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Chapter 302 Policy Support

  Du Anmin is a busy man, naturally he will not stay too long. Before and after more than ten minutes, Du Anmin took the lead and left. The crowd did not feel anything wrong, today Du Anmin personally thanked, this face has given the crowd enough. As soon as Du left, the atmosphere on the field only warmed up. But many people's eyes are still betting on Li Dong table, on the one hand, Li Dong tonight out of the limelight, but on the other hand, it is Shen Xi's sake. Although Shen Xi left the team in advance, there are many sharp-eyed people. Many people have seen Shen Xi is and Du Anmin came together, obviously and Du Secretary some relationship. And then see Shen Xi and Li Dong sitting together, many people on the field are showing a look of understanding. No wonder Yuanfang is developing so fast, Li Dong, a young man, can make Yuanfang go so far, the hearts of the people are naturally not too convinced. But when they knew that Li Dong and Secretary Du have a relationship, the crowd understood, with Secretary Du support, Li Dong's achievements do not seem so conspicuous. Li Dong obviously felt this change. After dealing with the seventh or eighth wave of businessmen's toasts, Li Dong took the time to ask Shen Xi, "Is this the surprise you were talking about? It's a little disappointing, but it's up to my expectations." Shen Xi lightly hummed, "Don't think nonsense." "So it's not?" "What do you think?" Li Dong didn't pursue the question further because Hu Ming brought Hu Xiaorui along with him. <> Hu Ming raised his cup towards Li Dong and lightly smiled, "Mr. Li, congratulations." Li Dong laughed: "Mr. Hu, what's the joy?" Hu Ming did not explain, took a sip of wine, and then said, "I hope to cooperate with Mr. Li in the future, it's getting late tonight, my daughter and I will leave now." Li Dong nodded and smiled, "Take care, Mr. Hu!" Hu Xiaorui was depressed and said, "Dad, you go first, I want to go with Li Dong." Hu Ming glared at her and apologized to Li Dong, "My daughter is naughty, so I've caused trouble for Mr. Li." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "It's okay, Rui is very cute, Hu always has such a daughter, he should be secretly happy." Hu Ming's face showed a smile that could not be concealed, regardless of whether he was a rich man or a big official, his children were the flesh of his parents' hearts. Li Dong praised Hu Xiaorui, Hu Ming was naturally pleased. Of course, smugness is smugness, Hu Ming will not lose his attitude, smilingly said: "Thank you for your kindness, then we will leave first." "Well, next time there is an opportunity to have tea with Mr. Hu." Hu Ming answered, pulled the reluctant Hu Xiaorui and left. Hu Xiaorui could not break free, her eyes turned for a moment, turned back towards Li Dong and opened her mouth, one hand gestured downward. Li Dong lost his smile, Hu Xiaorui's words he understood. This is to let himself wait for her, later together with the meaning of smashing the car. Shen Xi on the side to see the situation out of the voice flirted: "I did not expect that the total taste of Li so unique, no wonder so many female employees of the company to you discharge you do not feel, the original is the wrong style. <> "Li Dong not good-naturedly said:" Shut up line can, I have so thirsty?" Shen Xi shrugged and said, "Who knows." Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, carrying a glass of wine to visit a few people Xu Shengzhe, as well as a few old bosses who had previously exchanged business cards. A circle down, Li Dong and received a lot of business cards, also handed out a lot of business cards. Today's charity gala is not only to make a name for Li Dong, but also a start for him to integrate into the circle. More than a year before, Li Dong has dealt with no more than thirty business owners. But today a night, Li Dong received more than 50 business cards, including many owners of large group companies. Although it's just a general friendship, maybe they won't remember what he looks like, but it's a good start, representing the business circle of Jiangbei has accepted Li Dong. When Li Dong returned to his seat, Sun Tao and Wang Yue also just returned. Compared to Li Dong, these two people are obviously a bit more sociable. On the contrary, Shen Xi has not moved, quietly sitting at the table eating and drinking, waiting for several people to return, Shen Xi said: "Go back, today's task has been completed." The time is late, many people have already retired. Li Dong saw the situation and nodded, Shen Xi added: "Sun and Wang stay and hand over to the organizer, Li and I will go back first." Sun Tao and Wang Yue are smart people, know that the two have something to say, nodded and turned to leave. <> Once the two left, Shen Xi said: "Let's go, take your car back, Maybach I grew up never sat." Li Dong full of care said: "If you like, I'll send you one later." "Forget it, it's okay to taste it, if I drive it, I won't be interested in it for more than a week." Parking lot. Li Dong did not rush to get into the car, swept around the parking lot, did not see Hu Xiaorui, which was slightly relieved. Shen Xi saw the situation and laughed: "did not wait for the little lover, is not a little disappointed?" "Less nonsense, get in the car, I still have something to ask you." Shen Xi laughed, opened the door and got into the car, did not rush to talk to Li Dong, leaned back in the seat with eyes closed to enjoy a moment before laughing: "It feels good, there is a chance for me to drive two days to try." "Whatever." Li Dong said indifferently, before asking, "What do you want to tell me?"