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Chapter 312 - It's a fight!

  9:30 am. Li Dong finally climbed to the top of Lanshan Mountain, exhaling a long breath, Li Dong felt that people are a little floating. The vertical height of only four hundred meters of the peak, he actually climbed for more than an hour, it seems that the body is really weak. Of course, he is not the only one who is weak. Nearly twenty people in the team, the real mountaintop less than half, Li Dong at the top of the mountain to find a boulder rest for more than ten minutes, only one after another five or six people followed up. Hu Xiaorui, who had been so energetic, was nowhere to be seen. Li Dong asked Zhang Lan Yu: "Where is Rui?" Zhang Lan Yu face is a little pale, smiled: "The girl in front of too much force, the back can not climb, resting below." "Chen Rui also did not come up?" "He seems to be a little uncomfortable, also resting below." Li Dong nodded, looked to the side to drink water Jia Wenhao said, "It seems that Jia Province is still the best health, I am almost exhausted, Jia Province is still not red face not gasping." Jia Wenhao laughed: "Do not flatter me, old, can not. I used to be able to summit this kind of hill in half an hour, but now it takes more than an hour, it's not comparable to when I was young." Xu Shengzhe gasped and laughed, "Is Jia despising us?" Duan Yong, who hadn't said anything, also said, "We can't compare with Jia, I heard my father say that Governor Jia has to get up every morning and run for an hour." Duan Yong's flattering words, Jia Wenhao just smiled and did not answer. <> Duan Yong did not care when he saw this, and looked at Li Dong Dong: "Li Dong, good health, ah." Li Dong lightly laughed: "General, the past two years exercise less." Duan Yong nodded and said, "That's true, Mr. Li is busy earning money all day now, so he really doesn't have time to exercise." This statement made Li Dong frown, but he also guessed what Duan Yong was for. Just now Hu Xiaorui overbearingly drove people, but did not give Duan Yong a little face, Duan Yong heart no pimple is strange. Originally he and Li Dong have no dispute, but just in front of so many people lost face, Duan Yong naturally upset. But Hu Xiaorui is a yellow-haired girl, the background is also big, Duan Yong can not afford to provoke. As for Li Dong, although the status is also good, even outsiders also put him and Shen Xi in one, but Duan Yong is not much afraid of him. Shen Xi is Shen Xi, Li Dong is Li Dong. Duan Yong's father is also Du Anmin's right-hand general, Duan Yong also did not want to take Li Dong how, let Li Dong lose a little face, he did not believe that Shen Xi will come to his door to find trouble. Seeing that the two of them seemed to be going at it, the crowd stopped talking. Li Dong did not bother with Duan Yong, and did not pay attention to him. Duan Yong saw this and said: "Mr. Li, it's boring enough to climb the mountain all morning, how about we play a game?" Li Dong laughed: "What game?" "When we go down the mountain later, how about a competition to see who goes down first, with a little bonus?" "What's the prize?" Duan Yong said with a smile: "Jia governor is still here, we do not gamble, play money I am not a rival of Mr. Li, we are not present in the total Li this wealth. <> How about this, let's play something simple." "If Mr. Li is faster than me, then I can help Mr. Li to do a small thing." "If I get lucky and win once, how about Mr. Li also agrees to a request from me?" Li Dong asked, "What request?" Duan Yong looked at the crowd and laughed: "It's nothing, just now Yao Li did not provoke Mr. Li was driven away, on the way back I want Mr. Li to take him a cut, Mr. Li send Yao Li home on the way." Li Dong did not say anything. Duan Yong said again, "Mr. Li, are you interested?" Li Dong glanced at him and asked, "What can you do for me?" Duan Yong smiled and looked at him, the corners of his mouth moved, but did not spit out a sound. Others see it is not good to say, Li Dong has been staring at him, but understand his meaning. After thinking about it, Li Dong nodded and said, "Okay, I promise." Other people see this also did not persuade, after all, just a small bet, all for face, win or lose is actually nothing. Duan Yong wanted Li Dong to send Yao Li back, in order to make up for the face he just lost. As for Li Dong will agree, although the crowd does not know what Duan Yong said, but certainly in line with the interests of Li Dong, or Li Dong certainly do not take care of him. Although the two people set a bet, but there is no hurry so a moment. <> Li Dong found a landmark monolithic building at the top of the mountain and said to Zhang Lan Yu: "Mr. Zhang, if you don't mind, can you take a picture of me?" Zhang Langyu face at the moment also eased down, smiled and said, "You group of old men, do not know what to say about you, such a good scenery, and did not think to bring a camera up." Xu Shengzhe said with a smile, "The camera is heavy, why bring that thing." Zhang Lan Yu laughed and scolded: "So I'm the one who suffers, come on, I'll take a picture for Mr. Li, don't look for me later." Xu Shengzhe scoffed: "Only Li Dong has nothing to do, who took this thing." Jia Wenhao on the side smiled and said, "Lan Yu, take a picture for me later." "Cough cough ……"