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Chapter 305 - Merchant City Out

  The day after the charity dinner. As Li Dong had expected before, the names of Li Dong and Yuanfang6 really appeared in the major media. Throwing ten million dollars to bid for a pair of nine-year-old child's graffiti work, this attracted more attention than Li Dong's subsequent donation of more than ten million dollars in cash. Not only the media in Jiangbei, but also many domestic media reported on this move of Li Dong. Of course, the major media also had mixed reviews. Some media hit the headline questioning, "Is such charity a love offering or a hype?" "Should companies make a show of people in disaster areas?" "We should say 'no' to the hype of love!" …… has a pejorative nature, there are also media to defend the far side, regardless of whether it is a hype, at least people really pay money for nothing. A private enterprise established less than two years ago, spending tens of millions of dollars into charity, regardless of whether the enterprise is suspected of hype, the goodwill of Yuanfang and the head of Yuanfang is indisputable. And this charitable donation is not an isolated case. Last year, Yuanfang also carried out large-scale charitable activities. Li Dong, the head of Yuanfang, is still very young and the future successor of the charity business, so some media should not be so hard on the enterprise! There was a heated debate on this issue in all major media for a while! …… No matter how the media reports, Li Dong is at peace with the situation. Anyway, his purpose is achieved, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, this time Yuanfang indeed another fire. The more the media bicker, the better, Li Dong would not want them to scold in the media every day. At least from the current mainstream social opinion, most people in society are still more positive than negative about Yuanfang. Just like that forced charity Chen so-and-so, although the community has repeatedly questioned the purpose of the other charity, however, the general public on his feelings are generally still recognized mostly. The other side did not do so much fire, but is only the trend to buy a painting, people want to splash dirty water is also very difficult to splash to Li Dong head. …… Global Building. Li Dong received a phone call from Qin Yuhan. For this hype and charity refutation, the capital side also has a part of the media to report. Qin Yuhan was in a bit of an excited mood when she called, and couldn't wait to say when she got on the phone, "Li Dong, I adore you so much!" Li Dong dumbfounded laugh: "What's wrong with this today?" Qin Yuhan gasped: "Li Dong, you know what! Just in class, our professor from Beijing University made a point of giving you an example, saying that you are a real modern entrepreneur, not just a businessman!" "Our professor also said that you have the noble qualities of a new era entrepreneur! A combination of ability and character, with a high sense of social responsibility!" Qin Yuhan repeated almost word for word what the professor had said in class. She was too happy and excited today. Before she saw some media smearing Li Dong, Qin Yuhan was so angry that she wanted to go straight to the door and scold those clutching writers. But what she didn't expect was that because of the media hype in the past two days, even the professors of Beijing University were concerned about Li Dong. Today, when the professor attended the class on corporate culture, he somehow talked about Li Dong. For Li Dong, a grassroots businessman just in his early twenties, the professor of Peking University is not lacking words of praise, even for Li Dong did not come from Peking University and feel a faint regret. At that moment Qin Yuhan could not wait to stand up and tell everyone that the Li Dong you are talking about is my boyfriend! But she couldn't help it after all, despite this, this class Qin Yuhan also excited not to finish listening. As soon as the class was over, Qin Yuhan couldn't wait to call Li Dong. In Qin Yuhan's eyes, the honor of being praised by a professor from Peking University was even more worthy of joy than Li Dong earning tens of millions. A young businessman who was thousands of miles away could make a professor of Peking University speak out in a big classroom to support him, how many people up and down the country could do that? That professor is not Li Dong's trust, nor is he one of those experts who are keen on fame and fortune, that is a highly respected scholarly man of letters. What he said in the classroom today will be spread out later, and I am afraid that there will be media in the society soon to help Li Dong to clear his name, because this professor has a high status in the education sector. Qin Yuhan is really too happy, happy are a little out of shape. Li Dong is not too concerned about the gossip in the community, he does not care, whitewash or whitewash is not really meaningful. As for being praised by a literary scholar, in fact, it is just the same. The influence of professors in Beijing University is limited, in the academic world may be a little more famous, and in the social mainstream media a professor of Beijing University's speech is not to say insignificant, at least not too many people concerned. When Qin Yuhan calmed down, Li Dong laughed: "Then you should have stood up and told everyone that I was your boyfriend, so that there would be fewer flies around you." Qin Yuhan sniffed and snorted, "I don't, so many people, how embarrassing." "What's so embarrassing? Am I not allowed to see people?" "Nasty, that's not what I mean." Li Dong heard her rant, could not help but laugh, after a while before asking, "How is the dessert house?" "Fine, two days ago I fired two employees who boiled telephone porridge during working hours, now the discipline is much better, and everyone has the spirit to put on work."