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Chapter 311 - The Capital of Commerce and Trade

  Because of Jia Wenhao's words, Li Dong's brain was diǎn confused, and his pace couldn't help but slow down. In a short time, Li Dong was a cut behind the first echelon. Xu Shengzhe, who was walking in front, saw this and scoffed, "Li Dong, not enough backbone, and you still say you are not weak?" Li Dong caught his breath and scolded with a smile, "Mind your own business, Rui is faster than you!" Hu Xiaorui, who was already a cut ahead of the two, heard Li Dong talking about himself and turned around and said smugly, "You two are both weak chickens, I'm the best!" Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe looked at each other, the two looked at each other, and then they laughed and did not answer. Hu Xiaorui did not get the imaginary flattery, some disappointed bristled, buried his head and continued to climb up. Once Hu Xiaorui left, Xu Shengzhe whispered: "What did old Jia just say?" "Didn't say anything." Xu Shengzhe laughed: "Still hide it from me, the face has changed, is not the old Jia apportioned tasks?" "From what you say, he often does this kind of thing?" Xu Shengzhe first diǎned his head, then shook his head again, "Although I'm not convinced, but sometimes I have to admit that this guy does things beautifully." "Don't care what he just said, the conditions this guy offers are definitely something that makes you want to stop, both beneficial and difficult, and finally makes you involuntarily take the bait." Li Dong bristled, "I don't think so." Jia Wenhao just gave himself a difficult problem is not small, although there are benefits, but Li Dong calculations, is definitely more than the loss of the kind. A Suan is only a big market, 100,000 square meters of shopping center absolutely can not eat. Unless the entire Suan market is handed over to itself, Li Dong feels that it is a sure money-losing deal. Xu Shengzhe said curiously, "No way? Is it possible that old Jia has changed his temperament? He has a good reputation. If he is really the kind of person who eats people without spitting out bones, do you think people are happy to deal with him?" When Xu Shengzhe said so, Li Dong was also confused. If it was really like what Xu Shengzhe said, Jia Wenhao should not be the kind of person who would forcefully spread out, but someone who would share the benefits. Jia Wenhao could come this far before he turned forty, so he was obviously not a stupid person, what made him think he would agree? After thinking about it, Li Dong whispered, "Old Jia asked me to invest in the shopping center, what do you think?" Among the people he knew, Xu Shengzhe was definitely at the top of the list when it came to being knowledgeable and good at business. Although this guy is not old, but his vision is not bad, this is the influence of family education. There is a white-handed start, to build a ten billion group of the old son, Xu Shengzhe even if nothing to learn, just the influence of the family is enough to make his vision a chip above others. Do not see Li Dong experienced more than Xu Shengzhe, but not by virtue of reborn prophetic skills, Xu Shengzhe can throw him a few streets. Hearing Li Dong's question, Xu Shengzhe stroked his chin and said, "Just one shopping center's business is the turn of old Jia to find you alone?" "It's not that simple, the guy wants me to open a 100,000 square meters, do you think he's crazy or I heard wrong?" Xu Shengzhe stumbled for a moment, then his eyes rolled wildly, and only after a while did he say, "100,000 square meters, are you sure you heard it right?" Li Dong Dong: "I'm sure I heard it right, that's what he said." "100,000 square meters ……" Xu Shengzhe muttered, Long Hua had built so many shopping malls, he knew what a 100,000 square meter shopping center meant. Li Dong said somewhat eagerly, "Tell me, what came to mind?" Xu Shengzhe's face was a bit heavy, and he said softly: "No hurry, I seem to have a diǎn spectrum of this. Li Dong, old Jia seems to be making a big move this time, with your news, we've earned it this time!" Li Dong doubted: "What did I say?" Xu Shengzhe waved his hand, glanced at Jia Wenhao in front of him, whispered: "I do not know if this guy is deliberately revealed to you, I can not say now, I will come back down the mountain to find you. This time, if we seize the opportunity, we can definitely make a lot of money." After saying these Xu Shengzhe no longer speak, speed up the pace to catch up with the people in front. Li Dong half dead, this bastard every time he speaks half cut! And Li Dong also feel particularly stupid, Xu Shengzhe this guy heard himself say a word to associate with what, but he is still confused. Can not help, vision than people, can only use the former knowledge to solve the puzzle. Li Dong began to think back to the previous life of the new city development matters. In the previous life, Suan seemed to have developed a new city, but at that time Li Dong had been in Pingchuan and had never been to Suan, so he did not know much about the specifics. Otherwise, he would not have failed to remember the Monkey Head Mountain flash flood. But now think carefully, Li Dong seems to have heard a mouthful of people say that the new city of Suan is simply …… what is it? Li Dong's mind suddenly and clearly flashed a term - the capital of commerce and trade! Right! It is the capital of commerce and trade! Su An is a small city, the economy is not developed, but Su An's new city is known as Little Shanghai! The more I think about it, the more descriptions of Suan's new city come to my memory. The reason why Suan New City became Little Shanghai is mainly because of Suan's location. As mentioned before, Suan is the junction of southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu, not only that, Suan is also very close to the provinces of Lu and Henan. One of the main obstacles to the development of Suan is the traffic and terrain, a monkey head mountain, almost cut Suan out.