more than 5 million from a business deal, don't I know?" "Hahahaha, well-informed, you've found out about this." The crowd discussed, but no one made a disorderly move. Although a Maybach is rare, but the people who can afford to buy it today are not a few, really bite the bullet, there are at least a dozen or twenty people on the red carpet can afford it. But the salute is not less. After all, Maybach is also considered a world-class luxury car, although not the top kind, but in Pingchuan can afford to drive Maybach is not too much, the status naturally will not be bad to where. When Li Dong got down from the car, the atmosphere by the red carpet was slightly silent for a moment. Then someone whispered: "Li Dong from afar." "The kid who smashed the old Qi club?" "That's him, don't look young, but also a ruthless character." "Cut! What kind of tough guy is he? If I were old Qi, this will not just let go, young people do not know the sky is high, when we started with nothing, he was still running around in crotch pants." "You can't say that ……," the crowd's discussion Li Dong did not hear, heard and will not say anything. Li Dong got out of the car and looked around, and found that there were not many who knew each other. Because of Shen Xi's words, Li Dong deliberately observed, indeed, the crowd is divided according to the circle. A small circle of people gathered together, more than seven or eight people, less three or two people, not many really alone. Li Dong stood for a moment, and no one came to greet him. Next to a later Volvo man just got out of the car, next to three or four people came forward to greet, then the Volvo man into the circle, not long after the sound of several people laughing and talking. Li Dong stood at the side of the car, looking at the scene in front of him, a thought came to mind, this is the "circle"? Shen Xi said he was excluded from the business circle, and now it seems to be true. Li Dong stayed in place for two or three minutes, but no one came forward to greet. On the one hand, Li Dong and they are not familiar, the other is Li Dong's age is too young, the crowd has a natural sense of rejection. They have struggled all their lives, but the result is not as good as a young man, people are emotional, jealousy is also a nature. Of course, there is another reason, the rumor is that the boss of the far side is domineering, this kind of person in the business world is not very pleasing. Sun Tao and Wang Yue, who came with Li Dong, saw Li Dong standing still, and Wang Yue whispered, "Mr. Li, let's go in first." Li Dong did not make a sound, and only after a moment said, "Go in." Just taking a step, the crowd suddenly stirred. Then Li Dong heard someone shout, "Mr. Xu, you're here!" "Uncle Liu, I haven't seen you for a few days, you're much younger." "Hahahaha, Chief Xu will just make fun of me, half of my body is buried in the earth, still young, you guys are the real young ah." …… "Mr. Xu, how is Chairman Xu's health?" "Good good, he even ate a few big bowls at noon today, he was still running when I came just now, thank you Zhao for your concern." …… "Mr. Xu, last time you invited a guest you said you didn't have time to go, you have time tomorrow, right?" "Mr. Qian, last time I really did not have time, tomorrow is fine, Mr. Qian you ask, let me go anywhere into, you see this full satisfaction?" "Satisfied, very satisfied, Mr. Xu appreciate your face, tomorrow I am sure to entertain you well." …… Li Dong looked at Xu Shengzhe, who was surrounded by the crowd in the center, to say that a little not lost that is a lie. Xu Shengzhe in his eyes is just a lucky child who has been blessed by his father's shade, but people are a hundred times more popular than him. This is not only because of his identity as the future successor of Longhua, but more importantly, Xu Shengzhe will be more human than him. Surrounded by Xu Shengzhe crowd, more than 90 percent of them are some small bosses, the Long Hua Group assets of up to ten billion, but Xu Shengzhe treats people with a spring in his step. Whether it's a big businessman or a small boss, facing Xu Shengzhe has a kind of spring breeze feeling. Xu Shengzhe did not ignore those small businessmen who came forward to curry favor, three words made those businessmen smile, and in fact Xu Shengzhe did not promise anything, but just a few words of courtesy. Li Dong looked at this scene and thought, "Can I do this?"