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Chapter 300: A Surprise Worth Thirty Million

  One by one, the auction items were auctioned off and more and more charity money was raised. ??????? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. As for the first few tables, no one has made a bid so far. Time passed a little, and when a sculpture was taken, the host took a breath and said, "Only the last lot is left!" "This is a painting, a somewhat special painting." "Its author is not a famous artist, not even a professional painter. It is the work of a nine-year-old child who comes from the village of Da Wang at the foot of the Monkey Head Mountain. The little girl's name is Tian Xiaoyu, and she just started the third grade this year. On the very day of the flash flood, Xiaoyu lost her parents …… The little girl drew a picture with pencil in the rescue tent - "Parents and I". This drawing may seem like just a doodle work to you, but Xiaoyu cherished it. When she heard that we were raising money for the disaster area this time, Xiaoyu gave us her most precious things. She told us that she hoped all the uncles and aunts could buy her painting, the money from the sale could save more people, she didn't want others to be without their mothers and fathers too ……" "The following auction will begin, no reserve bid!" After the host finished, many people's eyes were a little red. Then it was the crowd raised their cards in unison. "50,000!" "100,000!" "160,000!" "……" "No. 6, General Manager Xu of Longhua Group bid 500,000!" "No. 4, Jiangbei Non-Ferrous Huang bid 600,000!" "No. 5, Jiangbei Energy Zhang bid 800,000!" …… several predators who had not bid before have bid, for these people, it does not matter what the auction item is, the key to have meaning. Things are more expensive, it is only items, these families are not bad money, and do not need to grab with others. But this painting is different, maybe this painting is worthless in the eyes of outsiders, but the meaning is too much. This is as the finale of the item auction, naturally not ordinary people can set down. They all know that today's dinner will have the provincial party committee leaders over to attend, whether or not the auction order arranged from above, shooting this painting is right. Even if the auction is a sky-high price, we are not surprised. On the one hand, it is done for the leaders, on the other hand, it is a good means of publicity. Nine-year-old girl in the disaster area doodle work, auctioned for a sky-high price, this kind of news media how possible not to hype. Plus the charity party will also be broadcast on television, this sensation will certainly attract attention, even as a publicity ad, spend some money is worth it. Not to mention several predators, Li Dong's eyes also lit up. Shen Xi asked him to make a splash before, Li Dong has not been looking for the right opportunity, now it seems the opportunity has come. When Xu Shengzhe's bid reached 2 million, Li Dong raised his card and said, "3 million!" Xu Shengzhe gave him a sideways glance, nodded slightly, and then said, "4 million!" Now there are only two of them on the field, non-ferrous and energy group to come is not the real principal, spend too much money is not good account. Another point, these two are state-owned enterprises, in a monopoly position. If they can shoot down, the two do not mind pleasing the provincial leadership, but if they do not shoot down, they do not matter. Anyway, they are a monopoly, the media publicity for them almost nothing effect. Besides, there will be a donation on stage later, there is no need to compete with others at the auction. "5 million!" "5 million! Mr. Li from afar bid 5 million, which has broken tonight's auction record, a painting of a nine-year-old child, fetched a sky-high price of 5 million! Auction has a price, but true love is priceless! Far Far Away Supermarket has been a model for the retail industry in Pingchuan ……" For the host's help in advertising, Li Dong gladly accepted. Xu Shengzhe also did not rush to bid, he and Li Dong no feud, this time should be mutual support, he is not Qi Guanghe, naturally not anxious. When the host finished, Xu Shengzhe raised his card again and said, "5.5 million!" "Oh my! I can't believe it, Mr. Xu of Longhua Group has bid again, 5.5 million, Longhua is worthy of the top ten enterprises in Jiangbei, Longhua Group has always been committed to charity ……" The host was very articulate, and his horse's ass was well patted. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe are very satisfied. The two did not panic in the bidding, has continued for seven or eight minutes, the price finally came to eight million. Eight million can be said to be a real sky price, even the domestic leading master, the peak of the painting may not be worth this price. The previous Li Yiming is considered a big name in the world of Chinese painting, but a pair of landscape paintings only shot more than 300,000. 06 years, hundreds of thousands of paintings are already considered good, and only famous artists can enjoy this treatment. But now, a pair of graffiti works, actually to eight million. Not to mention the host's excited incoherence, others in the field have also looked sideways. Longhua, Far Far Away, no matter how outsiders view these two enterprises before, but after tonight, the two enterprises in Jiangbei will become synonymous with loving enterprises. As for Qi Chong that douchebag, although spent more than three million to buy the diamond ring, but in the eyes of outsiders, that is fighting, is stupid, and because of fighting with Li Dong, when the time on TV ten ** to be cut, at most to report a name, completely outweighs the loss. The price of eight million is almost to Li Dong's bottom line, gently exhaled, Li Dong once again said: "8.8 million." Whether he could take this painting or not, it was worth it tonight. On the one hand, it is for show, and on the other hand, it is also for publicity, both of which Li Dong has done. Even if the final take for Xu Shengzhe, the effect is actually not much worse. Xu Shengzhe loosened his tie and smiled sideways at Li Dong: "I'll pay 9.8 million, Mr. Li, it's all up to this point, I'll surrender if you pay a million. After breaking the 10 million mark, our auction should be considered a good deal tonight." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Don't look at so many celebrities tonight, I'm afraid there are less than fifty of them with more than ten million dollars. A pair of worthless paintings, more than their entire fortune, which makes the hearts of the people on the field full of bad taste. However, everyone was looking forward to seeing if Li Dong would bid ten million in the end? The host also said with great excitement: "Next we are waiting for Mr. Li's choice! Will Li always raise his card?" The leader of the Civil Affairs Department, who had been watching from the side, suddenly took the microphone and said with a smile, "Mr. Li, you have already bid 8.8 million, Mr. Xu is now putting you on the spot, do you still care about spending an extra million?" Li Dong's brain turned for a moment, then he smiled and said, "Since everyone is looking forward to it, I'll pay 10 million. Mr. Xu don't renege." Xu Shengzhe let out a laugh and directly put down his card. Xu Shengzhe gave up, and there was a loud applause from the field. The host even kept shouting, "Ten million! Mr. Li bid 10 million, thank you Mr. Li, thank you Far Far Away! This scene today has shown us Yuanfang's sense of responsibility and commitment. I have decided that I will go to Yuanfang Supermarket to buy things in the future, so don't forget to give me a discount, Mr. Li."