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Chapter 301: Behave yourself

  Just as Li Dong was slightly apprehensive, the organizers tallied up the total amount of money raised tonight. w?w?w?……? "96.86 million!" This figure obviously made the organizers happy, and the mouth of the deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department who attended the gala was all smiles. A charity dinner that raised more than ninety million dollars had broken previous records. The year before last, Jiangbei also held a charity party, but that time only raised 30 million, today tripled, greatly exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Of course, this is also related to the economic development of the past few years. There is another point, tonight's several large donations, far, energy group, non-ferrous group, these three donations on nearly 50 million, accounting for more than half of the share. The organizer just finished announcing the results, as if not to let Yuan Fang exclusive beauty before, Xu Shengzhe said: "Tonight's charity dinner to raise funds of nearly 100 million, Longhua Group has always been committed to charity, and I personally to charity is also a strong support. Tonight on a coincidence, my private donation of 3.14 million!" "PAP PAP PAP!" A round of enthusiastic applause rang out, and the leader of the Civil Affairs Department smilingly bowed slightly towards Xu Shengzhe. Together with Xu Shengzhe's 3.14 million, the total amount raised tonight just exceeded the 100 million mark! This was a great achievement, and the leaders of the Civil Affairs Department were grateful to Longhua and Yuanfang. The deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department walked down from the stage and shook hands to thank them table by table. When they reached Li Dong's table, the deputy director clasped Li Dong's hands and said with deep emotion, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for your support to the people of Suan!" Li Dong hastily said politely, "Director Wu is very kind, this is our due responsibility. The far side is a part of Jiangbei, one side is in trouble, eight sides support, this is the virtue left by our old ancestors, Li Dong would not dare to claim credit." The deputy director smiled even more, holding Li Dong's hand shook fiercely a few times. Li Dong is not interested in old men, shaking a moment to hastily retracted his hands, the old man's skin is particularly slippery, shaking a moment Li Dong feel their hands are stained with oil, strange uncomfortable. The field is not only Li Dong, the deputy director naturally can not delay too much time in Li Dong. Just about to go to the next table, a staff member of the Department of Civil Affairs hurriedly came over, and then came together in the deputy director's ear and whispered a few words. The deputy director's face changed slightly, followed by clapping his hands to attract the attention of the crowd. Waiting for the crowd to quiet down, the deputy director said with a smile on his face: "Everyone be quiet, you are committed to charity, acts of love touched Jiangbei. In order to thank you for the support of the people of Suan, the provincial party committee leaders personally came to the venue to thank you, everyone applauded." Pop! Applause like thunder, than just rush-like applause, this moment of applause the crowd absolutely no perfunctory. The eyes of the crowd were cast to the entrance of the studio, and the deputy director also led several leaders of the organizers to welcome them. Li Dong beside Hu Xiaorui while applauding, while mysteriously said: "Li Dong, do you know who is coming?" Li Dong did not move and said, "At least it must be a vice governor." Hu Xiaorui looked contemptuous and said, "Your news is too outdated, right? If only a vice governor, you think the non-ferrous and energy group can come?" The two enterprises of the hand of the administrative level is also vice ministerial, if only a vice governor, the two really do not necessarily give face. Li Dong applauded while trying to say, "Then you know who it is?" "Of course, I tell you, this news but I spent a lot of money to inquire about, tonight came ……" "Boom!" Hu Xiaorui later words Li Dong did not hear, because the studio has been covered by thunderous applause. Li Dong sight to the door, a line of seven or eight people just stepped into the studio. Other people focus on who Li Dong does not know, Li Dong is the corner of the mouth twitch, because he saw a reasonably unexpected people. Shen Xi! At this moment Shen Xi is very low-profile, walking at the end of the line, waiting for the team all into the hall, Shen Xi and silently from the side of the team. Li Dong saw her look around in the crowd, then she gave herself a wink and crept towards her side. Li Dong grinned, and only then did he have time to pay attention to the pedestrian who had just entered. The other people Li Dong did not care much, his eyes on the front of the line of the man's body. Fifty to sixty years old, face, black hair, looks nothing special, just an ordinary little old man. But the man's eyes are very special, Li Dong directly under the feeling of some sharp, there is a kind of class during the small action was found by the teacher's feeling, another angle but also feel very soft. These are two different temperaments, but Li Dong felt both, no sense of incongruity. Man walking speed is not fast, but each step is very stable. Waiting for the man to walk to the center of the crowd, which slowly stopped walking. The deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department was about to introduce to the crowd when the man gently waved his hand, then smiled and pressed his hands in vain and said, "Gentlemen, applause is not necessary, I am flattered." The crowd laughed cateringly, and then curbed the applause. The man saw another smile, next to the staff with a microphone handed over, the man gently waved his hand and refused.