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Chapter 307 - The future is bright

  Li Dong is ready to do brainwashing promotion, but just put forward his opinion in the afternoon meeting was denied.??? ww?w??? Wang Yue said with a disapproving face: "Mr. Li, we only need to do the provincial promotion now, like you said portal promotion I feel that there is not much need. I have no problem with advertising on provincial and local TV stations. Outdoor advertising can also be done, and traditional media publicity is also okay, but I think the intensity does not need to be so great, too much publicity is also easy to produce aesthetic fatigue." Shen Xi strongly supported Li Dongdao: "Mr. Wang, you can't say that." "I think the provincial promotion that Mr. Li said is just a pre-condition. Although Yuanfang has not yet been able to go out of the province, it is a matter of time, so I think there is nothing wrong with doing a little publicity in the early stage." Wang Yue frowned: "The mall is now open only in Jiangbei, even if the publicity of the whole country is known and what is the benefit? Really wait for the day the mall is open nationwide, then it is not too late to promote." Liu Hongmei immediately nodded and said, "I think Wang is right. And if the preliminary publicity nationwide, but the mall is slow to open, a long time, people will have a rejection mentality. Waiting for the day of opening, I'm afraid it will be counterproductive, it is better not to publicize." Shen Xi immediately retorted, "These are only your guesses, not the actual operation, how do you know it must not work?" Liu Hongmei gently frowned, glanced at Li Dong, wanted to say a few words, but finally did not speak. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed: "Director Liu has something to say, just discuss it today, any different opinions can be said." Liu Hongmei took a deep breath and said with a straight face, "Mr. Li, the reason why I oppose it is only because the expenses are too big." "Today, Mr. Li and Mr. Sun, you are all here, so I will report to you the financial situation since the beginning of the year. As of the end of December '05, Yuanfang's total profit last year was about two hundred million, while the total expenses were almost five hundred million. The bank had $90 million, the overdraft of goods and shopping coupons was around $200 million, and the balance of the company's goods was almost $100 million. By the end of March, the company has just settled two months' performance, and the profit is around 100 million. The other day, Mr. Li sold a part of the stock and invested 100 million in the company, that is to say, this year's income of 200 million. Expenses, the distribution center late land payments forty million, Far Eastern Building and distribution center premise input almost 50 million up and down, Mingcheng and South Lake new store development in the early stage also in about 50 million. There is also the Department of e-commerce pre-investment is also almost 10 million. A few days ago, the charity dinner, Li donated five million private donations, not to mention that the company's expenditure is about twenty-five million. The overall calculation, plus loan repayment and some other expenses, this year's expenditure of 190 million. Now the company has about 110 million dollars, if you take away last year's surplus, the company's net income this year can be about 10 million." Liu Hongmei said this and no longer make a sound. Other people think she is the big housekeeper of the far side of how comfortable, but like people drink water, warm and cold know. Far Far Away does make a lot of money, but Li Dong's ability to spend money is not weak. Distribution center, the Far Side building, the Department of e-commerce, charity gala …… these places where not to use money, with not a small amount of money, how long has it been since the beginning of this year, the expenditure and up to two hundred million. Now Li Dong and to invest in the promotion of the mall, Liu Hongmei head are big. Last year's debt of three hundred million, this year has not filled the hole, and then so spend, how much money is a head. Hearing Liu Hongmei finished, the crowd was silent for a while. After a moment, Li Dong said, "Director Liu is right to have concerns, but I still want to say a few words." "Over at the distribution center and the Yuanfang Building, another 100 million or so will probably not be needed for investment. The development of new stores in Mingcheng and South Lake, the late investment of fifty million should be about the same. I intend to invest in some new stores in several other cities this year, and the total investment will not exceed 100 million. Calculated this year, the far side of the expenditure of two hundred and fifty million, and the remaining ten months, the far side of the profit should be more than five hundred million, and South Lake and Ming City will also be paid by then, the overall six hundred million should not be difficult. So, even if you take away last year's hole, we will have a net income of 50 million by the end of this year." Li Dong said this looked at the crowd and said, "Fifty million net income, goods and shopping coupons should be more than four hundred million by then, what business can do this without debt?" "Do not just focus on the immediate future, the future is bright, wait until the end of the year, our money if there are no other expenses, want to spend can not be spent." Li Dong finished, the crowd was a laugh. Liu Hongmei also laughed bitterly, "Mr. Li, you are also talking about the end of the year, but now the company is really tough." And she felt that Li Dong is also a person who can't save money, really wait for the far side to start not spending money to have income, I'm afraid this one can't be idle again. Li Dong smilingly said: "It's the same. Besides, March is coming to an end, the Yuanfang building and the distribution center should not spend much money this month, so it should be possible to cut off 20 million. The company left a reserve of 100 million, 30 million into the mall promotion, what do you think?" "Thirty million!"