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Chapter 303 Young Generation

  Shen Xi finished these, opened the car door and said, "Let's go, for you this, recently I have not less fee?6? s." Li Dong said with a sincere face: "Thanks!" Shen Xi stroked her hair, humming: "Thank you, do not need, do not forget to give me a salary increase." Li Dong laughed: "Sure, how much you say is how much." Shen Xi did not answer, get off and ready to go. Li Dong saw this and said, "I'll give you a ride!" "No, old Du's car seems to have not left yet, I will join him later." As soon as he heard that Du Anmin hadn't left yet, Li Dong suddenly stopped talking. Old Du's aura is still very powerful, Li Dong does not dare to meet with him alone, the pressure is too great, Li Dong is afraid that he will lose his temper. Once Shen Xi left, Li Dong leaned back in his seat and hummed a cheerful ditty, then he said to Zhou Haidong, "Old Zhou, take me home." Zhou Haidong started the car without saying a word. …… "Squeak!" A sharp braking let Li Dong opened his eyes, looking at the car stopped in front of Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong angry to get out of the car and chided: "do not want to live, who let you so stop the car?" Hu Xiaorui is more angry than Li Dong, annoyed: "You said to wait for me!" "When did I say that?" "Just now! I said we would smash the car together at night, you promised! Li Dong, you don't keep your word, as bad as Xu Da traitor, I won't play with you anymore!" Hu Xiaorui face aggrieved, finished and ran away in a huff. Li Dong some speechless, this you also take seriously? Just perfunctory little girl just, did not expect this girl also with his serious, even do not play with their own such words are said, Hu Xiaorui is too childish, right. Li Dong did not think much about it, and got into the car to continue home. This time a cross-country next to slowly stopped. Xu Shengzhe got out and stood by the car and smiled and said, "Pissed off the little girl?" Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "I can't be blamed for this, the little girl is too serious, the child's temper, you can't let me really go to smash the Qi family's car, right?" "Hahaha, I expected that." Xu Shengzhe laughed at the strange, see Li Dong some confusion, explained: "Hu Xiaorui character a tendency, say she is simple, say she is really stupid also, anyway, people will certainly not take care of you. In the circle Hu Xiaorui is a thorn in the side, people generally do not dare to mess with her." Li Dong did not take it seriously, but now is a little interested, asked, "Do you also dare not provoke her?" Xu Shengzhe helplessly said, "Not dare, is not necessary. Before I saw you and her relationship, I thought you knew about her, but now it seems that you do not know." "What is it, tell me?" Li Dong was idle, so he wanted to gossip a little. After all, Hu Xiaorui's status in the circle was not the highest batch, nor was her wealth the largest rich generation, so what made even someone like Xu Shengzhe not dare to provoke her? Since Li Dong is ready to integrate into the circle, the circle of these second-generation naturally also need to understand a little. Officials and business are not separated, the business circle is actually involved with the circle of the second generation, and sometimes the two circles are not very well divided. Xu Shengzhe saw the situation and laughed: "Is it just standing on the roadside to say? Find a place to sit down, how about we talk a few words?" For Li Dong, Xu Shengzhe was previously to contact with the attitude of dealing with each other. But today, seeing the relationship between Li Dong and Shen Xi, Xu Shengzhe's attitude towards Li Dong has been attached to three more points. Li Dong just want to know more about Xu Shengzhe, nodded and said: "Then go to the teahouse, I know a teahouse nearby ……" Li Dong just finished, Xu Shengzhe cried and laughed and said: "Li Dong, the night, almost eleven o'clock up, you let me accompany you to the teahouse to drink tea?" "What's wrong?" Xu Shengzhe saw Li Dong look dumbfounded, helplessly said: "I'm convinced of you, come with me!" He is now completely convinced of Li Dong, a young man in his early twenties, at night can only think of going to the teahouse to drink tea, this is how sad. Xu Shengzhe got into the car and gestured for Li Dong to follow. Li Dong also did not ask much, let Zhou Haidong followed. …… car drove for about ten minutes, Xu Shengzhe's car stopped in front of a bar. Li Dong got out of the car and swept a glance, some bored said: "Bar only, I thought what interesting place." Li Dong does not like noisy environment, especially talking to people, noisy environment tends to make people make wrong decisions. Of course, Li Dong will not be completely rejected. He is not really dirt to home, and in his previous life, he did not come to the bar, feel a few times found that there is actually nothing particularly interesting, but this life is the first time to come. Xu Shengzhe parked the car, smiled and said, "Not a regular bar, is a bar, mainly to relax." Li Dong nodded and said, "That's good." He is not interested in ONS or anything, if you really want to find, what kind of women he can not find, why come to the bar to seek stimulation. The bar rarely has such messy things, mainly also with light music, more suitable for chatting. Xu Shengzhe saw that he was not curious at all, slightly interested: "You know the Qing bar?" "Fuck off! Am I that stupid in your eyes?" Xu Shengzhe said apologetically, "That's not what I meant.