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Chapter 308 Climbing the Mountain

  Li Dong had just returned to his office when Liu Qi entered and said, "Mr. Li, there is someone outside looking for you." "Who?" "Miss Hu." Li Dong was surprised, "What is Hu Wanlin looking for me now?" Liu Qi hurriedly explained, "It's Miss Hu Xiaorui." Once he heard that it was Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong immediately remembered what Xu Shengzhe had said to him and nodded, "Let her in." Liu Qi just went out, and Hu Xiaorui jumped into the office. The little girl changed her look today, a yellow hair is gone, dyed into a red hair. Li Dong is a bit speechless, see Hu Xiaorui into the door does not talk to himself, full of office wandering, can not help but say: "Xiaorui, why are you here?" Hu Xiaorui only then looked at Li Dong, pouting mouth hummed did not speak. Li Dong head, to this little girl can not hit, scold can not scold, he really have no move. And to Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong also try not to want to provoke, this is a source of trouble, if not people's grandfather on the door to slap their big slap how. See Hu Xiaorui on the sofa cushion left and right look, Li Dong helplessly said: "Do not look, if you like you take away." "I don't want it!" Hu Xiaorui hummed, disgusted: "You sat on it, maybe even put stink on it, how disgusting." Li Dong suddenly a black line, also not polite with her, directly said: "quickly, what is the matter?" Hu Xiaorui threw her satchel on the sofa and leaned down leisurely, then grunted: "Li Dong, you let me off once last time, this time you can't let me off again, or I really won't play with you." Li Dong cried and laughed and said, "You have not said anything, can you say the thing first." As for Hu Xiaorui said he stood her up last time, Li Dong also did not bother to argue, and this girl can not say. Originally thought that this girl will not come to himself, it seems that Hu Xiaorui is not as petty as Xu Shengzhe said. "Oh, it seems to be not said." Hu Xiaorui gave an embarrassed laugh before saying, "Tomorrow we are organizing to go mountain climbing together, I invited you at the door, you should also go together." Hearing the mountain climbing, Li Dong quickly shook his head and said, "Rui, I'm very busy lately, next time." Hu Xiaorui deflated her mouth and said sullenly, "Usually I go to all the activities you organize, why is it that no one wants to go to the activities I organize, do you all dislike me?" Only then did Li Dong realize that it was Hu Xiaorui who had organized the event by herself. And it looks like it should have been rejected by many people, otherwise Hu Xiaorui would not have said that none of you are willing to go. Li Dong scratched his head and said, "Xiaorui, I can't talk to your friends, there is no point in going, why don't I organize an event next time and invite you?" Hu Xiaorui still looked unhappy. Li Dong said again, "How about next time I invite you to dinner?" Hu Xiaorui puffed out her mouth, and waited for Li Dong to finish before she huffed and puffed, "No, Li Dong, you won't get pregnant if you go, it's no fun to stay in the office all day." Li Dong bitter smile, just want to speak, Hu Xiaorui then said: "Who said you can not talk on, Chen Rui and Xu Da traitor and you are not quite familiar with it, you can also go with them to chat ah." "Chen Rui and Xu Shengzhe also go?" "Well, and Lan Yu sister, Lele sister, anyway, many people ……" Li Dong heard this some curiosity: "You did not say no one to go?" Hu Xiaorui spit out her tongue and smiled: "Anyway, in the end they all agreed to go, Li Dong, you won't say no, right?" Li Dong frowned slightly, thought about it and said, "Okay, I agree, where to climb the mountain?" "Let's go to Lanshan, Lanshan is the closest to us, we don't even have to run too far." "Okay, tomorrow morning?" "Seven o'clock in the morning, don't forget, I will wait for you at the foot of the mountain then." Seeing Li Dong's promise, Hu Xiaorui smilingly walked away, not stopping for a moment. Li Dong watched her jumping away, his heart was a bit strange, how did Hu Xiaorui want to organize everyone to climb the mountain? After thinking about it, Li Dong picked up his cell phone and called Xu Shengzhe. As soon as the call was answered, Xu Shengzhe said, "It's Hu Xiaorui who went looking for you, right?" "Well, what's wrong with you?" Xu Shengzhe is not the kind of person who has nothing to do, especially Hu Xiaorui is not very tuned, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Xiaorui relationship is not very good, for him to agree to go climbing, Li Dong some strange. If not to hear Xu Shengzhe they all go, Li Dong would not have agreed so quickly. Xu Shengzhe did not say much, just said: "You will know when you go, anyway, it is only a morning, as a trekking." "I said ……" "Beep beep beep ……" Li Dong took the phone that was hung up, and it took him a long time to react. Then he cursed: "Shit! Hang up my phone, this kid is looking for abuse!" …… Sunday, March 26th. At the end of March in Pingchuan, the temperature is suitable and the weather is sunny, so it is good for health to do some outdoor exercises. Although Li Dong was a little curious about what Hu Xiaorui actually organized this activity, but he did not bother to guess, anyway, as exercise. Change into sportswear, put on hiking shoes, with a military knife at the waist, Li Dong majestically out of the house.