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Chapter 304 - A long insight

  After easing his emotions, Li Dong asked, "Hu Xiaorui why can not be provoked?" Xu Sheng 13 Zhe did not answer, raised his cup and said, "Have a drink, talk slowly." Li Dong clinked glasses with him and drank it all in one gulp. Xu Shengzhe gave a thumbs up, praised: "Enough crisp, I hate those who do not drink, do not want to drink, do not drink, do not have fun." Li Dong joked, "Just thirsty, or I do not drink beer." Xu Shengzhe gave a laugh, then turned back to the topic just said: "Hu Xiaorui is not to provoke, the key is that her character generally can not bear, and over time we do not like to mix with her. In addition to her backstage hard, can not be provoked and can not play together, you say who wants to communicate with such people?" "Hu Ming?" "No." Xu Shengzhe shook his head and said, "If it were just Hu Ming, Hu Xiaorui's personality would have been played to death." "Hu Ming's family history you must not have understood, Hu Ming is a genuine grassroots, thirty years old before the textile factory as a technician. He made his fortune nearly twenty years ago, do you know why?" "I don't know." "Because he married a good wife." Xu Shengzhe did not know whether to despise or envy, after a pause to laugh: "Hu Ming married that is not simple, twenty years ago his father-in-law is the mayor of Pingchuan. Twenty years later, people into the NPC." "The province?" "Of course not, more above." Li Dong surprised: "Now still?" "Well, the deputy, but also the top of the country, otherwise you think Hu Xiaorui with what can stand side by side with Shen Xi Jia Wenhao." "I have not heard of it, Nanrui Group some time ago is not the funds have difficulties? If that one is still in ……" Xu Shengzhe heatedly laughed: "divorced." "You said divorced?" "Hey, the husband is not, the mother tiger in power, low status at home, is a man can not tolerate. Hu Ming endured for twenty years, is able to endure." Xu Shengzhe said and teased Li Dong Dong, "You also be careful, do not follow his footsteps." Li Dong understood what he meant and said, "Fuck you, don't talk nonsense, believe it or not I will tell Shen Xi." Xu Shengzhe immediately laughed: "Hahaha, still do not admit, now do not confess it. But Shen Xi is not bad, and I have not heard how domineering, if you really marry her, you can less struggle for ten years." Li Dong hummed: "Shen Xi heard this, do you think she will look for you to settle scores?" Xu Shengzhe waved his hand and said, "Come on, forget I ever said that. Or talk about Hu Xiaorui, you've pissed people off tonight, be careful next time." Li Dong frowned and said, "No way, this is to mess with her?" "What do you say? Know why she called me …… that?" Li Dong could not help but laugh: "Xu Da traitor is it, just Hu Xiaorui also put me and you side by side." "Ahem, this nickname the whole Pingchuan also Hu Xiaorui so called. This girl Hu Xiaorui, I suspect she is sick." Li Dong said with slight displeasure: "Old Xu, this is a bit too much, why should a big man be calculating with a small girl." "Really, I'm not lying to you!" Xu Shengzhe said with a solemn face: "I really suspect that she is sick! Hu Xiaorui may be a little slow in intellectual development, do not look at her twenty years old, in fact, with seven or eight-year-old children, love and hate. If she says she doesn't like you, she hates you. She turns the other cheek quickly, you a word to upset her, she can turn around and hate you. This is not the main thing, the key is whether Hu Ming or Hu Xiaorui's mother, or Hu Xiaorui's uncle and grandfather, are coddling her a little too much. People like us, usually in the circle to eat a little loss to eat a little loss, the big deal back to find the field. But Hu Xiaorui is different, if she suffers a loss, their whole family together, you do not know, people's grandfather is directly to the door to slap you big kind of slap, you say strange not strange! Li Dong some dumbfounded, Hu Xiaorui's grandfather? That means the one in Beijing, because of the dispute of the younger generation, directly to the door to slap others, this is indeed the world's strange story. If that person is serious, it is a vice state level big brother. This kind of big brother, will be because the granddaughter was bullied, directly door to door to beat people, Li Dong have never heard of. Xu Shengzhe slightly lowered his voice and said: "No lie, just the year before last. The person who was beaten you may not know, but his old man you should know, the propaganda department of Minister Zhang's family, after that incident, Minister Zhang sent him to the military, two years, did not return once." "And my side, before I and Hu Xiaorui relationship is not bad. But because Hu Xiaorui once said together to go hunting, I forgot, she holds a grudge very, from then on has been called me that what …… good in her family that is still reasonable, did not find my fault, otherwise I have to suffer." Li Dong tonight is completely long knowledge. The world is really big, there is nothing strange ah. After drinking a glass of beer, Li Dong laughed bitterly: "You told me to be careful, not because I didn't smash the car, the old man came straight over and slapped me, right?" "That's not so much. In the beginning, the Zhang family also deserved it, the lustful, want to Hu Xiaorui rough, which caused people to come over to beat him. You are a little bit lighter, Hu Xiaorui will not necessarily take it to heart, at most, will come back to give you a nickname, to help you make a name for yourself." Xu Shengzhe said while laughing: "Let's see, according to Hu Xiaorui's nature should give you what nickname?" "Li Dahuo?"