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Chapter 299 Auction

  Before the auction started, there was a performance. A charity party with celebrities naturally requires them to perform on stage. A group chorus of stars' "Tomorrow will be better" opened the charity party. "Let our smiles. Filled with the pride of youth. Let's look forward to a better tomorrow. ……" along with the melodious song fell, the charity auction officially began. The male host began to introduce the first lot, "The next one we are going to bid on is Master Li Yiming's landscape painting "Strange Mountains and Stones", this painting ……" The first lot was donated by Master Li Yiming himself. Li Yiming is not a native of Jiangbei, but his wife is a native of Jiangbei. Although Li Yiming's wife passed away more than ten years ago, Li Yiming is still full of affection for Jiangbei. This time, hearing that Jiangbei suffered from floods, far away from the capital, Master Li Yiming deliberately donated his late masterpiece. If we talk about the other people Li Dong may not know, but this family Chinese painting master, Li Dong is heard of. Because he went to see an exhibition of master Li Yiming's paintings in his previous life in college, when he accompanied his classmates to see it, so the host said Li Dong remembered. Li Yiming's paintings in his later years, the value is not low. The starting price is two hundred thousand. Just after the host's words, five or six people raised their cards at the same time. Li Dong looked at the number plate in his hand, number 16, and did not know whether it was randomly issued or had some meaning. "No. 22, Mr. Wang of Qingjiang Group bid 280,000, any more bids?" "Okay, No. 47 raised his card! Ms. Sun Yingying bid 300,000, is there any higher?" "……" Hearing the host talking about Sun Yingying, Li Dong couldn't help but glance back. Sun Yingying is one of Li Dong's favorite stars, just on stage singing when Li Dong did not see, did not expect Sun Yingying also came. Seeing Li Dong look back, Sun Tao whispered: "Mr. Li, raise the sign?" Li Dong looked around and found that no one moved at the front table, thought about it and said, "Wait." Sun Tao nodded. Two or three hundred thousand of the lot, the bid are some small companies or artists, large enterprises and large groups are not many bids. After all, they are also to do charity, the price of a little lower things do not let them bid, the back of the people can not afford to bid, can not let them sit and watch the show. Charity auction, there are not many people scrambling, the price is about the same, generally no one will bid again. In the end, the painting "Strange Mountains and Stones" was taken down by Sun Yingying for 360,000, which was slightly higher than the market price, but the high price was not scary. The first one is still relatively expensive, the second and third lots are also sponsored by individuals, the price is not expensive. The three lots raised a total of $580,000. When the fourth lot came out, Li Dong was somewhat interested. It was donated by one of the largest local jewelry stores, a diamond necklace, which was designed by an internationally renowned designer in the host's introduction. Li Dong did not know much about the designer, but the name of the necklace was "raindrop". Because the shape of the main diamond resembles a raindrop is named, which makes Li Dong can not help but think of Qin Yuhan. To Qin Yuhan Li Dong still have some debt, these two years Li Dong although not less to her money, but to say that the gift, but really not how to send. Especially last time he gave Yuan Xue a necklace, which makes Li Dong more guilty. Li Dong was prepared to send Qin Yuhan some jewelry, but never found a suitable, now the auction of this necklace named "raindrop" is quite suitable. When the host just finished the starting price, Li Dong raised his card. "No. 16, the total bid of 500,000 Yuanfang Li, is there any higher?" "No. 38 raised, Ms. Feihong Liu bid 600,000, is there any more?" "No. 29, Ms. Yang Si bid $680,000!" "……" "No. 16, Mr. Li has bid again, 800,000!" "No. 28, Mr. Qi bid $880,000! Any more bids?" The host's voice was excited, but Li Dong didn't care, glancing sideways at Qi Guanghe who had just raised his card. Qi Guanghe didn't look at Li Dong, but Qi Chong, who was sitting beside Qi Guanghe, gave Li Dong a fierce glare. Li Dong smiled lightly, raised his card again and said, "One million!" There were few people who knew that Li Dong and Qi Guanghe had a conflict, and when they saw that these two people were fighting, the crowd could not help but be shaken. Charity auction is generally to send money, even if the auction, people will not bid too high, let alone do the battle of passion. But this situation should also be divided into occasions and objects, such as Li Dong and Qi Guanghe such, these two turn their faces all over Pingchuan not a few do not know, this situation bar up, the next should have a good show. As expected, Qi Guanghe raised his cards again and said in a flat tone, "1.1 million!"