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Chapter 310 - Jia Wenhao

  Li Dong took a look at the person who just spoke. Not too old, twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, with dark circles under his eyes, looking a little weak. Memory spun for a moment, Li Dong determined that he did not know this person. And just Chen Rui did not introduce this person, indicating that it should not be any big shot, Li Dong remembered that this guy seems to be with the previous Duan Yong over. Duan Yong's identity is not simple, the son of the director of the provincial development and reform commission. This guy's identity should not be as good as Duan Yong, obviously a little brother or a class of followers. Li Dong took another look at Duan Yong, is it Duan Yong want to find their own trouble? But he and Duan Yong did not deal with each other, just Duan Yong also did not show any hostile emotions, something is not right. Sure enough, Duan Yong's face looked a little ugly. Seeing Li Dong look at himself, Duan Yong frowned at the man who just spoke: "Ah Li, what are you talking about!" The young man had a dangling smile on his face and he laughed: "Brother Yong, it's just a joke. Besides, didn't Mr. Li himself say he wanted to leave? Mr. Li is a big boss, the words are not to be taken as a fart, I am not helping him to set the stage." The corner of Li Dong's eyes twitched slightly. After glancing at Hu Xiaorui and Chen Rui, Li Dong asked, "What about this?" Chen Rui a few people did not say anything, Hu Xiaorui eyes glared up, staring at the young man said: "Yao Li, you smashed my venue?" Yao Li mouth corner a twitch, dry smile: "Xiao Rui ……" "Get lost!" Hu Xiaorui suddenly raged, cursed: "Xiaorui is also you dog can call? You have ten seconds to get the hell out of here right now, you hear me!" Yao Li's face suddenly looked ugly. Duan Yong saw the situation frowned, gently inhaled, and then said to Hu Xiaorui: "Xiaorui, this ……" "Duan Yong, if you want to get out, just say it! When I Hu Xiaorui is easy to bully is it! Either you guys get out together, or not let him get out, you choose!" Hu Xiaorui was so strong that she didn't give Duan Yong any face. Although Duan Yong was scolded a bit can not raise his head, but finally held back not to get angry, gently glanced at Yao Li, Duan Yong said in a deep voice: "Ah Li, you go back first, I will come back to you." Yao Li's face is pale, see Hu Xiaorui now has signs of a rampage, which still dare to say anything, sullenly turn around and go. Li Dong indifferently glanced at him and said nothing. This brain-damaged is not worth his anger, who can stand here today, who does not have some identity. Although Li Dong knows that many of the people who came today are the children of the rich or dignitaries, but he is not afraid at all. Other than that, his wealth alone is enough to crush half of the people here. Another point Li Dong although do not want to admit, but have to say, he and Shen Xi is now in the outsider's view is one, Shen Xi is who, that is the first Jiangbei Tai / son party! A provincial development and reform commission director's son's sidekick, this kind of people in Hu Xiaorui convened the occasion to find Li Dong trouble, either brain-damaged, or is retarded. At this time to provoke Li Dong, but will Hu Xiaorui and Shen Xi together to provoke. Yao Li like a dog in the mourning, the crowd on the field is not a few people take seriously, the chat chat, the joking jokes, as if there is no Yao Li this person. Li Dong saw the situation can not help but smile, this is the class. Yao Li is insignificant, with him or without him is the same thing, people naturally do not care. Just as the crowd was waiting, Xu Shengzhe quietly touched Li Dong's side and said with a low laugh, "How about it, see." "Well, Rui is domineering enough. That said, just now you did not even say anything, this can make me a little sad, not enough friends ah." "Oh, there is Hu Xiaorui in which there is no need for me, watch the lively line." While they were talking, suddenly the scene was quiet, and then someone whispered, "Here it comes!" Xu Shengzhe also looked up at the parking lot, and then laughed: "The official is different, must be the finale to come, as if not the finale can not show his bullying." Li Dong also saw the visitor at this moment, feeling some familiarity. Carefully identify a little, then it dawned on him: "It's him, no wonder you all came, this time Su An built a new city is he led?" "Well, people are now the head of the Suan new city construction leading group." "So soon to set the tone?" "Not fast, in fact, the internal discussion has long been discussed, someone above is optimistic about this guy, want to send him political achievements. In fact, the new city development nothing trouble, the province and the central government also allocated three billion, no shortage of money, no shortage of people, the obvious thing." Li Dong nodded, he did not expect to meet the last of the three major untouchable people so soon. The person who came was Jia Wenhao, the vice governor of Jiangbei. A vice governor who does not join the regular, in fact, by definition, does not have so much energy to call so many people together to wait for him. For example, Chen Rui, his old man is a member of the Standing Committee, for example, Zhang Lan Yu, her family's old man is also a member of the Standing Committee. And Hu Xiaorui, her grandfather is even more bull! In addition to these people, even the director of the provincial development and reform commission real power than a vice governor who is not a member of the standing real power. But don't forget, Jia Wenhao is only 40 years old this year! A forty-year-old vice governor, even the new city development were given to him, it can be seen how good the top side of him. This is one, there is another point, Jia Wenhao can come to this step at the age of forty, to say no background, who does not believe. This is still an external condition, and Jia Wenhao's own position is enough for people to look up to. Family background to family background, Jia Wenhao now himself has enough to become the background of others, to his position, to really say, and Chen Rui and they are not a world of people. Chen Rui's old man is a cow, that is only his old man, Chen Rui himself and Jia Wenhao gap is too big. The entire Jiangbei, the status of higher than Jia Wenhao is only a dozen people. Others, no matter who, in front of Jia Wenhao have to lower head to do. Once Jia Wenhao arrived, the crowd quieted down. Today's Jia Wenhao dressed very young, wearing sportswear, carrying a small water bottle, see the crowd waiting, Jia Wenhao took the lead and laughed: "Sorry, the traffic jam when I came. Today I went out at 6:30, the key is that my family lives too far away, you guys don't blame me." The crowd laughed and said it was okay. Hu Xiaorui complained, "Brother Wenhao, I said I'd be there at eight, you couldn't get going earlier." Jia Wenhao said with a gentle face, "Xiao Rui, I'm to blame for this. Don't you like the inkstone in my house? When you go back to get it, I'll give it to you." "Really?" "Really." Hu Xiaorui immediately cheered, clenched her fist and shouted to the crowd, "Brother Wen Hao is here, everyone is here, let's climb together!" The crowd hurriedly echoed up and moved out. Li Dong did not rush to move, came to the end, pulled Xu Shengzhe said: "You do not find a quiet place to talk about things, but must make a mountain climbing activity, this is not taking off your pants and farting?" Xu Shengzhe shrugged and laughed: "Who knows, people have this fetish you can't help it. Go to the government side people do not see us, see is also official business, today they are free to come out to relax, if you do not come, others came, turn around the cake can be shared."