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Chapter 306: 10,000 years is too long, it's just a

  Li Dong was not interested in fighting a war of words with Shen Xi. Sitting down in front of the computer, logging into the mall system, 14 carried out a simulation of shopping. Randomly selected a product, add to the shopping cart, click to buy, pay …… In fact, no matter what mall, the general process is still similar, at most the details are a little different. In his previous life, whether it was Jingdong or Taobao, Li Dong did not have a lot of shopping, naturally familiar with these. And he experienced or after years of revision, applicable to the customer's version, these small details of the first two times Li Dong also proposed changes. Liu Hong, the innovation ability of these people may not be as good as those experienced teams, but the execution ability is really not weak, and almost all the shortcomings mentioned by Li Dong have been modified on this experience. A series of processes down, Li Dong finally satisfied nodded. The Liu Hong crowd was first relieved to see this, and then they cheered excitedly. Li Dong also did not bother, just look at the side. When the crowd finished cheering, Li Dong smiled and said, "Well done, it's mostly up to my requirements." Shen Xi smiled and asked, "What do you mean by "generally"? If you are still dissatisfied with it, just bring it up, if there is a mistake we will change, there is no need to comfort us." Liu Hong crowd is also a face of apprehension. For the sake of this mall, they really vomited their hearts and blood. Before when they did the mall by themselves, they felt simple enough to build it in three or five days. But when they got to the far side, they realized how ignorant they were before. An electronic mall, not just simply be able to buy things on the line, there are many things to consider. This time, in order to meet Li Dong's requirements, they have not rested for half a month, and usually work at least until ten o'clock at night, Liu Hong even every day after twelve o'clock before leaving. If Li Dong is still not satisfied, Liu Hong wants to die. Li Dong smiled and said, "Don't be nervous, there is only a small flaw left, the flaw does not cover up the good, a little change can be officially put into the test." "What flaws?" Shen Xi asked. Li Dong considered, said: "First of all, the first point, the background still looks slightly fancy, see my eyes a little blurry, customers shopping to see things, not the mall background, too gaudy easy to let people produce visual fatigue." Shen Xi and Liu Hong nodded at the same time. This is indeed not a big problem, just change the background, just three or five hours. Then Li Dong said: "Also, the payment page jumping a little slow, find a way to improve it, too slow maybe the customer will be impatient, and thus cancel the order." This point Shen Xi and Liu Hong still agree, although they feel that it is now quite fast, but since Li Dong said so, then change it again is. After Li Dong said two points, pondered for a moment and said, "This communication tool is okay, but can you try to add some expressions, the current expressions are too monotonous." The people are confused, what do you mean? 06, the domestic chat software is not much. Now the most commonly used is probably qq, and qq now uses only that classic default expression, which has not been out for long. The public is more familiar with text chatting and has little concept of things like emoji packs. And the Taobao Wangwang launched by Ali is more monotonous than qq. If Li Dong were not a born-again person, I'm afraid there would not be any high demand for this chat software. But Li Dong, who has experienced those, understands that sometimes an interesting expression is more likely to cause others to chat **. Since Far Far Away has launched the mall system, in the case of not taking advantage of all other aspects, surprisingly winning in these small details is also a reflection of enhancing competitiveness. See Liu Hong a few people still do not understand, Li Dong some anxious, made a big cry wipe tears action. People are frozen for a time! Mr. Li what for? Instead, Shen Xi's eyes lit up, did not have time to laugh at Li Dong, hurriedly said: "Dynamic map?" "Yes, make all kinds of expressions into gif format! Not only expressions, you can also innovate, all kinds of things, such as the classic action of a certain character on TV, such as designing various cute pictures of other small animals, there is no need to limit it to qq's expression system!" Li Dong's words seemed to open a window of heaven, the crowd did not speak for a while, carefully consider the meaning of Li Dong's words. After a long time, Liu Hong was full of admiration and said, "Mr. Li, one word woke up the dreamer!" It is not difficult to convert pictures into gif dynamic format, this technology is actually more mature now, foreign countries have started to use it many years ago. However, the domestic development is after all slower, usually pay attention to these people are not many. Until Li Dong said, the crowd woke up like a dream. Liu Hong and a few technical staff whispered and discussed, the more they said, the more excited they were, and only after a while did Liu Hong say to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, don't worry, this is not a big problem, we will soon be able to do a good job.