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Chapter 298 - The Beginning of the Dinner Party

  Because of Xu Shengzhe's appearance, Li Dong's situation has improved a lot. Although it is impossible to fully integrate into this invisible circle in a short period of time, at least the people are not as repulsive to Li Dong as they were at the beginning. Seeing that the time of the party was approaching, Xu Shengzhe said, "Li Dong, let's go in together." Li Dong nodded and walked forward in parallel with Xu Shengzhe. Just as he entered the building, someone behind him jogged over like a wind. Looking at the silhouette crossed himself, Li Dong eyes flashed a strange color, the people who came tonight not to say that they are all celebrities, at least considered successful people. This occasion, what people make such a disorderly move? Just thinking, the figure that had run in front of Li Dong suddenly stopped. Then the man turned his head to look at Li Dong, his face showed a flash of joy and shouted, "Li Dong, you're here too?" When Li Dong saw that person, his face wore a touch of stiffness. It was a long time before Li Dong spoke: "That …… Xiao Rui is right, why are you here?" The one in front of you is not someone else, it is the yellow-haired girl who helped Li Dong smash the store last time. Specific name Li Dong do not know, is to hear the next person called her Rui, Li Dong will also follow so shouted. If someone else made just acted out of character, then Rui made this action is somewhat justified. This yellow-haired girl is not the usual bold, curiosity is not the usual heavy, even the smashing of cars are doing smoothly, in a crowded place trot what. Hearing Li Dong call out his name, Xiao Rui said excitedly: "Li Dong, I also came to the party ah! You are also here, great, I tell you ……" Xiao Rui also does not take Li Dong as an outsider, chattering and began to talk about it. Li Dong listened seriously with a smile on his face, compared to those people Chen Rui, Rui is obviously a heartless, Li Dong also like to deal with this kind of people. Although this girl seems to get with the female gangster like, in fact, just adolescent rebellion, people are not bad. Perhaps it is the last time we did bad things together, Rui rightfully took Li Dong as one of their own, while walking and screaming: "Li Dong, I saw that old guy Qi Guanghe when I came in, and his son, how about we smash their car later after the party?" Li Dong lost his smile. Next to Xu Shengzhe also cried and laughed, interrupted: "Hu Xiaorui, pay attention to the occasion." Xiao Rui seemed to have just noticed Xu Shengzhe and waited for him to speak before turning to look at him, then pouted and cooed, "Xu Da Renmin, why are you here too?" "Xu Da Treacherous Minister?" Li Dong coughed dryly, almost bursting out laughing. Xu Shengzhe's face was full of black lines, his smile tightened and he didn't pay attention to Hu Xiaorui. Hu Xiaorui also does not care, see Li Dong interested, and quickly smile and explain: "This guy is a big traitor, "Kangxi private visits" read? You see him smiling all day long with and| like it? Is he| a traitor?" Li Dong nodded his head with a smile. Hu Xiaorui saw the situation came to interest, and said: "And this guy in the circle of bad reputation, often shady, Li Dong, you do not want to be shady by him." "Hu Xiaorui!" Xu Shengzhe was furious, no longer just laughing and joking, annoyed: "Rice can eat, words can not be said, understand? Also, this is a charity party, you're a non-mainstream, you don't have money, you don't have charity, who told you to come?" "Humph! Who said I don't have money, I tell you, I came here today to do good deeds too." Hu Xiaorui looked smug and said with a smile, "I asked my father for 10,000 yuan a few days ago, and I haven't spent it, so I'm waiting to donate it today." "How can you be ashamed of 10,000 yuan?" "Why are you embarrassed? Who says you have to spend a lot of money to do a good deed? Li Dong, do you think so?" Li Dong's flirtatious smile slightly astringent, said: "Indeed, the money is not important, the important thing is that Rui you can think of doing good deeds to give love, this is enough." Hu Xiaorui was very proud, padded his feet and patted Li Dong's shoulder, with a smug face, "Li Dong, I like you like this. Xu Da traitor a bit of money on the Nthur, you do not learn from him, in the future I will consider you a friend." "Well, I ……" Li Dong did not have time to finish, a soft drink came from behind, "Xiaorui, what is the commotion, go in!" As soon as Hu Xiaorui heard the voice, she quickly spat out her tongue. Not chatting with Li Dong, Hu Xiaorui hurriedly to Li Dong Dong: "My father is here, I'm leaving, Li Dong, remember to wait for me at the end of the party, together to smash the car!" After saying this, Hu Xiaorui hurriedly trotted away. Li Dong looked back, a middle-aged man who looked forty years old hurriedly came over, the light drink just came from him. Seeing Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe, the man nodded slightly, and then hurriedly chased towards the place where Hu Xiaorui disappeared. Xu Shengzhe saw the situation and whispered, "Hu Ming, the old president of Nanrui Group." "Nanrui Group ……" Li Dong murmured, Nanrui Group he knew, mainly doing textile and foreign trade business. Some years ago, the textile industry is quite popular, Nanrui Group is also that time to do big. But in recent years, the textile industry is not very prosperous, Nanrui Group is somewhat difficult. Last time Chen Rui also helped Li Dong to introduce business, buy a building, to buy is the South Rui Group's Yong Hua Building. Of course, the thin camel is bigger than the horse, Nanrui Group even if the recession, now the total assets of more than one billion, not to mention the general small companies, is now far worse than the far side. And Nanrui Group recently restructured, the main focus on foreign trade. Foreign trade industry is still very profitable, Nanrui Group apparently also succeeded, because Li Dong was reborn back in his previous life, Nanrui Group not only did not collapse, but also became one of the top 100 enterprises in Jiangbei. Thinking that Hu Xiaorui is the daughter of the boss of Nanrui Group, Li Dong lost some laugh. Before Li Dong see Hu Xiaorui follow Chen Rui mix, Li Dong thought she was which official lady, did not expect to be a rich second generation. No wonder this girl is so bold, and not like Chen Rui those who are slightly deep-rooted. The official family out of the people, even if they are nonsense, deep in the heart or with some heart, even Shen Xi is also the same. Only the noble lady out of the mall, because of the spoiled from childhood, it is possible to be reckless, character flying. Of course, these days anything is possible, and can not be generalized. Because of Hu Xiaorui's interruption, the party is almost ready to start. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe didn't delay any longer and walked along the red carpet and the crowd towards the second studio hall. When they entered, there were several ladies of etiquette standing at the entrance of the hall. When they saw Lee Dong and Xu Shengzhe coming, the two ladies in cheongsam on the side greeted them. But there was someone else who was faster than them. Before the lady of etiquette could make a sound, a middle-aged man in his forties wearing glasses came out.