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Chapter 309 Provocation

  Li Dong did not say anything, but Chen Rui had nothing to say: "Mr. Li, what is it, when are you going to change your career?" "What career change?" Chen Rui smiled and said, "Still hiding it from me? If you're not ready to change your career, why are you here today?" Li Dong said, "Nonsense, climbing a mountain!" Chen Rui laughed but did not say anything. After waiting for a while, seeing that Li Dong did not mean to speak, Chen Rui frowned slightly and said, "Mr. Li, you are here, tell us your ideas, let's discuss it?" Li Dong impatiently said, "I told you, I'm here to climb the mountain. I don't know what you guys are going to do." Hearing that Li Dong did not seem to be telling lies, Chen Rui's eyebrows knitted slightly, and only after a while did he say, "You really came to climb the mountain?" "Hmm." Chen Rui lost his smile and said helplessly, "You are also idle enough." Li Dong said curiously, "Say, what are you going to do today?" Chen Rui laughed and said, "It's not really a secret, idle as well, I'll nag you." "Wasn't Suan soaked by the flood a few days ago? The province below, the old city renovation cost too much, the province decided to choose another location, a new new city." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and asked, "You are also ready to share the pie?" Chen Rui laughed: "Look at what you said, what do you mean by a share of the pie, contribute a share of power." "Hypocrisy!" Chen Rui did not argue with him, looked at the foot of the road and said, "Here comes another person, today I am a small fish, see if I can have a mouthful of soup, and you, Mr. Li?" Li Dong did not think, "I am not in real estate, climbing the mountain, by the way, look at the lively." "Oh, Mr. Li, why don't you and I cooperate?" "Not interested, do not see I have been busy lately, which has the effort to real estate above and involved." "Mr. Li, this is really not difficult, you pay, I will give you shares, stable profit and no loss deal. To be honest, I'm alone, I'm really not sure to eat meat, but if we join forces, eat a piece of meat probably not a big problem." Li Dong shook his head and did not answer. Chen Rui saw the situation did not ask again, saw not far from the car down from the people, smiled and said, "It seems that today is lively." "Who?" "Lu Zhanpeng of Hongtu Real Estate." Li Dong nodded, Lu Zhanpeng he did not know, Hongtu Real Estate Li Dong is not unfamiliar. Jiangbei in addition to Longhua, a large real estate developer, there are many other small-scale real estate companies. And Hongtu Real Estate, if seriously counted down, although the strength of some weaker than Longhua, but also not weak to where. The most direct point is that the Wanyuan district is developed by Hongtu Real Estate. Seeing Lu Zhanpeng walking towards himself and the two of them, Li Dong laughed in a low voice: "You real estate people are really good enough to go out and not forget to bring a girl along." Chen Rui shrugged and said, "I'm not in it, I've been clean for many years." Once he said that, both of them couldn't help but laugh. Just in time, Lu Zhanpeng also came over, saw the two laughing, interjected: "Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, come quite early ah." Chen Rui nodded slightly reservedly and said lightly, "Just fine, a little more fresh air." Li Dong smiled and said, "Good morning, too, Mr. Lu." Lu Zhanpeng smiled and said, "People are old and can't sleep at night, so it's customary to get up early." Li Dong and Chen Rui were not familiar with Lu Zhanpeng, so after a few words of courtesy, they had nothing more to say. Chen Rui saw the situation and said to Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, how about warming up, so that you don't hurt yourself climbing the mountain later." "Okay." Li Dong nodded, smiled at Lu Zhanpeng, and then walked with Chen Rui to the side to move his body. Chen Rui while warming up, while whispering: "Lu Zhanpeng is the vice president of Hongtu, Hongtu's boss is his big brother. I heard that Lu Zhanpeng ambition is not small, has been ready to come out alone, this time Suan development of new cities, Lu Zhanpeng may want to take this opportunity to break away from Hongtu." Li Dong full of care said: "This has nothing to do with me, by the way, you share the cake on the cake, for a good reason let Hu Xiaorui call me to come?" "Don't ask me, to be honest, this kind of thing with my ability to organize it. After all, my Chengrui real estate strength is very weak, want to organize and no one will take care of me. If only a Hu Xiaorui, this party today can not set up the stage, everyone can come mainly because of the face of others." "Who?" Li Dong some curiosity, he has long guessed that something is wrong, Hu Xiaorui in the circle although difficult, but generally everyone is holding the mentality of not offending to get along with her. As for the Suan New City development of such a big deal, Hu Xiaorui, even if the background is not small, it is not to say. Did not see Chen Rui, the second generation said he could not say anything, Hu Xiaorui's grandfather, although high status, but they can not manage this part of Jiangbei. Give her grandfather face, we all try not to offend Hu Xiaorui. But that is in no conflict of interest, like the development of Suan New City, such a big deal, Hu Xiaorui's grandfather can not be mixed in, or let these big brothers in Jiangbei face to where to put. Chen Rui laughed: "Don't ask, anyway, later you will know." "Staging a mystery!"